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Me and a few friends have got a great idea to finish our summer. We are thinking of running a narrative campaign called "The path to the everchosen" were we take control of Archoan from the begining of him being a scholar to burning down the library then setting off to become the everchosen. The campaign will conclude with a legendary battle with Archaon leading a horde of Deamons, Beastmen and Warriors against a combined army of HE, Dwarvs and Empire.

Archoan will start with the rules for an exalted and If Archoan susscfully completes a challenge then he gains either a buff or a special unit for the Legendary battle and vica versa if he lsoes. Some of the battles will have a reguular WHFB scenario and other will take place in a skirmish/mordheim style for fluff reasons. Here our ideas so far.

Game 1. Skirmish Archaon and 10 Diclples against 20 empire miltia
Setting: Archaon Library after he had read the book.
Aim: To burn down the libaray (3 points on the board were fire must be placed)

Game 2:First Unholdy Quest: Archaon In Naggroth
Setting Archaon Assult on a DE fortress to gain mark of the everchosen.
WIN:Gain the Swords of Chaos unit
LOSE: Legendary Battle Repater Bolt throwers can be taken by forces of order

Game 3: Armour of Morkar
Battle against Undead
Setting: Khermi? Outside the tomb of Morkar.
Special Rules: Undead do not suffer from crumbling . Must fight Morkar (Morkar will have same profile and rules of chaos lord leads a unit of undead chaos warriors with halberds. Morkar lv4 Necromancer Armour grants him a 2+ Ar Save and 4+ward, Morkar is immune to killing blow, Sword of Morslib ( Grants a +2 stregth)
Win: Archaon Gains armour of Morkar
Lose: Unit of Tomb Guard at Legendary battle

Game 4: Eye of the Dragon
Archaon Fights a dragon a small 1000 point game is played before Archoan has to fight dragon against a monstorus horde. (Special rule if Arhaon is killed by dragon Archaon will be able to make one final attack while inside the dragon dragon will have -1 T)

Game 5:Steed of the Apoclypse
Battle against deamons of Chaos led by
Agrammon the Deamon Prince
Specail Rules
(Agrammon is an ancient deamon prince foul and disgusting he know all spells from the lore of shadow and Beasts)
Agrammons meangire: Agrammon may take fiends and Flesh Houds as core.
(BUff Archaon gains his deamonic Steed)

Game 6:Slayer of Kings
We are unsure how to play this game maybe against a Shaggoth with Stats similar to Kholek Suneater

Game 7: The Dark Corantion
This will be the final legendary battle as the forces of order atttempt to stop Archaon becoming the Everchaosen.

what do you guys think got any tips or suggestions for some of the battles? anything we have missed fluff wise?

what I really need help with is the buffs or addtions of units?

Anyone played a similar campagin or got any tips. This campagin will only be played between 4 people max we all own 2 armies each covering opponents and the idea is more behind fun then serious competition

we are playing the first skirmish game this sunday and maybe the second battle as well time permitting also hoping to hammer out a campain schdule.
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