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Are Challenges Worth It?

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Hello everyone!

Well, the title says it all. I couldn't think of better place to ask this question so I am asking it here (because I trust my fellow Dark Elf players....because I suffer from Stupidity. At least I cause fear though....).
I can't really understand what the point in challenges is (other than killing the character of couse). What I am really wondering is, is it worth challenging normal champions in units? The chances are, they will be just as easy to kill as the rest of guys in the unit, so would you not be better off killing them so you recieve less attacks back and increase your chances of outnumbering at the end of the combat? It's not as if you are gonna get anymore points to your CR dealing 3 wounds to the champion rather than the unit.....Although you could kill their champion just to prevent his attacks back, but then you could just directs attacks towards him anyways....Also that way, they can't avoid your attacks by refusing a challenge....
My guess is that challenging is only useful when their is an opposing hero or lord in the unit you want to kill, or am I simply missing an obvious advantage here? (such as +1 CR for winning the challenge as well as the +1 CR for every wound you caused? That would be nice :shifty: ).
Anyone?.......Anyone? :cry:
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Mostly they are useless, and it is very rare that it is worth challenging a unit champion. Usually you challenge with the champion to prevent opponent characters killing too much of your unit, or to block a challenge againt one of your weak characters. It gives no real advantage, though there are some items that only work in challenges so it is obviously best to challenge if you take them.
lol fair enough! I always thought challenges were reasonably important, but thinking about it, they didn't seem it....
I have another few questions (If you don't mind) after a game I had today. Can you put a frenzied character in a non-frenzied unit (and visa versa)? If so, which of the frenzied rules would the unit take on from the character? (ie. would the unit always charge the nearest enemy but not gain the advantage of +1 attacks or being immune to psychology)?
Also, if a unit has been charged in the rear and the front (yes I was playing beast of's not funny when 59 beasts (in beast herds) and a wargor appear behind your lines...) where would you take away your units casualties? Would you take them from the rear of the unit as usual (and hence possibly leaving only one guy left at the back of the unit, minimizing the attacks of your own unit and those of the enemy unit which is currently rearing your unit (is rearing the equivalent word for a rear charge like flanking is for flank charges? Who knows...).
Answers will be appreciated (and sorry for asking these questions, as they are probably better suited in the Rules Help section....please forgive me....).
Over and Out.
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Frenzy and non-frenzy characters/units cannot be mixed.

You take the casualties from the side where you were attacked, so yes they would have less attacks in response. The only reason people usually take them from the back is because it is far easier than pulling them out from the combat then redressing ranks at the end. Technically they die from the front if attacked there.
Not thinking challenges are important is the kind of thing that gets characters killed when a stacked character killer throws down the gauntlet (quite literally when talking about bretonnians) It has a big effect when you have a BSB or something of that nature but nothing strong enough to take a challenge for him so he goes reluctantly to the back and doesnt count for squat
Sometimes challenges are worth it.

If the enemy has a character model that you know can and will kill more then one of your men and you think that your own character can stand up to them then a challenge can be a useful way of either a) preventing massed casulties or b) sending the opposing nuisance to the back of the unit.

Another good time is when your character is so much stronger then an opposing one. (i.e. a Druchi annointed against an empire and youu know that you can either kill the leadership boosting model or send him cowering in fear in which case he counts for not a lot anyway asyou can then redirect you attacks at the unit itself and probably break them.

Apart from these particular circumstances i can think of no reason to invoke a challenge and if an enemy challenges you, keep in mind the scenarios above and try to decide whether accepting or denying would be most beneficent to you or, in worst case scenarios, do the least damage to you.

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