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I've only just glanced over the rulebook, and I got most of the rules for giant army combat. What I was wondering is if there are rules in there (or perhaps another rulebook) that deals with smaller army combat. What I was thinking of is a dungeon crawl where a few elite adventurers enter and face waves of enemies. So here are some questions.

Is there a fair way to modify stats to make your own unique character? As in, you select the movement, strength, wounds, etc. and there should be X point cost? I'd like to do it that way so that there could be say 4 unique adventurers, who are all somewhat equal in ability. Would a good way to do this perhaps be just take the base stats of the model I'm using as the character (A Dwarf Thunderer for example) and just give them more wounds to compensate?

Expanding on that, is it okay to make your own character out of a mix match of different parts? If you were to play in a battle, is that legal? Say if my custom warriors would have the same stats as the Empire Militia or something? Would that be okay? Again though, just wondering if there was a tool for costing your unique figures.

Also, are there rules for experience, treasure, upgrades, etc.? For example as you're combing though the dungeon you will get more powerful for the most monsters you kill. Is there a fair way to raise your stats? Every monster is assigned an experience value, and once your character hits 100 points then they can increase an attribute by 1 or something.

I was also wondering if there are different rules for movement and attack when there are only a few single models. I know that there are rules for Skirmishing units where you don't have to worry about Line of Sight and stuff, but are there any other different rules? I was thinking about more movement rules, like being able to move your units once they're engaged with the enemy. If I remember correctly, once you're engaged with enemies, you have to fight it out until one of you dies or breaks and retreats. In a small dungeon, having optimal maneuverability is important, so you can box your enemies into a corner for instance.

That's all I can think of right now. If there are no official Warhammer rules, are there unofficial rulebooks written by fans? How about rules for a different game that are similar?
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