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So I'd like to take Arjac for a spin in a 1500 pt match, and was thinking about the best way to deliver him into the thick of things. What are people's experience with him, and what do you like and don't like?

Right now, I've got him with 10 GHs (Meltas + Wolf Standard + Mark) in a LRC. Kind of my "up the gut" force. Some wounds to spread around, 2 special weapons for some redundancy, and the standard just cause I love them.

I've thought about putting him in a pod with 8 GHs as well, but as I've played with pods a bit already with SW, I was thinking about trying something different.

Alternatively, I could throw him with some WG in TDA on the cheap, but still in the LRC. 4x guys (or so) with a mix of power weapons and wolf claws, and one guy with a heavy flamer. Snce I don't plan on using Logan though, this takes out a scoring unit so I'd have to tinker with thinks elsewhere.

Anyway, just seeing what people think about Arjac and how to best complement him in battle. Thanks!
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