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Armored Company?

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I was wondering if anyone here plays/plays against armored companys on a regular basis? Im thinking of starting one up and want to know how they play, What i should get to start it off?
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well, I've played a few 100 point ac games, and one game against a 2000 point armored company, here's a few things to keep in mind.

The doctrines available to them are awesome, but can seriously cut back on tanks that you need. Being able to only take tanks is very awkward, because you'll find an irritating amount of infantry surviving the move across no man's land and trying to assault your armor. It's a fundamentally unbalanced list in the sense that it excels at killing characters or hard to kill units, but cheap hoardes will give you a real headache. Also, if anybody plays you they'll arm themselves to the teeth with anti-armor weapons, so be very wary of bikes with meltabombs, assault marines, ork buggies with twin linked rokkits, etc.

Playing as an armored company you'll soon learn just how easy it can be to pop a 'russ. And much to my surprise when I play I find more often then not that that I'm unloading all of my guns instead of ordinance, (all of my russes have 2 heavy bolters, 1 lascannon, and a pintle mounted heavy stubber, making a total of 10 shots per turn, if you were to use a Leman Russ exterminator then you get yet another shot, with an autocannon rerolling misses, so for your BS4 tanks it's a good option) That having been said I like armored company but prefer normal guard, because they're a lot more resilient (somehow) but when I'm too lazy to set up platoon after platoon, I find that playing an armored company is much easier for movement and shooting purposes :yes:
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Hi Stratassj, and welcome to the world o' Imperial tanks. If your considering the Armored Company as one of your armies, I would have to say, it is alot of fun. And with the Armored Company always follows a quote, " You either win big, or every one of your tank blows up".

Sadly this quote is almost always true. The armored company is not a Power gamers army list, I mean how can it with a base HQ tank cost of 220+ points. The Armored Company is all about shock value, having nothing but columns of tanks and your enemy/friends saying, 'how can i kill all that'. Its kind of like the Tyrainids Swarm army, but with tanks.

Heres a LINK that might help if you don't have the rule for Armoried company yet.

Good Luck and if you have any question about tactics, tanks choices, or any thing just post em here and we would be glad to help you.:yes:

On the same line hows about seige regiments? (as nobody answered my thread) I'm only airborne but need some conversion stuff, I like huge guns and having six would be pretty cool.
everyone has good points. here's my opinion. maybe repeating a couple times....

>Leman Russ
>Leman Russ Exterminator much better than the conqueror and cheaper base point cost. better AP than conqueror and you get two shots and you can choose to use the twin linked ability once per game.. the SMALL Blast on the conqueror hmmm... most players don't constantly have members of a squad close enough together to get more than two solid hits on that template.
>Leman Russ with Anti-Tank Rounds doctrine (cheaper than vanquisher and same effect with normal battle cannon range)
>Chimera with storm trooper/kasrkin squad.. i find throwing in something that gives me a good amount of models for the points helps me be able to flank an enemy/take an objective or take advantage of someone going all out on my main battle tanks. i almost always give my kasrkins in armoured company(if i use them) 2 plasma guns per squad >Side Skirts doctrine for some vehicles if facing "shooty" enemy with weaker than lascannon weapons
>Evasive Driving Doctrine seems to work well against my tyranid buddy because eventually he's going to get into assaulting my vehicles
>Ace Gunners Doctrine like sharpshooters but can be applied to any tank regardless of BS. it's nice on a demolisher or a tank ace

stuff i don't like about armoured company...
>Leman Russ Conqueror i just don't see it being worth the points compared to exterminator
>Destroyer Tank Hunter doesn't use any template can only hit one target at a time... it is really nice but a bit too specialized for my liking. antitank rounds can do much more damage on a tank which is more versatile.
>Improved Sponsons doctrine. I'd rather use the points to get the extra evasive driving points or something else. i guess it would be an OK idea to use this doctrine on maybe the HQ tank or Tank Ace(s)
>Crush and Grind Doctrine. this is iffy. shock the unit and get free hits on them before the shock is resolved. OK but probably going to get you closer to enemies who are good at opening cans with scything talons, meltabombs, pure strength... especially closer to side and rear armour. the one time i used this doctrine i only applied it to a few vehicles i knew I'd be throwing right into the enemy. i like evasive driving better since you can shoot on the move and as long as you moved a little you get a chance to hit all the assaulting models that get into close combat,
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Stratassj said:
I was wondering if anyone here plays/plays against armored companys on a regular basis? Im thinking of starting one up and want to know how they play, What i should get to start it off?
I don't play AC a lot because it does tend to be a bit "cheesy" and either one of two things happen usually: Either my opponent is caught by surprise and gets totally wacked or they have so much Anti-Armor that the opposite occurs.

Also, given the new rules, I would not field an AC unless you were at 2,000+ pts (maybe 1750) because the tanks just get too expensive.

For a core units, I would invest in the following as starters:

- 3 Leman Russ
- 2 Basilisks
- 1 Demolisher
- 1 Chimera + 1 Techpriest + 4 tech servitors

1 LR will be your HQ, 2 will be your troops, the Demolisher and Basilisk your Heavy Support, and the Chimera group to repair vehicles. Eventually I would recommend more tanks. 1 more Elite and 2 more troops of your flavor.

The Demolisher is useful because it is the only tank in the lot which has AP2 and gives insurance against Termies or other 2+ armored foes.

As for doctrines the following are MUST HAVES for every tank.
- Ace gunner
- Side Skirts
- Tech priest (not for the tank itself but so you can take one)

The ace gunner essentially allows any Ordnance shot to have a 55% chance of hitting on the nose, including the indirect fire basilisk. Side skirts give side armor of 13 to the LR. Your Basilisks dont need the skirts.

A few other doctrines which might be useful:
- Evasive driving
- Anti-Tank shells
- Machine God's Blessing (The ultimate anti-Eldar upgrade)
- Ceramite Armor (since many armies have some form of melta or multimelta)
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I agree very much that an Armored Company makes for very one-sided battles. Either you win bigtime or you catch a bigtime beatdown. Moreso than with a lot of other armies, the outcome will be heavily weighted by pre-game decisions. Certain armies will totally wreck an AC (Necrons, Tau), and there just isn't much you can do about that. I dislike AC lists because I think too large a portion of its success or failure rests on pre-game choices (particularly choices made by your opponent) instead of being determined on the table.
I dissagree, ACs can go the same way as everything else, the onyl 2 lamentable bits of using an AC are (for your opponent)

1. quite a lot of his army can be rendered ineffective
2. He can reach a point in the game when all his remaining forces are ineffective

But this can be mittigated by what you choose for an armoured company, add armoured fists squads in large quantities and you are giving him more fun
okay heres what im thinking i may do to start off then. Ill buy the cadian battleforce, two chimeras. afew more leamon russ's and a basalisk or two..
Oh and im wondering, Can a super heavy, Or flyers be felded within the armored company too? :shifty:
Another reason I think AC lists tend to see more one-sided wins and losses is that, even with conservative doctrine choices, you're only going to get about 9-10 tanks in a 2000 point list. This is a tiny sample and so the dice will be much more erratic than with, say, 200 guardsmen. You'll be much more vulnerable to fluky dice, for positive or negative.

That said, the point about ignoring certain units is very valid. Thinking about my own IG list, the points I usually spend on 2 Hellhounds and 2 Heavy Bolter + GL squads are almost totally wasted.
and of those tanks, especially in 1000 point games, 1 "crew shaken" means 1/5 of your forces cannot shoot this turn. That's a lot.

To answer the superheavy question, as far as I know yes. I wouldn't have a problem with it.
you can use the super heavies with consent of people playing in the game. extra force organization chart for everyone to play with though.
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