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Hey guys, I have been thinking about doing this armored battalion style regiment for some time now, and I will soon have all the models I need to do it. I was just wondering what you guys thought of my list, and if i could get some feedback on it, it would be greatly appreciated.

x1 Company Command Squad

x1 Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad
x2 Infantry Squads
Total: 130
Vet Squad
x3 Melta Guns
Troops Total=230

Fast Attack:
x2 Bane Wolves=260pts
x1 Vendetta Gunship
Heavy Bolter Sponsons on Vendetta
Total =140pts
Fast Attack Total=400pts

Heavy Support:
x2 Leman Russ Main Battle Tanks=300pts
x2 Leman Russ Demolishers=330pts
x1 Leman Russ Executioner=190pts
Heavy Support Total=820pts

Regiment Total=1500pts

Please post the full price of your units after-upgrades only, do not list out costs of base units, characters or their upgrades.

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Hmm. It may be common knowledge that the guard work on quantity over quality but this is certainly an extremely 'naked' list. Thats a hell of a lot of firpower you've got, but your troops are far too vulnerable. With 66% of missons being about objectives, you won't have a chance. Your men will get gunned down very quickly. At least add a few special weapons to your squads. Try flamers for the PCS and plasma guns for the CCS. You need a few more infantry squads as well, preferably with G-launchers and autocannons.

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My biggest concern with this list is that it's troop section seems fragile. Not enough troops to eat the likely amount of incoming fire at 1500 points means no objective points for you, and free kill points for your opponent. I'd advise chimeras for your troops or a lot more bodies.
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