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Here is some test fluff I wrote for my sisters of battle. Any tips, critiques and comments are welcome! Also, please notify me of any grammatical errors I made.

Blue Wardens

The origins of the Blue Wardens lie on the desert moon of Siccus IV, a backwater world almost forgotten by the Imperium, in Segmentum Obscurus. In times long forgotten, an Imperial Guard regiment was stationed here to react to possible Chaos invasions. However, when the Siccus system faded from memory the Guardsmen eventually established their own community on this world.

The influence of the Eye of Terror eventually stretched to the Siccus system, and the men of the small world converted to Chaos. The women of Siccus IV did not accept this heresy and formed a small warband. Together, they infiltrated the ancient, abandoned spaceport of their world and sent a distress call to the Inquisitorial Stronghold on Nemesis Tessera.

An Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus responded to the call for help, together with a Commandery of battle sisters from the Order of the Argent Shroud. When they arrived on Siccus IV, they were surprised to find the world in peace. When they arrived on the surface, they were greeted by women, all the men were dead. The Ordo Hereticus investigated the case and found the men were indeed tainted by Chaos. Impressed by the purity and bravery of the village women, they were inducted in the Order of the Argent Shroud.

The Blue Wardens received their name after a purity control mission on one of the Hive Worlds. During the mission, Inquisitor Abiathar and Canoness Catalunya of the Commandery formed of former Siccus IV inhabitants, found themselves vastly outnumbered by Chaos cultists. The entire world was tainted. Their situation looked desperate, but fortunately Canoness Catalunya received a vision from the Emperor. In the vision, he showed her a hidden shrine full of ancient wargear, that would help the Sisters complete their mission.

Led by the Emperor, the Argent Shroud sisters and Abiathar found the shrine. In it were a large number of arcane death machines, and tomes with knowledge of how to use them. Also in the shrine were suits of pristine, blue and gold Sororitas power armour.

Even though Abiathar was a puritan Inquisitor, he realized their situation was desperate and he decided to use the equipment and knowledge found in the Shrine. The Battle Sisters, now dressed in blue and gold armour and ancient linen cloaks found in the shrine, first ambushed a small heretic outpost and took as many prisoners as they could. These prisoners were turned into arco-flaggelants and strapped onto penitent engines, and then forced to attack a new outpost. It did not take long before the world was swept clean by a tide of crazed lunatics turned into killing machines, with minimal losses on the side of the Battle Sisters.

Since that day, these sisters are known simply as the Blue Wardens. They operate independently of the Argent Shroud, but they still maintain some of their iconography.
Each sister is dressed in blue and gold armour, with a livery made of old linen. Murderers, criminals and heretics from all over the galaxy are put under guard of the Blue Wardens. Therefore, the Order consists of very little sisters but a high number of penitents, arco-flaggelants and penitent engines. Because of their small number, the life of each sister is very valuable and most are veterans from many battles.
The Blue Wardens travel all over the galaxy, making their purity checks and seeking out heretics and chaos cultists. Each sister keeps track of the worlds she has cleansed on the cloth of her right shoulder pad.

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I like the details in the last paragraph on Order organizatoin and the like. I also like the name. The only thing I am not sure about is how they were recruited. If the men were tainted a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor would be just as likely to kill all of the women even if they were the ones who killed the men and were clean of taint.
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