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Hi guys,

I've been having an idea for quite some time now that I want some fluff behind my army.
I'm having two main ideas I would like to hear your opinion on.

1. (Which I first thought of) An archmage and his student travels around the old world seeking friendship and knowledge. Accompanied by some SM (one or two units), a contingent of spearmen (two units of 18), a scouting force (7 SW), one unit of each PG and WL and a couple of RBTs. Plus a BSB.

2. (Which is more tempting) A (caledorian?) prince which task is to manage one of the famous gates, maybe I'll make my own gate as I'm not so fond of the existing ones, together with a noble and a mage. Large groups of spearmen, archers plus some elite infantry and the prince's bodyguard, a group of DP. Core based army.


Which one do you like?
Any changes?
Other ideas?

If you think it's a little short then just notify me and I will add more.


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Well Herman I really like both your ideas and like you I need to have the fluff behind an army before I start collecting it.

I've had a lot in all the years I've been playing HE but the two armies I play at the moment are very diffrent. One which is simular to your first idea. An Archmage has decided to get an expedition force together to explore the world for news and information about the old ones starting with a trip to Lustria. In this list I have lots of spearmen blocks and fast moving cavalry just supported by one unit of the archmages SM who are his personal bodyguard.
My second list is the one the one I'm building at the moment. Once again it's an Archmage, ( I just love magic) but supported by his two sons. The family were forced stay in the old world when all families were called back to Ulthuan during the civil war. The reason this was ordered by the then Phoenix King was that it was their job to guard sleeping Dragons that remained in a certain area of the old world. The family has dwindled over the years and now they are almost extinct but being very proud He refuse to leave their post.

There is a lot more to both of these armies, (very sadly I have a whole history), but there isn't really room to write it all.

I think you should just go with whichever one excites you the most and you think you willenjoy modelling, painting and playing with.

Hope this helps.
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