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I'll be playing a couple of games of CapHammer (see thread Will be facing Empire and Skaven. I'm using pure Chaos Dwarfs (no Warriors Of Chaos or Beastmen this time).

Here's my list - 3000 Points

General - Sorcerer-Prophet Level 4 (Lore Of Hashut) w/ Black Hammer Of Hashut, Talisman Of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Naphtha Bombs - 400 Points

Hero - Infernal Castellan BSB w/ Mask Of The Furnace, Ironcurse Icon, Luckstone - 205 Points
Hero - Daemonsmith Sorcerer Level 2 (Lore Of Undeath) w/ Chalice Of Blood & Darkness - 180 Points
Hero - Daemonsmith Sorcerer Level 1 (Lore Of Fire) w/ Pistol, Dispell Scroll - 125 Points
Hero - Hobgoblin Khan on Giant Wolf w/ Spear, Light Armour, Charmed Shield - 63 Points

Total Characters - 973 Points

Core - 19 Infernal Guard w/ Fireglaives, Full Command, Naphtha Bombs, Banner Of Slavery - 395 Points
Core - 10 Infernal Guard w/ Fireglaives, Full Command - 202 Points
Core - 21 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w/ Bows, Full Command - 127 Points
Core - 21 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w/ Bows, Full Command - 127 Points

Total Core - 761

Special - Magma Cannon w/ Hellbound - 170 Points
Special - Magma Cannon w/ Hellbound - 170 Points
Special - Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - XXX Points
Special - 15 Infernal Ironsworn w/ Full Command, Standard Of Discipline - 295 Points

Total Special - 735 Points

Rare - Dreadquake Mortar w/ Slave Ogre, Hellbound - 240 Points
Rare - Hellcannon - XXX Points

Total Rare - 450 Points
Total - 2999 Points

My intention is to split my forces a little. I stick my Dreadquake in one corner on a far flank, with my undeath casting Daemonsmith, with the Ironsworn acting as guardsmen. This should act effectively as a separate force. The Ironsworn are quite stocky, and the Deathquake is Toughness 8 with 7 Wounds, so it's not going anywhere from basic war machine hunters as it's crew plus Slave Ogre are quite capable of fighting back.

On the other flank, as far apart as possible; I stick the Hellcannon, screening with the smaller Fireglaive unit. As the Hellcannon is 'Slow To Fire' and 'Move Or Fire', on alternative turns it'll march up the flank with it's Dwarven screen; just to put some pressure on the opponent.

The main gunline army will be set up, ideally off centre, between the middle of the board and the Hellcannon. This way the enemy has to divide their forces to take on both the main force and the Ironsworn/Dreadquake contingent; BUT ignoring that contigent means letting me raise undead and mortar you from afar unopposed.

The main gunline will include 2 Magma Cannons, a Deathshriek Rocket Launcher, my main Fireglaive Dwarf unit with the general and BSB in the unit, with bowmen Hobgoblins guarding their flanks. My main force is more than 1800 Points with the Hellcannon and it's screen appearing prominent but accounting for only just over 400 points. The contigent force however is well over 700 points so it'll be tempting to divide attention and try to take that out even without it's threat being apparent.

I'm hoping to divide and conquer, to split the focus, misdirect, and confuse my opponents with the Marching Hellcannon and Dreadquake/Undeath Caster moves so they don't see the true threat; the double-Magma Cannon and Lore Of Hashut combo. If I can get Ash Storm off on any big units, they're toast. Hopefully breaking units via shooting can cause some waves of Panic. Especially as my army is extremely resilient to Panic and Psychology in general.

So what do you all think?

So what do you think.
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