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Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the future of spreadsheet-based 40k army list production...


  • An all new streamlined UI
  • Seperate Sections for Heavy and Special weapons
  • Space for unit-wide upgrades like chaos god allegiances
  • An improved printer friendly page featuring Seeker84's streamlined presentation
  • Model counter and weapon counter
  • Sophisticated statistics package showing how many shots/turn if moved or stationary amongst many other useful ratios
  • Compare the effectiveness and efficiency of your armies in a simple and consistent spreadsheet
  • Literally thousands of calculations performed in the short time it takes to build your army list

All these features will be available here to you for free under the GPLv2 open source license. The application is completely cross-platform and was created in OpenOffice Calc which means it works in Excel on Windows and Mac and Open Office for Linux.

But where can I obtain this fantastic piece of digital artistry? Well the short answer is, you cannot yet. I want to make Army Builder 4 so useful to the general gaming public that I will only release it when i have received and implemented 50 unique suggestions! I will search far and wide to find as many features to pack into this package as possible so I have a simple request, and that is that you make requests, by the truckload.

At the moment I am looking for what ratio's are good for cross-comparison between army lists. For example, I have a mechanized ratio which is the No. of shots from heavy weapons that can be fired when the army remains still vs the no. it can shoot if moving. The army list builder streamlines the way which you describe exactly what each model in your army has so there's no need to enter in the no. of vehicle mounted heavy weapons or the no. of troop mounted weapons. I want to implement as many of these ratio's as possible. In suggesting a ratio, assume that all the weapons and all the models have been accounted for by the army list builder, then go from there.

So what are you waiting for? Get Posting, lets build this thing!

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