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Army List Posting Rules

Thread Titles
Thread titles must clearly and concisely show the following:
i)How many points the army list is for
ii)If the list uses special army rules
iii)If the army is for friendly or tournament play

For example, the following titles are acceptable
2250 VC Horde – Tournament
Chaos Undivided, 2000 Friendly
1500 Tournament List, WE Shooty
OK Skragg – 2000 Tournament
Friendly DE Warband [500]

2)Point Totals
The easiest solution to uncertainty regarding point totals is not to post any at all; if you post a 2000pt list, readers will assume the points add up to ~2000. If, however, you wish for readers to verify your total, please abide by the following:
i)Character Totals
(a)The total cost for a character + upgrades and wargear may be posted
(b)Individual cost of a bare-bones character may not be posted
(c)Individual costs of magic items and upgrades may not be posted

For example, the following is acceptable
Wood Elf Highborn – 236
Alter Kindred
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt
Great Weapon
ii)Unit Totals
(a)The total cost for a unit + upgrades may be posted
(b)If the unit does not include upgrades – including monsters, warmachines, and chariots – then the cost of the unit should be omitted, as this allows for a simple bit of math to determine the per model cost.

For example, the following entries are acceptable
20 skeletons: captain, standard bearer - 220pts
6 Dire Wolves
If you are posting an army list, then you are asking for advice on the list. As such, there is no need to get defensive if people make comments about your list.

Failure to abide by these rules may lead to the Army list being deleted or edited without warning.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.