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Army List Posting Rules

Thread Titles
Thread titles must clearly and concisely show the following:
i)How many points the army list is for
ii)If the list uses special army rules

For example, the following titles are acceptable:
2250 Armored Co. - Tourney
CSM troop heavy, 1500
1500 List, shooty SM
Ork Speed Freekz – 2000 Tournament
Friendly DE Combat Patrol [500]

2)Point Totals
Under no circumstances should individual point costs be posted. Unit and character totals are both fine to post; posting the cost of specific upgrades is a huge violation of our forum rules and Games Workshop copyright.
i)Character Totals
(a)The total cost for a character + upgrades and wargear may be posted
(b)Individual costs of items and upgrades may not be posted

For example, the following is acceptable:
Tau Shas'el - 97 points
Plasma Rifle
Missile Pod
Targeting Array
HW Multi-Tracker
ii)Unit and Vehicle Totals
(a)The total cost for a unit/vehicle + upgrades may be posted
(b)Individual costs of items and upgrades may not be posted.

For example, the following entries are acceptable:
10 Space Marines, Veteran Sergeant w/ Power Fist - 180
10 Kroot - 70
When posting an army list, be sure to include simple information about the list itself. Include simple strategies, tactics, how the list is to be used, what armies the list performs well against, etc. There is absolutely no reason not to include this information; it will help people give more relevant comments that, in turn, will benefit you more. Also, try to include whether or not you are aiming for casual or competitive play; often, this will change the comments given to your list.

If you are posting an army list, then it will be assumed that you are asking for advice on the list. As such, there is no need to get defensive if people make comments about your list. Instead, be prepared for such occurrences. When commenting on a list, try to take into account the OP's wishes; if they post model limitations, tactical ideas, etc., try to stick true to their original ideas as well, but don't be afraid to offer new solutions too.

Failure to abide by these rules may lead to the Army list being deleted or edited without warning.

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