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Hey i was wondering if i could get some opinions on an army list i make make for an 1850 pt battle

led by colonel w/power fist
2 flamers
vet sarg w/power weapon
standard bearer w/regimental banner
commissar w/ power fist

command section w/4 flamers and power weapon
4 Inf squads
command section w/4 flamers and power weapon
4 Inf squads

Fast Attack
3 sentinels with heavy flamers

Ogrynsx5 + Chimera
Orgynsx5 + Chimera
Hardened Vets w/3 flamers, power fist, Chimera
653 pts

Heavy Support
Demolisher w/side heavy bolters

Total: 1853 pts

I made up this army list because i am sick of being destroyed in HtH in the last 3 turns of a game, i believe this provides me with a good mobile counter attack force as well as the heavy artillary and the numbers the guard is famous for plus a decked out HQ choice. I decided to add in the morale boosting banner and stuff because with the new assault rules i tend to fail morale checks, last game i had 40 troopers run off the table ...four whole squads that had not taken a single casualty. I was also thinking of possibly switching the hardened vets with another ogryn squad. Oh and all ogryns have the close combat weapon instead of the ripper gun. I thank you for all of your suggestions, i especially want to hear what ColKillmore has to say
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Not open for further replies.