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I was responding to "What army should i buy" and my answer became so long i just decided to make it a new topic.

Good army for beginners :blink:

Alright i shall share with you a way to find your ideal army. Way A and way B.

There is nothing that is just "made" for the new people. It really depends on you *points finger at you*.
Now what kind of army would you *points finger at you* like? or better yet what kind of movies do you like? This is way A

Are you the person who is always on the good guys side? or did you scream in frustration when Han blasted Darths spacecraft and he went tumbling away?

Did you skip going to the toilet when watching Starship troopers (even though you had it on video) or were you more into Terminator and the whole "One man army" thing?

Can you get into the evil spirit of things? (like constantly being paranoid and shouting non-existent prophecies at people you dont know) or are you more of a good guy (girl) and you would like to see the galaxy united under one peaceful rule? What is you view on the galaxy?

Well the answers to just those three questions would flesh out your ideal army right away.
To explain.
If you are always on the good guys side, you can just forget about all those evil armies like Chaos, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Tyrandis and traitors. Atleast for now. I didnt put Orks in there because i dont see them as evil (just my oppinion).
Or if you are more into the evil side then you can put a hold on armies like Space Marines, Eldar, Daemonhunters, Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle.
And if you are neither then the Orks or Kroot are a choice worth considering. Since, like you, they're kinda in the middle.

Now the second question has nothing to do with toilets.
If you like the idea of an army filled with grunts, where the sheer strength in numbers will bring down the toughest opponent. Then armies like Imperial Guard, Tyranids, Orks, Tau, Eldar and Dark Eldar (Note i dont know alot about Eldar, but i've seen those Guardians and i see them as a swarm) are definately for you. Also on a side note, you might consider Necrons. But more on that later.
Or if you are more of a one-man-army guy (girl) then you should look at Chaos Space marines, Necrons, Space marines, Daemonhunters, Sisters of Battle and strangely enough Eldar and Dark Eldar (i've seen them being used as rockhard elites and that was scary).
The reason why Necrons are in both categories is because they rely on numbers (because of the Phaze out rule) but they are supah hard. Harder than Space marines in fact.

Now the third and final question. Can you visualize your evliness/goodness.
If you cant get into a sadistic mood then i would just skip Dark Eldar altogether.
But that question is really defining your choices. Now heres a brief explenation of each army as i see it.

Chaos Marines: 10.000 years ago we tried to save mankind, but the fools refused our help. We relocated to the Eye where we were gifted by the Gods. Now we shall reclaim our rightful place in the galaxy.
These super-human traitors are a elite fighting force with some daemonic tricks up their sleeve

Dark Eldar: So much flesh, so many different pleasures!
A highly mobile, highly sadistic army. These buggers will strip the skin of you faster than you can say "Huh?"

Orks: 'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!
Mob after mob of greenskinned fury. These guys will mark something as the enemy and wont stop till its dead or they are. This is an army where everyone can handle themselves in close combat...excpet maybe Gretchins.

Tyranids: The Great Beast has come, the Devourer of Worlds
Swarms of chitinous alien rushing across the table, devouring everything in the way. You've seen Aliens right? Well if you liked that, then you're gonna LUV this army.

Lost and Damned (Traitors): We throw our lot in with the winning side.
With this force (although i dont know any facts) you can get a evil army, with the good guys gear. And of course there are bound to be some warp spawned trickery involved.

Necrons: Our number is Legion, our name is Death.
Your classic T-1000 Terminator made into an army. These soulless automatons will scour the surface of the battlefield clear then phaze out, leaving no trace of them being there. Hard as steel (literally!) and colder than a SOB.

Tau: For the Greater Good!
They're new, they're cool, they're blue! This young race wants to make its presence felt. They're here to stay and fight for their cause (funny thing is that no one except them really know what that cause is). Great ranged fighters and a unique army.

Space Marines: ...And they shall know no fear.
These are the heroes of Man, the children of the Emperor, the scourge of Evil. These dudes will kill anything, simple. They are the same as Chaos marines in some ways (dont shoot me yet). But ofcourse the main difference is that they have unwavering faith in the Emperor and his cause, so no warp spawns up their sleeves. But they have enough else so they dont really need it.

Eldar: They're Old, They're wise, They know alot more than you and they're not afraid to use it!
Sadly i dont know alot about eldar. But i expect them to be the same as Dark Eldar but with out the sadism. Also i suspect they have more in the way of heavy weaponry.

Daemonhunters: Innocence proves nothing!
Now here you have some tough Bastards with a capital T. They wipe the face of the galaxy clean of the any evil they set their sights on. If you wanna fight Daemons, here is the army for you. They've got pockets full of anti-daemon tricks, and are still good enough to take on any army anywhere.

Kroot: You are good enough to eat!
These guys really are what they eat. Mobile, unique and abit weird. You will see them run through forest like its nothing and then kill the enemy in close combat with their exotic bladed rifles, followed closely by the hulking Krootox and the skulking Kroot hounds

Imperial Guard: Duty and Honour.
These are the fighters, the grunts, a factory for heroes. A rigid command structure governs these fighters and they are truly a force to be reconed with. They have access to the widest variety of tanks in the 40K universe, and they are not afraid to use them.

Sisters of Battle: Lets make them Holy Sisters!
These are not your avarge nuns with guns! They cleanse the heretic within and defend mankind against the onslaught against aliens who wish to corrupt the citizens of the Imperium.

Now for way B.
Walk into the store. Look for something you find cool. Buy it. Get to know it. Collect the army.
Not as accurate as A but in 90% of the time it works perfectly.

I hope this helps all you people who want to get into this, or for those who just arent happy with their armies.
If there are any questions just ask.

Until next time.

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I used way B its a great Idea

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Originally posted by protocon@Jun 13 2003, 11:11

Necrons: Our number is Legion, our name is Death.
Your classic T-1000 Terminator made into an army.
They actually look like they're based on T 800's not T 1000

Another movie question you didn't ask?

Did you cry when they shot Old Yeller? ( or was that Rin Tin Tin )
if so you're good, if not you're evil

Anyway good thread, :) very informative for the Newbie player

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Oh. I need to watch the Terminator movies again. :lol:

T-1000 was Skynet right?
And T-800 were the skeleton bots that walk around crushing skulls?

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hehe :D . By default that makes you evil since you did not cry.
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