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Rep! Awsome, I'm doing a very industrialised Mechanicus Marine army, With a mixture of bases - Including some from plasticard (Just like that)
For rivets i got a really fine plasticard rod, and cut it in tiny slivers (as long as one side is flat it's ok, they don't have to be the same length - i'll come back to this later), then dropped glue on the base, and put the slivers on (dipping just the tip of a scalpel in the glue, then just touching the flat slide of the sliver helps to position it well.) - then, when dry (be sure!) i took a flat file and filed down the row of rivets, so they're all the same height.
I love the hairspray and salt, and masking tape. I'd done a prototype servitor scout using the IG tank transfer warning marks, and wasn't totally satisfied, but this is exactly what i wanted! I'll be doing this on my army.
Would you like me to link my post r.e. the different Industrial bases i've done / the mechanicus thread when i post it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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