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Arts of the Red Harvest Chronicle

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A backlog of Arts of the Red Harvest Threads by the Necron Community of LO. Filled with the experiences, opinions and knowledge of anyone willing to give their two cents. AotRH is the Necron "Topic of the week"

Please feel free to go in and add your personal exploits with (or against) the Necron forces, the more voices we can gather the better!

Unit Specific Topics:







Flayed Ones

Tomb Spyders

Support Lords

Assault Lords



Wargear Specific Topics
Veil of Darkness

Tactic Specific Topics:

Counter Assault

Mission Specific Topics

Seize Ground

Counter-Unit Topics:

Leman Russ



Counter Tactic Topics
Deep Strike

Monster Month
Wraithlords and Avatar of Khaine


Monstrous Daemons
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Just wanted to extend props for starting this. Rep to you!
For those who are afraid of losing track of this, you'll find a link to it in the stickied Necron Index at the top of this forum.
where is the immortal thread?
Oops! I'll go find that and put it in, my bad.
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Its cool i was just trying to help by the way your post are amazing "rep"
It seems I never MADE an Immortals Arts of the Red Harvest. I will do so in the near future, and then move on to mission-based articles.

Thank you DHN, it is appreciated ^^.
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Great stuff, really. I've been lately trying to search these threads with the Seacrh function and somehow its not working very well... This list saves me the trouble. *happy*

EDIT: You should actually sticky this one. Together the Arts of the Red Harvest form the best Necron tactics compendium I've seen anywhere so far.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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