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while I'm here, I decided to come down to the TCG area and get to know a few more people.

I believe it was last summer I created this assassin deck of mine, after playing it a few times I love it and people hate me when I play this deck, after a while I had it modfied with my friends help so it can last longer in combat, and I'm still liking it, so here the list.


1xMagus of the Abyss
2xWei Assassins
3xNightshade Assassin
2xRoyal Assassin
4xSuq'Ata Assassin
4xUnliving Psychopath
4xScarblade Elite
1xOrzhov Euthanist

1xSadistic Sacrament
1xBlood Tribute
2xCruel Edict
3xChil to the Bone
4xSnake Cult Initiation

1xWhispersilk Cloak
1xSparring Collar
2xHorned Helm
1xLeonin Scimitar
1xVulshok Battlegear
1xSlagwurm Armor

most of the equipment is for the Unliving Psychopath, since I'm lacking good equipment to use right now, I also have 4xHunter of Eyeblights when I'm fighting a counter heavy deck like Arcbounds, some of the cards here were also leftover from the old version of this deck like the whispersilk cloak which I should put some of it back into the deck.

Opinions, suggestions? (BTW I'm kinda reworking it so its a ninja/assassin deck, any suggestions of what blue cards to take?)
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