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Assault Squad

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It's me again, with some more marines from my Roman themed DIY chapter, Legio Victrix.

Just 5 Assault marines this time, that I've actually been working on on and off for over 6 months now, I've just been continually distracted by other projects so I've only just gotten around to finishing them. They were sat in a half finished state for ages while I painted up the Skull Pass Dwarfs and my Plague Fleet of Nurgle...

I haven't done anything special with them except on the sergeant. On him I converted my own Thunder Hammer.

I've got another shot of the hammer itself, to hopefully help show how I made it. I took the power axe from the assualt marine kit, and chopped the head off the axe. I glued two pieces of sprue back to back which made a hexagonal cross section, and cut, sawed and filed it into my chosen shape for the head of the hammer. This was glued onto the axe shaft. Some guitar string was added to represent power cabling, and I used greenstuff to make a bracket attaching it to the shaft. I added a piece of a WHFB spear shaft onto the bottom of the handle to make it a bit longer, and finished it off with a purity seal.
I'm very pleased with the results.

I'd say that sergeant is definitely one of my favourite models in my army so far. I would add another 5 marines to the squad, but, I've got a lot of Lizardmen to paint! :D
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Hey Ancalgon, they look nice, but a few comments if I may:

1) Did you think your paints :) The freehand designs are lovely, but I would expect that they would look better if the paint was applied thinner and in a couple of layers (you can see the brush marks on a couple of then designs).

2) If you have green ink, add a lineof yellow to the bottom edge of the eye lenses, then ink them in green to give a nice glazed effect

3) A thin black line or even dark brown at the edge of teh power armour shoulder pads would help to differentiate between the edging and the main pad, at the moment that transition is a little muddy. Maybe re-base coat the edging in black first before painting it gold?

Otherwise - great stuff, rep for you as I love Roman themed armies!
Maybe try a wash of orange-brown ink over the gold to add some warmth and depth, then re-highlight shining gold + shining gold + mithril silver?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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