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Ok so I'm a little confused. Consider the following situations:

A unit with great weapons charges another unit. Do they auto go first for charging, or do the great weapons still keep them from attacking first?

A unit with ASF and great weapons charge another unit. Do they go first or due to the great weapons attack second?

Basically, if you have rules that contradict eachother which one overcomes? In this case, rules regarding the order of attacking in combat.


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1) The unit Charging goes 1st, even with GWs

2) ASF overrules everything, except Impact Hits


Impact Hits -> ASF -> Charging -> Init -> GWs -> victory in last round of combat -> D6 it

May have missed something, but note each of these can be subcatagorised. In all cases, you work down the order, including when subcatagorising.
- two units fighting, both have ASF, one with GWs. It goes to Init value, and the unit with GWs sill strike last (unless they choose not to use GWs to attack, then they can go on Init too)
- if both units have GWs, and last combat turn was a draw then go straight to a D6 for who strikes 1st.
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