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Firstly merry xmas to everybody =D woo hoo .awesome xmas for me anyways

Basically, theres a doubles tournement coming in august 2010, longway away, but last time I left it too late and i didnt get to paint or make a good list. My basic plan is going to be there to provide markerlights for my ally to use ( i can do that right? ) and at the same time, have a few objective takers/contesters, and a few big guns. A few Xv8s will finish off my plan, along with a squad of kroot, for cost efficiency and 2+ go to ground in cover. Tournement is 2500 per team, with minimum of 1000 per player.

Plasma Rifle
Missle Pod
Targetting Array
Multi Tracker
HW Drone Controller and Marker Drone

Fire Warrior Team (6)

Fire Warrior Team (6)

Fire Warrior Team (12)
Shas'ui with Markerlight and Bonding Knife

Kroot (10)

**********Fast Attack**********
Pathfinders (6)

Pathfinders (6)

2x Pathfinder Devilfish with Disruption Pod ( takes 6 man FW teams )

2x Xv8s with TL Missle Pods and Targetting Array
1 is Team Leader with Target Lock

2x Xv8s with Missle Pods and Plasma Rifle and Multi Tracker

**********Heavy Support**********
1x Broadside with ASS

1x HammerHead with Railgun,Burst Cannons, Disruption Pods and MultiTracker

Total : 1261

Any and all C&C is much appreciated, before I buy and make the models.
So far I have the Deathrain Team, the Commander, the broadside, 30 FWs with Pulse Rifles, and 2 FWs with Markerlights. + a bunch of gun drones which i dont like or use. Commander needs re glueing, so is mine in the list good? before i glue him :D

Was going to buy the battle force, one Xv8, a Devilfish and a Hammerhead, and that would account for the entire 1261 points all up ( pathfinders are just FWs with carbines, maybe posed differently. )
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