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I'm not sure how many of you remember me, or where even around when I was last active. It's been over a year. . .
First I moved to Chicago, and didn't have internet for a while. . .
Then I posted a bit once got internet. . . followed by a move back to Utah. . .
Well the move back was eventful in that all of my GW stuff got mangled. . . 'bout 50% casulties. . (among other stuff) Do to the furstration of that I've taken a break from playing warhammer. But I started missing it again and so now that I have the money to do it once more I am back.

I once played Mostly LatD, but also guard (same models mostly), Regular Chaos (my first army), Necrons, And Ogre Kingdom.

I can currently still play Ogres fully, and can do guard, LatD (with outdated codex so I avoid), Necron to 1500 pts.

I have long wanted to play 40K Orks, and have bought a bit, but am still trying to decide what way to go (So many fun ideas. . .) But soon I will be playing them as my 40K viable army.

Then when the second half of the Chaos Codex comes out I plan to convert what's left of my LatD into what is playable with that Codex (assuming they don't ruin it.)

So you'll problably see me hanging around the Chaos, 40K Ork and Ogre areas, allong with Votewar. . . I miss votewar. . .
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