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Because everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of mech, death company, dreads, or stormraven assault, I have decided to make a balanced, but somewhat competitive list for Blood Angels. Don't get me wrong, I like all those guys as much as the next person, but I find a balanced list can counter its weaknesses more effectively. So, here goes:


Astorath- xxx pts


Sanguinary Priest w/ jump pack- 75 pts


Tactical Squad w/ 10 men, Pfist, flamer, missile, rhino- 245 pts

Death Company w/ 5 men, 2 hand flamers, Pfist, Pweapon, razorback- 215 pts

Death Company w/ 5 men, 2 infernus pistols, Pfist, 2 Pweapons, jump packs- 260 pts

Scout Squad w/ 5 men, heavy bolter, snipers, camo cloaks- 100 pts

Assault Squad w/ 10 men, 2 meltaguns, meltabombs, Pfist- 240 pts

Heavy Support:

Vindicator- xxx pts

Basically, the scouts hang in back camping objectives, death company soaks up damage, and the tactical and assault squads take objectives. Any criticism is welcome. Thank you.

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I'd advise amalgamating the Death Company and getting them a rhino. DC with jump packs are too expensive; you could get a 9-man DC in a Rhino and another assault squad. You then run into the Astorath problem in that he can't get inside the Rhino, so what I'd do is save the ~90 points and get a bare-bones Reclusiarch. Your death company will do most of the killing anyway.

Here's what I'd do:

Reclusiarch - 130 points
Sanguinary Priest - 75 points
1x 10-man Tactical squad w/ power fist, Rhino, ML, meltagun - 250 points
2x 10-man Assault Squad /w power fist, 2x meltagun - 235 points
1x 9-man Death Company w/ power fist, Rhino - 255 points
1 x 5-man Scout Squad w/ missile launcher, camo - 100 points
1x Vindicator - 145 points

That's 1425 points, so you've got room to get a second Priest, beef up the Scout squad or trick out the DC with inferno pistols and power weapons. Personally I wouldn't take a tactical squad at all, but you said you wanted a balanced list. Still, if I was going to take them it'd be as objective sitters in place of the Scouts, who are more than a little fragile, and use the freed-up points to get a second Vindy. But you want a balanced list, so that's okay.
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