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Basing Tau

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I have just finished the first of my Firewarriors, but I am undecided on how to base them. I have painted the armour a dark blue and used the secondary colour orange.All the cloth is black. The fluff is pretty open about where they live(dal'yth sept) as they come into contact with many races.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe a industrial florring look with tiles, metal plates, and grills/tubing. you could make it rusty, or nice any tau shinny/flat color painted.

Just a thought...
If you can find a good way to do it, an tropical look would be awsome :yes:
soft woodland fauna would look bits of bushes and hedge and then bits of wood chips.
Ive seen the wood chip thing done before and ive got tons of lichen for hedges.I t would also make a nice contrast to the blue, but im not sure how to do the woodchip thing on the bases.Help would be appreciated.

Ive experimented with the woodland bases and I can get the woodchip bit done alright but my lichen looks boring and repetitive with no variety in the look of the plants . Can anyone recommend a something to represent small undergrowth plants etc without having to use lichen all the time?
A pal used a spice named oregano ta make fallen leaves or something like that for his Wood Elves... Might be worth a shot.
Sounds like a good idea.I asume that it wasnt the fresh type he used, but dried.Il have to try that one out.
Yeah, I guess they were drie. Don't remeber, was a while I last saw 'em :rolleyes:
Da Mighty Camel said:
A pal used a spice named oregano ta make fallen leaves
Sounds pretty damn tasty
Id walk into a room and open my box then everyone would turn round and go "Whats that smell?Gimme some!"
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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