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Battle for Aurora Prime
Warhammer 40k Campaign Fluff

System Fluff


Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum

Sector: Zeist

Sub-sector: Gannos

System: Aurora

Planets: Aurora Prime-Settled planet-Hospitable atmosphere-Trade centre.

Outer Planets: Aurora Secondus-Rock-Inhospitable atmosphere-Storage and
Valour 12/3XD- Iceball, no atmosphere

Satellites: Aurora Prime-1
Aurora Secondus-0
Valour 12/3XD-2

Asteroids: 45/67XXBehemoth- Massive asteroid trapped in the Aurora system stars’
gravitational field.

Comets: None known

Aurora Prime
Aurora Prime is a heavily urbanised (though non-hive) world that serves as a central hub for trade and administration of a number of systems in the Gannos sub-sector.

Size: Equatorial circumference: 40,100.09 km

Population: 4.5 billion [approx]

Climate Classification: Temperate- Standard.

Surface Temperature: Max: 59C Min: -90C Mean: 13C

Tropospheric Composition: 76.2% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 1% Argon 0.037% Carbon Dioxide 1% water vapour depending on climate

Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius.

Geographical summary: Aurora Prime has two main continents Akos and Carag. Akos stretches from one polar cap to the other. It is the most heavily populated of the continents and has four of the planets five major urban areas situated on it. The continent is bisected roughly half way by a huge mountain range known as the Golvidis heights. The sheer scale of this region has puzzled geologists.

Carag is a smaller continent situated around the equator of Aurora Prime. It is not one single land mass but is rather a massive archipelago. Over 80% of Carag is thick jungle with only a single urban centre.

Flora: Varied, see biologos report ref: [55BL/AURORA**//43]

Fauna: Varied, see biologos report ref: [75BL/AURORA**//31]

Economy: Aurora Prime serves as glorified trading post for a number of isolated worlds in the Gannos Sector. Many years ago the Aurora Combine, a powerful syndicate of guilds, corporations and rouge traders situated on Aurora were able to seize control of the main trade routes in the Gannos sub sector. They became responsible for numerous supply and production contracts with the Adeptus Administratum from planets many hundreds of light years away.

As a result it became convenient for the Administratum to leave the initial collection of tithes to the Aurora Combine who would bring the produce together, catalogue it and store it on Aurora Secondus and then have it collected by the Adeptus Administratum. Any surplus could then be sold to the highest bidder across the sub-sector

Society: Aurora Prime is a divided society. It is nominally governed by the Executive of the Aurora Combine elected by the Aurora Combine Directorate once every 70 years in a complicated and incredibly clandestine manner. However pre-Aurora Combine the planet was rules by the Hythun Dynasty an extremely authoritarian ethnocratic regime. Although a shadow of their former glory the Hythun Dynasty still holds sway over vast numbers of indentured workers and has the tacit support of the Ecclesiarchy on Aurora Prime. They are based primarily on Carag.

There is a substantial population of Ogryns and other less stable mutants amongst the labour corps. These workers are confined to Akos under pain of death by the ethnocratic Hythun’s.

There is a transitory population of pilgrims visiting the Cathedral of the Blessed Flame located on Carag. Numbers vary between 10 and 15 million at any one time.

Military: During the build up to the Zeist campaign the Departmento Munitorum saw fit to designate Aurora Prime a reserve world to hold Imperial Guard regiments ready to respond to any Tau offensive.
As a result by 999M41 the following Imperial guard regiments were stationed on Aurora Prime
Cadian 43rd
Cadian 428th
Catachan 91st
Aurora 17th
Aurora 22nd Artillery Regiment
Krieg 712th

The Imperial Navy also had a presence in the Aurora system with a number of vessels on permanent standby in the orbital space docks.

The Emperors Wisdom-Gothic class cruiser
The Light of Faith-Gothic class cruiser

The Temple squadron-4 Cobra class destroyers

C/XX squadron- 3 Defence Monitors
B/VV squadron- 4 Defence Monitors

In addition Aurora Prime also has no less than 6 PDF regiments and numerous private security forces controlled by the Aurora Combine and the Hythun ethnocrats.

There is also a large presence of Adepta Sororitas based around the Cathedral of the Blessed Flame on Carag

Principle Exports: Mineral commodities, foodstuffs, luxury items, human product, men.

Principle Imports: Mineral commodities, foodstuffs, mining equipment, luxury items, weapons, fuel.

Food Supply: Aurora Prime supplies 35% of its own food the rest is supplied from off world sources.

Urbanisation: Five main urban areas
Akos Prime-population 220 million-Akos
Hythun Prime-population 120 million-Carag
Aurora City-population 100 million-Capital City-Akos
Wrexmaul-population 90 million-Akos
Tournmal-population 42 million-Akos (Golvidis heights)

Rest of the population scattered across Akos and Carag in numerous cities none over the size of 20 million.

Known History: Aurora Prime was settled in M28 and is recorded as becoming compliant with the Imperium during the Great Crusade with no bloodshed. For the next 10,000 years the planet avoided most of the major conflicts that have plagued the Imperium. In M35 a series of Ork pirate raids required the assistance of the Angels of Absolution Adeptus Astartes Chapter. Since then Ork raiders have been something of a problem for the shipping lanes around the Aurora system. In M38 the Hythun dynasty was deposed in a bloody civil war that lasted for nearly 30 years. By the time the Adeptus Administratum had become aware of these events the Aurora combine was already in control of the planet. The Administratum was happy to let the new governors rule the planet as long as they delivered on their tithe obligations. The Aurora Combine delivered, and then some. By M39 they had control over the production of several agri-worlds and at least one hive world in surrounding systems. As a result Aurora Prime quickly grew in importance and influence.

In M40 the population of Aurora Prime experienced near planet wide panic as numerous strange lights were seen in the sky and dozens of flaming shapes were seen falling to the ground. Nothing more came of this despite two quite public enquiries by the Ordo Xenos.

In M41 there were fears that the aggressive expansion of the Tau empire would lead Aurora Prime into direct conflict with the alien invaders however the successful prosecution of the Zeist campaign averted this threat.

Aurora Secondus
Aurora Secondus is a storage world consisting of numerous underground warehouses and administration facilities.

Size: Equatorial circumference: 37,760.45 km

Population: 8 million [including 3 million vat grown grade II servitors]

Climate Classification: None: Rock planet with minimal atmosphere.

Surface Temperature: Max 44K Min 33K Mean 55K

Tropospheric Composition: Nitrogen and Methane

Tithe Grade Aptus Non. Not applicable as its tithe obligations are linked to Aurora Prime.

Geographical summary: A rocky planet with minimal atmosphere and virtually no mountain ranges but stable tectonic plates, Aurora Secondus is the perfect site for the hundreds of underground storage units that honey comb the planets core.

Flora: None native, though note introduced flora; [54/**BLAURORAS/45]

Fauna: None native, though note introduced fauna; [54/**BLAURORAS/45]

Economy: None all imports and exports are regulated through the Aurora Combine on behalf of the Adeptus Administratum.

Society: Aurora Secondus has its own governor which is a member of the Aurora Combine directorate. The position is generally held for life.
Apart from a small number of the governors’ personal household most of the rest of the population are drone workers and servitors. There is a small PDF force garrisoned on Aurora Secondus.

Principle Exports: None per/say. All Exports are organised by Aurora Prime.

Principle Imports: Food stuffs mining equipment, environmental protection equipment, mineral commodities, manufactured goods.

Food Supply: 95% food supply is from off world, 40% Aurora Prime 55% Outside system 5% grown on Aurora Secondus

Urbanisation: No major cities however there is a large underground hab facility where the governor is based.
Designated Habzone Alpha 55/X-population .5 million.

Known History: Aurora Secondus has served as a storage facility for trade since early M37. Rumour has it that it was the vast amount of excess capacity that led to the Aurora Combine formulating their plan to expand their influence first on Aurora Prime and then across the sub-sector.

Since M39 it has suffered no less than 12 major Ork raids all of which have been repulsed. However the last two attacks have led to a number of small ork tribes establishing a foothold in a number of abandoned storage facilities around the polar regions of the planet.

At present the threat posed by these xenos is considered minimal.

More worrying is the disappearance of large swathes of the population in recent months. Starting about two years ago a number of habzones have seen significant numbers of workers and servitors disappear without a trace. Recently habzone Beta/CVF6 saw no less than 400 workers disappear in the space of 3 hours with no sign as to their fate.

Battle for Aurora Prime

Some do not care, some forget and some are too young to remember. But we care, we remember, and we stand watch. We know our ward and we will die defending it.
Eldar Autarch Jyuna Krien

Plot Summary

It would appear to most that the Aurora system is a relatively peaceful area of the Imperium troubled by little more than the occasional attack by Ork raiders. However events have been set in motion nearly twenty thousand years ago that will lead to the system being engulfed in war, as numerous factions attempt to wrest control of the system. The Battle for Aurora Prime is about to begin.

Ancient History

Aurora Prime is the site of a massive Necron Tomb. Nearly three quarters of the landmass beyond the Golvidis heights in northern Akos has subterranean tunnels and caverns concealing a vast Necron army. Rank upon rank of Necron warriors stand in a myriad of phalanxes ready for their masters call. [ships] are primed but dormant. If the full might of this tomb was to be unleashed then Aurora Prime would perish. It is perhaps fortunate then that the citizens of Aurora Prime have no idea the manner of inhabitants they share their world with.

There are some though who do know. Some 15,000 years ago, before the Fall of the their empire the Eldar discovered the Tomb World. An assembled council of Farseers saw that Aurora Prime had two distinct fates. Either it would remain dormant until the star at the centre of the system burned out and went super nova. In this strand of fate the Tomb World would be given over to a final more permanent death. Or as was seen to be the more likely destiny the Tomb would be eventually re-opened and the Necrons would spill out into the Galaxy once more.

The Eldar knew two things. First the Necrons would use Aurora Prime for a staging point for a Sector wide invasion. Secondly the coming of the Great Devourer would be the greatest threat the Galaxy ever faced. As much as the Eldar despised the upstart humans they knew their defences needed to hold. A Necron threat of this magnitude would leave the way open for the Great Devourer to break through.

The Eldar set a series of both psychic and physical wards around the Tomb and resolved that no matter how long their vigil might take the Tomb would never be re-opened.

The Eye of Chaos

The Eldar are not the only faction in the Galaxy with an interest in the Necron Tomb on Aurora Prime. The sorcerer Khalimani of the Thousand Sons has long coveted ancient xenos technology as a path to power and true immortality. Khalimani learnt of the Tomb World several centuries ago and has been plotting to plunder its secrets for himself. More than this however, he has been charged by Abbaddon the Great Despoiler himself, to sow discord amongst the Imperium.

When Abbaddon’s next hammer blow falls on the Imperium they will be facing so many more threats he will march to Terra virtually unopposed.

Khalimani has prepared Aurora Prime for his arrival. For several generations Khalimani has nurtured a number of Chaos cults amongst the families of the Hythun ethnocrats on Carag so that the entire continent is now rife with corruption and potential allies.

The Tau Connection

The Zeist sector has long been coveted by the Tau Empire. Ever eager to expand the Tau sent out delegates to meet with Imperial governors in secret to discuss negotiating and even joining the Tau Empire.

On Aurora Secondus the governor was more than willing to trade a share of the massive stores accumulated there in exchange for a hefty price from the Tau negotiators.

Over time the trade links with Aurora Secondus became of increased significance for the Tau Empire as a steady supply of food used to support the desired levels of expansion. When the Zeist expansion began in 997M41 a small discreet force of Tau led by Commander Or’es Mal‘caor was sent to Aurora Secondus to ensure the continued supply of goods and ensure compliance from the governor.

It was not just Imperial interference that the Tau were worried about. The clandestine nature of the Aurora Secondus supply lines to the Tau Empire meant that the shipping convoys were small and relatively unprotected. An easy target for the increased Ork raiders in the Gannos sub-sector.

Recent Developments

The peaceful existence of Aurora Prime was shaken in 995M41 when the frontier people of northern Akos reported a number of strange craft enter the atmosphere. At the same time the ‘Majestic Light’ Aurora Primes space station reported strange energy signatures coming from the same area. When contact was lost with one of the isolated settlements in Northern Akos a small PDF force was sent to investigate. They found the inhabitants of the town butchered with no survivors. Seemingly caught in a fire fight between two unknown adversaries. Signs of weapons of unknown xenos origin were discovered and also, worryingly, the weapons of Astartes.

Another similar incident occurred in 996M41 though this time more light was shed on the matter when an eldar body was discovered. Within a few months of this discovery agents of the Ordo Xenos made themselves known to the Aurora Combine and took over control of the investigation. The nature of the mysterious Astartes however was not ascertained.

The Zeist Campaign

In 997M41a massive campaign of aggressive expansion was unleashed by the Tau against the Imperium into the Zeist sector. On Aurora Prime however the Aurora Combine had their own more immediate worries. The continued and aggressive presence of the eldar had been confirmed though who or what their exact target was, remained unknown. While the xenos attackers had no compunction in slaughtering Imperial citizens such atrocities seemed to be no more than collateral damage in a war against the elusive Astartes. By this time members of the Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus had all but completly commandeered Imperial forces on Aurora Prime, particularly those stationed in Akos.

In late 998M41 a squad of Thousand Sons was spotted attempting to outflank an eldar raiding party. The news that Chaos space marines were present on Aurora Prime, a planet vital to the continued supply of worlds across the Gannos sub sector, sent shock waves through the Adeptus Administratum and Inquisition. All available PDF and Imperial Guard regiments on Akos as well as the Aurora Combines’ personal security forces were poured into Northern Akos in an attempt to root out and destroy this threat.

War in Golvidis

As the Imperial force crossed over the Golvidis heights, the massive mountain range that separated Northern Akos from the rest of the continent, they were ambushed by a force of Chaos space marines of in unexpectedly high numbers. Not just Thousand Sons but Iron Warriors, World Eaters and Alpha Marines assaulted the Imperial Guard army which was quickly overwhelmed.

The Imperial authorities on Aurora Prime were shaken by this turn of events and the few remaining units took up defensive positions south of the Golvidis heights.

Even as a message was sent out for reinforcements the main thrust of the eldar attack arrived. A dozen vessels dropped out of the Web Way and struck at Aurora Primes orbital defence network. Within a few short hours the ‘Majestic Light’ was reduced to a shattered hulk orbiting the planet. Half a day later more eldar vessels arrived and began making planet fall onto Northern Akos.

Chaos Unleashed

Seemingly in response to the eldar five renegade ships entered the Aurora system and launched an orbital assault, again towards Northern Akos.

At the same time the secret cults and sects that were positioned amongst the ethnocrats of the Hythun Dynasty rose up in bloody revolt and over threw the Imperial authorities on Carag, the second continent of Aurora Prime. Foul warp entities and hideous mutants and spawn stalked the jungles of Carag.

Across the planet malcontents and rebels attempted to wrest control from the Imperium.

The Hunters Strike

As Eldar and Chaos did battle in northern Akos, the Tau became worried that their investment in Aurora Secondus was in peril. Twenty full Hunter Cadres, were dispatched to secure the storage planet. Making the perilous trip across Imperial space the Tau force arrived in early 999M41. Upon arriving on Aurora Secondus they declared the planet part of the Tau Empire. A vicious war began between those elements of the PDF loyal to the Imperium and the xenos aggressors.

Meanwhile on Aurora Prime a wholly different type of predator emerged to make a claim on the planet. From the jungles of Carag, a swarm of Tyranids swept forward to assault the Hythun ethnocrats who believed themselves to be the masters of that continent.

The product of centuries old spores deposited by the very tip of a much larger splinter fleet these xenos had lain dormant slowly changing, growing and evolving. Awoken by the psychic resonance of the conflict going on all around them their only purpose was to consume and attract the attention of the main Hive Fleet.

The Angels of Death

It would take the Departmento Munitorum many months, perhaps years to properly respond to the threat on Aurora Prime. By that time the war might already be fought and the planet lost. The Adeptus Astartes however could respond much quicker.

Learning of the presence of the vile traitor Legions and xenos that defiled an Imperial world Pedro Kantor, Master of the Crimson Fists Chapter, vowed to personally rid the system of their filth. Raising a force of no less than three full battle companies he declared a crusade against the enemies of the Imperium that would dare invade Aurora Prime. He sent out a statement of intent to all available Astartes forces and urged them to fight alongside him.

A number of Chapters responded immediately so that when in late 999M41 the Marine crusade dropped into orbit around Aurora Prime it consisted of Marines of the Crimson Fists, the Blood Angels the Ultramarines, Black Templars the Golden Swords, the Blazing Hammers and the Red Tigers.

The Dead Awaken

As the first Astartes drop pods fell to the surface of Aurora Prime the great wards that contained the slumbering threat were broken. Great gates of black iron slid apart and a phalanx of immortal warriors strode forth. The Necrons had arisen……

The Battle for Aurora Prime

The battle lines had been drawn and the rival factions were in position, the Battle for Aurora Prime was ready to begin in earnest.

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Territorial Fluff​

Aurora Prime


Akos Prime-population 220 million-Akos

“A man could wonder the streets and boulevards of Akos Prime for a year and not walk the same path twice“
A travellers memoirs on Aurora Prime by Gustavus Frelth.

Akos Prime is the principal trading city in the Aurora System and indeed in the Gannos sub-sector. From half a hundred worlds merchants, bankers, agents, dealers and rouge traders exchange a massive variety of goods and services for dizzying amounts of money. Billions of Imperial Guilders exchange hands every minute. The Aurora Combine watches the revenue flow carefully and of course takes its own percentage of any profits.

While the sub-sector commodity market is Akos Primes’ main source of income, the city itself produces a variety of goods and there are literally thousands of more traditional markets lining the streets of Akos Prime. It is no surprise then that in such a fast paced urban sprawl there will be winners and losers. While the wealthy and influential can buy luxurious mansions and apartments in the best hab-precincts, the poor struggle to meet the basic cost of living.
Millions flock to Akos Prime every year to make their fortune and even find a place on the lowest rungs of the Aurora Combine but most end up destitute. Working for ruthless industrialists or worse, sold as human product to the numerous slavers that ply their trade in the city.

It is no surprise then that there are many in Akos Prime, hidden amongst the teeming crowds who are discontent with their lot in life. They yearn for change. Some for noble ideals, freedom, equality, and security. Others have more venal desires and are driven by a simple lust for power or revenge against their former masters. Whatever their motives it is these malcontents that the Ordo Hereticus and the Adeptus Arbites must keep a careful watch on.

Aurora City-population 100 million-Capital City-Akos

“Our armies have been shattered and the once proud regiments of the Guard lie in ruins. Now we must look to the people of Aurora Prime for our defence. We stand on the brink and it is their resolve that will hold us steady”
Inquisitor Lord Claudius Von Striken, Castilian of Drake-Spire, Ordo Xenos, addressing the Imperial High Command, Aurora System.

Aurora City is the capital city of Aurora Prime and the seat of the ‘Aurora Combine’ the governing body of the Aurora system. It also houses the main representatives from the Adeptus Terra. As a result while Aurora City is not of the same scale or grandeur of Akos Prime it is an important location in the Aurora system.

What marks Aurora City out as particularly noteworthy are the three needle like towers of Drake-Spire that dominates the city skyline. Built in the early years of M40, Drake-Spire is an Inquisitorial fortress and the nerve centre for Ordo Xenos investigations across the Zeist Sector. While it is unusual for the Inquisition to be so public in its dealings, its founder Inquisitor Lord Kriymen was a firm believer that ‘an ounce of Intimidation was worth a pound of Investigation’. From this fortress, Ordo Xenos investigation teams have learnt much about the modus operandi of Ork and Dark Eldar raids in the sector. More recently the present Castilian of Drake-Spire, Inquisitor Lord Claudius Von Striken has been particularly interested to learn how the Tau have been so successful in infiltrating and annexing Imperial planets. From the frontier worlds in the Timbra sub-sector, through to planets more further a field such as Tarros, Ordo Xenos agents report back to the Aurora system to explain their findings..

Drake-Spire also accommodates a small number of Ordo Famulous inquisitors who continue to research and document the gene-preservation and modification methods of the Hythun Dynasty,

When the Imperial offensive against the Chaos Marine raiders in Northern Akos failed the Imperial Guard forces fell back to Akos City, where they regrouped. Since then large portions of the general population of Akos City and the surrounding area have been conscripted into the service of the Guard. Expecting the worse the Imperial forces have been strengthening the fortifications of Akos city and expect a full counter attack by the forces of Chaos.

There are rumours amongst the regional governors of Akos Prime that the Aurora Combine, and indeed the Imperial High Command, are no longer in control of the planet and are mere puppets to the Ordo Xenos.

Golvidis Heights

“The easiest route? The easiest route takes you past razor sharp rocks, avalanche zones and boulder dragon nests. Then when you’ll have reached the foot of Canathrax fortress. I hope you remembered to bring scaling equipment“.
Lieutenant Otton Krauf, Aurora 17th, Ranger platoon

The Golvidis Heights is a mountain range that stretches from the West coast of Akos, across the continent to the East. It forms a natural defensive barrier between North and South Akos.

The Golvidis Heights are something of a geological mystery and the Magos-Geologica that have investigated the region are unsure as to how the mountain range was exactly formed as it does not seem consistent with the projected history of the Akos tectonic plate.

In addition over 60% of Golvidis is formed from ‘Majestic Granite’ a hyper-dense form of stone, previously believed to be exceedingly rare.

The original settlers of Aurora Prime clearly recognised the value of the area for defence and over the millennia a network of bastions, fortresses, bunker complexes and trench systems have been built into the mountains themselves. Indeed the ‘Star Sword’ laser batteries that are situated at the centre of the Heights are immensely ancient, certainly
predating the Imperium. These devastating weapons of war are lovingly cared for and kept operational by a brotherhood of Adeptus Mechnaicus Tech-Priests. The ‘Star Swords’ proved their worth during the recent space battle, where the Eldar invaders attacked Aurora Primes’ orbital defences. The laser batteries brought down two Eldar Aconite Class Frigates.

It is a brave or foolhardy general that orders an attack against defenders dug into the Golvidis Heights. Many of the most obvious paths stray close to avalanche zones that can be brought down by sonic weaponry or even simple blasting charges. Entire foothill areas are booby trapped and pillboxes and gun turrets are positioned to funnel attackers into death traps.

The Golvidis heights are also home to fearsome predators from the ‘grey locusts’ which can chew through an environment suit in a few minutes, to the giant Boulder Dragons. Fiendishly cunning and lightening quick, these predators that will emerge from their hidden nests to devour entire groups of unwary travellers. Over the years the hunting grounds of these animals have been integrated into the defences, such that false trails will lead would be attackers directly into territory of the largest dragons, the most vociferous locust swarms or a host of other aggressive life forms.

It was therefore natural that the Imperial forces have relied on the defenders of the Golvidis Heights, primarily the Cadian 42nd Krieg 712th, Aurora 22nd Artillery Regiment and the Aurora 6th PDF force, to hold off any Chaos Marine advances into southern Akos. So far they have been successful.

Tournmal: population 42 million-Akos (Golvidis heights)

“Tournmal isn’t so much a fortress as a mountain with guns. I am just glad that I was stationed on top of it“.
Captain Janus Torg; Aurora 22nd Artillery Regiment

At the heart of the Golvidis defensive network is Tournmal, a vast citadel that has been dug into ‘Hydra Peak’, the largest of the mountains in Golvidis. Two of the Star Swords, ancient but incredibly powerful defence lasers, are housed in Tournmal. Under the mountains a web of underground canals and roads link each of the fortresses in the Golvidis Heights and the Tournmal Command Centre co-ordinates this network. All under the leadership of Lord Samson Tyson, Colonel Commander of the 43rd Cadian Regiment, Warden of the Golvidis Heights and Lord Marshall of the 2nd Aurora Army.

As well as being an important nerve centre for Imperial defences on Aurora Prime, the city also serves an important industrial purpose. The teeming millions that live in Tournmal toil day and night to extract and process ‘Majestic Granite’. A substance which is rarely encountered anywhere else in the Galaxy the dense rock is the perfect starting point for the foundations of fortifications. Since the recent Tau aggressions, ‘Majestic Granite’ has been much in demand across the Zeist sector.

Akos East Coast-includes Wrexmaul.population 90 million

“If Akos Prime is the continents heart and Aurora City is its soul then the East coast is the main artery. Water and gas are the life force that sustains Aurora Prime. The East Coast is the delivery system”
Lord Nymthorn Drike of the 2nd Prefecture of the Aurora Combine.

On any world in the Imperium where there is a high urban population there are always two constants. Cities will need water and they will need fuel. On Aurora Prime it is the East Coast that provide for these needs. There are massive natural gas reserves located under ocean floor on Aurora Prime and dozens of refineries process this supply of gas to provide fuel for the urban centres o nthe planet. Meanwhile from the Southern polar regions a constant supply of fresh water makes its way up the continent through huge pipelines that are siphoned off towards, Akos Prime, Aurora City and other urban areas.

Wrexmaul is a large industrial city that boasts over half the gas refineries of the East Coast and also the few desalination plants that pump additional water from the ocean.

Wrexmaul is also has a combined sea and star port that ferries goods to and from Aurora Secondus and across to Carag.

Akos Tomb


In the Northern regions of Aurora Prime stretching up into the polar ice caps lie a series of ruined Imperial defence fortifications. Long ago the governors of Aurora Prime built these in case of a orbital attack. However over the years misfortune and madness struck at every regiment that was ever stationed in this area. Men reported seeing strange figures wondering the icy tundra and experiencing horrifying nightmares. Weapons and equipment consistently malfunctioned and at least one regiment was struck down with a mysterious wasting illness, similar to radiation sickness.

Eventually the defences were abandoned the mystery of the Northern territories left undiscovered.

The truth of the matter is that the eldar wards were doing their job in fending off intruders and explorers that might disturb the Necron Tomb that under the area.

Deep under the surface of Northern Aurora Prime lies a vast complex of corridors, and great chambers housing a Necron army of unprecedented size.

There are a few entrances to this tomb that dot the surface of the polar regions but most of these are protected by powerful psychic blocks set by the eldar. A few of these wards have deteriorated over time however. These sites have been investigated by the Ordo Xenos who have guessed that aurora Prime is a Necron Tomb World but have not yet fathomed the true scale of the threat that lies slumbering beneath the surface.

Eldar Webway Gate

“We shall come from the ground. We shall fill the sky and ride on the air. Existence itself will part to hail our arrival“.
Eldar Autarch Jyuna Krien

Across Northern Akos are standing stones of a blue stone, the origin of which the Imperium has never been able to ascertain. Carved into them are runes of unimaginable beauty and grace that have a hypnotic effect on anyone foolish enough to stare at them for too long. These standing stones are placed on psychic node points and at significant junctures in the ley lines that crisscross Northern Akos. They form the heart of the wards that the Eldar placed to contain the Necrons and ensure they never again waken.

As well as placing powerful psychic wards across Northern Akos the Eldar have embedded gateways into the very fabric of Aurora Primes warp echo. These Gateways can be activated to allow a bridge to be formed stretching across the web way to a number of different Craftworlds. The eldar always knew that eventually they may have to deal with the threat of intruders on Aurora Prime or even the Necrons themselves. For ten millennia they were happy to simply divert Imperial attentions away from the Necron Tomb. But now the forces of Chaos present a far graver threat.

The eldar Gateways cannot be used lightly for not only do they require a great deal of power to activate but just as the eldar may cross from their Craftworld to Aurora Prime so too could a cunning foe strike into the heart of the Eldar Craftworlds.

Northern Akos Frontier

“It is my belief that the strange substances found beneath the surface of Northern Akos and the upper atmospheric phenomena that has caused the consistent interference with orbital monitoring stations are linked. And furthermore are of xenos origin“.
Magos Truckloi to the Council of Syrakan.

Northern Akos is a barren, desolate place. Little grows there of any worth. Dry scrub gives way to tundra and soo enough a traveller will have reached the polar icecaps.

There are few willing or able to live and indeed thrive in such an environment and the townships in Northern Akos are few and far between. The people of Northern Akos have never integrated with the rest of the planet and have little regard for the Aurora Combine. As a result the region has gained something of a reputation for breeding dissidents and recidivists. This has some truth to it as in the Northern frontier many a political exile has been able to find a new life as the leader of a small town. And who knows how many settlements away from the watchful eye of the Imperium harbour dark secrets and heretical cults.

The barren nature of the Northern frontier has been attributed to many different causes. Superstition says that when Roboute Guilliman brought the world into the Imperium during the Great Crusade that the previous ruler fled to the Northern frontier and cursed his former people for betraying him. In more recent times the Adeptus Mechancus has postulated tha the atmospheric anomalies that regularly take place above the Northern frontier may lead to the lack of plant growth in the region.

Whatever the reason the Northern frontier is the perfect place for enemies of the Imperium to launch an attack onto Aurora Prime.


Hythun Prime-Population: 120 million Location; Carag

“The genetic structure of the Hythun Dynasty is an example to us all. The perfection of the human form is a privilege that once achieved must be preserved“.
Inquistor Lord Castor Vrol, Ordo Famulous

Hythun Prime is home to the Hythun dynasty. In M32 the Hythun dynasty was accused by political rivals of heresy specifically producing mutant offspring. The Ordo Famulous, the branch of the Inquisition charged with investigating cases of genetic deviancy and mutation within influential Imperial houses looked into the matter. The results were astonishing. The acceptable rate of genetic deviation within a given family is one in 30,000. The Hythun Family recorded a result of less than one in ten million,

Such purity of genetic material could not go to waste and the head of the Hythun Family was immediately appointed as System Governor of Aurora.

Hythun Prime became the capital of the now ethnocratic dynasty. Surrounded by imposing adamantium walls the city is a bastion of the ‘Cult of Humanity‘. Numerous chapels and shrines are scattered amongst the city in dedication to the human races’ pursuit of genetic purity.

Only those who meet the exacting standards of the Hythun dynasty genetic tests are allowed through the city gates or to live within its walls. All others are forced out into the forbidding Carag jungle to eke out whatever existence they see fit.

Two imposing features dominate the skyline of Hythun Prime; The Temple of Purity and the Cathedral of the Blessed Flame.

The Temple of Purity is a massive ziggurat rising 300 meters into the sky. On top of the stepped structure is the Gene-Shrine, a vast genetic bank holding the genetic codes for the entire Hythun dynasty and their most important aides, servants and slaves. At the very centre of the shrine is an ancient computer dating back to before the Great Crusade. A relic of the Dark Age of Technology this computer is used to match the genetic profiles of men and woman to determine the perfect offspring.

Inside the heart of the Temple of Purity are cloning and artificial insemination facilities. These are used to periodically update the genetic purity of the Hythun Dynasty by producing a new batch of family members

Rumour has it that the stony faced guards that patrol the walls of Hythun Prime are in fact gene-enhanced warriors created in bio-facilities in the Temple of Purity.

Whatever the truth of the matter none can doubt that the Hythun Dynasty seems to have mastered the art of genetic preservation and reproduction. So much so that at least twice in the Dynasty’s 8 thousand year history, Bio-Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicum have consulted with the Hierophants that keep the secrets housed in the Temple and discussed methods of preserving genetic material in the most optimum way possible. It is perhaps no co-incidence that both these occasions occurred just before a new founding of Adeptus Astartes.

Cathedral Of the Blessed Flame

And thus did the foul xenos try to defile Blessed St Josephine by casting her into the
But Lo!
Josephine stepped forth from the inferno they had set.
And by the grace of the Emperor she was unharmed.
The xenos were greatly dismayed and could not stay her wrath.
From the Holy Book Of Zeist: Chapter: XXII Verse: IV

The other great sight to behold in Hythun Prime is the Cathedral of the Blessed Flame. The Cathedral is the centre of the Gannos diocese and the seat of Cardinal Tutaka Mazola
Built over seven thousand years ago on the site where St Josephine of Zeist was martyred by Dark Eldar pirates the Cathedral is nearly as old as the Temple of Purity. However whereas the Temple is one large structure with a few smaller buildings at its base the Cathedral is part of a much wider complex. Hundreds of shrines, churches temples and chapels lie in the Cathedrals massive shadow. In addition there are at least a dozen libraries and sleeping quarters for the thousands of priests deacons confessors and novices that attend the Cathedral. There are also quarters for the millions of the travelling pilgrims that come to Aurora Prime to visit the holy site.

In addition there is a large fortress convent situated inside the Cathedral grounds. Home to the Sisters of the Blessed Flame, these members of the Adeptus Soritas answer only to the Cardinal himself.

Most of the travelling pilgrims that come to Hythun Prime to see the Cathedral would not pass the rigorous genetic tests and so would not be allowed to enter the city. However the Cathedral and its surrounds are technically sovereign ground and so pilgrims are ferried in over the city to avoid the need for their impurity to taint the streets of Hythun Prime. As a result the sky around the Cathedral is thick with air-skiffs and other methods of carrying the never ending tide of pilgrims. .

Carag Jungle

“Me ma said the jungle wasn’t so bad. She said there was good huntin to be found there. She left at dawn. Hasn’t been back since. That was oh? 20 years ago”.
Voran Rospike, menial worker.

The jungles that cover the archipelago of Carag are home to the outcasts of Hythun Prime. Those who have been exiled for the birth crime of genetic deviancy, reproducing with another of unsuitable genetic material or some other transgression against the ethnocratic customs of the Hythun dynasty.

Invariably many of the inhabitants of the jungles are mutants. The strongest of these form war bands which are the terror of the small shanty towns and homesteads which struggle to survive in the harsh environment.

Even the most fearsome mutant war bands do not travel to far into the jungle though. In the dark festering heart of the Carag wilderness live fearsome predators capable of hunting down all but the most heavily armed of travellers.

For the most part the authorities on Aurora Prime leave the inhabitants of the Jungles to themselves. However recent reports have indicated that there are stirrings in the jungle. Terrifying insectoid creatures have been spotted and great swathes of jungle that were previously inhabitable, if not entirely safe, are now considered utterly hostile.

The events in Northern Akos however have prevented Imperial authorities from launching a full investigation.

Aurora Secondus

Alpha 55/X Habzone

“Aurora Secondus is ours by the right of negotiation. Aurora Prime will be ours by the right of conquest. We claim these rights for the Greater Good“.
Tau Commander Or’es Mal‘caor .

Alpha 55/X is the largest habzone on Aurora Secondus and the heart of the planets government.
Unlike most of the rest of the planet its inhabitants are not by and large menial workers or servitors but are mainly administrative officials or members of the Aurora Combine. The Habzone is also where two of the four PDF regiments on Aurora Secondus are stationed.

Unknown to most of those on Aurora Secondus there is also a sizeable contingent of Tau in Apha 55/X. These xenos ‘delegates’ are led by Commander Or’es Mal’caor and are the power behind the throne on Aurora Secondus, dictating policy to the planetry govenor and ensuring that the sufficient levels of supplies gets diverted to the Tau Empire. For the ‘Greater Good’ of course.

Beta/CVF6 Habzone

“With all due respect milord but the workers didn’t go missing from the Beta Habzone. Tools go missing, spare parts go missing. Missing things turn up again. The workers of Beta/CVF6 vanished.”
Reported excerpt of a frank exchange between Jochieff Hallsan, Chief Overseer of Beta/CVF6 Habzone and the planetary governor of Aurora Secondus.

Beta/CVF6 is one of the larger habzones on Aurora Secondus. Its official designation is Beta/CVF6//AURORA SECONDUS HABZONE: REF WORKERS SECOND/THIRD CLASS:DRIED VEGTABLE MATTER AND PROCESSED SUCROSE//EXM40.

The workers who inhabit Beta/CVF6 live a life of servitude, living and dying in the subterranean halls of Aurora Secondus. Most will never see the star their world orbits let alone the blue skies of Aurora Prime. Their life of packing and cataloguing the thousands of tons worth of foodstuffs that arrive for storage in Aurora Secondus is everything.

Recently dozens of workers have been going missing in the habzone, vanishing without a trace. The PDF units stationed on Aurora Secondus have not been able to find any trace of intruders and the overseers of the habzone are at a loss to explain the mystery. What is known is that discontent is brewing amongst the workers. Caught between the stresses of 19 hour shifts and the unknown terror that stalks the halls, the menial workers of Beta/CVF6 are close to boiling point.


Shipping Lanes.

“Abbaddon says he wants the Galaxy to burn. Fine. Now we need to find something suitably flammable“.
Brother Sergeant Rothio of the Alpha Legion .

The key to Aurora Primes influence has always been its position as a hub of trade in the Gannos sub-sector. This would not be possible if not for the shipping lanes used by charted merchant vessels and guild-ships. Sponsored by the Adeptus Administratum these ships run the long freight voyages across the sub-sector delivering their precious cargoes of food, ore, and other essential supplies to dozens of worlds of all types and descriptions.

Yet just as this flow of trade is Aurora Primes great strength so too is it its weakness. For at a dozen different points can raiders, pirates, renegades and rivals strike to disrupt this trade. From the storage facilities on Aurora Secondus through to the agri worlds that supply Aurora Prime such as Bantol IV and the final destinations like the orbital docks of Kikon Per’yl, the trade routes of Aurora Prime can be attacked. These attacks cost trade and trade is power to the Directorate of the Aurora Combine. And like all forms of Power it must be protected.

Asteroid Fields

“Nevva tell me da oddz”
Ork pirate captain on being told his chances of surviving by trying to evade an Imperial cruiser in an asteroid field.

The asteroid fields in the Aurora system have never properly chartered. It is known however that since M37 they have harboured several separate pirate factions. The most numerous of these by far are ork pirates. However in early M41 defence monitor B/VV/K did report sighting the wreckage of an unusual xenos vessel which was later identified as a Dark Eldar escort ship.

It is rare for these pirates to attack Aurora Prime or Aurora Secondus directly, though incidents of outright aggression are not completely unknown. More commonly pirates squadrons strike out from their hidden outposts to hit trade vessels before they make the jump to warp space.

A worrying development is the sighting of ork ships around the asteroid 45/67XXBehemoth which orbits’ the Aurora systems’ star and passes close to Aurora Prime. If orks have been able to inhabit ‘Behemoth’ then they will be in a position to get close enough to bypass any orbital defences and strike directly at the planets surface. Worse still, they will have a good supply of ‘ammunition’ to send hurtling to the planets’ population.

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End of Week One Fluff

A System at War.​

Across the Aurora System war has broken out threatening to consume the region utterly. Within a few days of the Adeptus Astartes arriving, battle fleets from both the Eldar and Chaos factions arrived to contest the Space Marines naval dominance.

War in the North.

The fiercest fighting has been seen in the Northern Akos Frontier. Here the dark alliance of Chaos Legions have made a fractured alliance with the numerous malcontents and recidivists which inhabit the hostile area. A number of bold attacks against the Eldar and Space Marines have seen the Chaos Marines take complete control over the Northern Frontier.

This control means that Khalimani of the Thousand Sons has been able to further weaken the psychic wards that hold the Necrons entombed. As a result more of these long dead xenos have been awakened to march on Aurora Prime.

In response to this the Eldar warhost has struck back and have been conducting an aggressive hit and run offensive against the Chaos marine strong points all across the frontier. Squadrons of falcon grave tanks accompanied by jet bikes single out vulnerable Chaos marine supply columns while Striking Scorpion and Warp Spider Aspect Warriors regularly attack townships and outposts loyal to the ruinous powers.

The Adeptus Astartes response has been uncharacteristically conservative. After fortifying their position
in the Golvidis Heights the space marines has been more concerned with holding their ground rather than reclaiming the Northern Frontier.

There have however been some fierce clashes between the space marines and the Eldar. The battle for Bastion Storm Breaker VI involved a combined force of Golden Swords, Steel Eagles and Black Templars assaulting a heavily defended eldar fortification. While the initial orbital bombardment and drop pod assault allowed the Adeptus Astartes to breach the Eldar defences the Eldar counter attack was devastating. The Golden Swords lost every one of their 9th company dreadnoughts and the Steel Eagle Chapter Master Cullin was slain by a Mighty Avatar of Khaine.

In the far north the Crimson Fist chapter have been doping their best to stem the tide of Necrons pouring south. Three days into this campaign the threat escalated from the polar oceans the gargantuan form of five Necron rose up into high orbit. The ships were confirmed as consisting of two Scythe Class Harvest Ships and three jackal class raiders. The Crimson fist Battle Barge Emperor’s Truth supported by two Blood Angel Nova class Frigates moved to engage by were out run by the swift alien ships.

Crusade Commander Pedro Kantor has made the destruction of these Necron vessels a top priority and has dedicated much of the Crimson Fist fleet to hunting them down.

The Cadres Muster

With much attention turned to the Northern Frontier the Tau on Aurora Secondus have lost no time in consolidating their position. Realising that the threat of a counter attack from Aurora Prime must be neutralised, Tau Commander Or’es Mal‘caor set about mustering a force to strike at the main planet in the system. With the arrival of a Gal’leath Class Starship carrying two full contingents of Hunter Cadres and two Air Cadres the Tau invasion force was ready.

Tau forces landed down all across Aurora Prime. Their primary goal was to limit any threat to Tau holdings on Aurora Secondus. To this end infrastructure across Aurora Prime has been destroyed, along with supply plants and Aurora Combine training facilities. Some analysts within Imperial high command believe the Tau may be looking to assault Wrexmaul and seize the star port there.

However while the Tau have launched a moderately successful campaign against Aurora Prime their war on Aurora Secondus is far form over. Not only are PDF units loyal to the Imperium conducting a guerrilla campaign amongst the tunnels and warehouses of the subterranean habzones but the Dark Eldar have been sending a steady stream of warriors into the battle. Unusually it would seem that the Dark Eldar seem driven to take and hold the planet rather than being merely content to raid.


Indeed Dark Eldar activity across the system has been highly atypical. Their raids seem to be against random targets, often against fortified positions that they have no hope of taking. Many of their attacks seem for the sake of destruction rather than for captives as is usual.

Both the Imperial Guard intelligence and the Ordo Xenos have been working hard to discover the reason behind this apparent irrational campaign.

Whatever the motive there is no denying that the Dark Eldar have caused tremendous damage all across Aurora Prime.

Imperial Response

It has become clear that any Imperial response has been overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the threat that the face. As well as attempting to contain the as yet minimal threat from the Tyranids on Aurora Prime the Imperial High Command has had to anticipate the mercurial offensive maneuvers of the Craftworld and Dark Eldar, as well as considering a counter attack against Carag.

In short the Imperial forces have a massive shortage of manpower. Despite conscripting over 100,000 civilians into an ad hoc Aurora 7th Citizen Regiment and commandeering nearly every Aurora Combine security personnel the Imperial army simply doesn’t have the resources to fight such a wide campaign They lack vital support from the Adetpus Mechanicus and the Imperial Navy. Especially at a time when Titans from a number of factions, most notably the Eldar have been sighted.

One stroke of fortune for the Imperial Guard forces has been that contact with Lord Marshall Samson Tyson has been re-established. Apparently the Lord Marshall survived an assassination attempt from a Alpha Marine kill team. He has been moved from his Command HQ in Tournmal and is planning to move south to Aurora City.

Hythun Rebellion

The brunt of the Tyranid activity on Aurora Prime has been concentrated in the jungles of the Carag archipelago and Hythun Prime itself. Because of this and the continuing siege around the Cathedral of Blessed Flame the Hythun Dynasty has been unable to launch any kind of sustained assault against Akos. However a number of chaos cults sympathetic to the Hythun Dynasty’s technocratic regime have risen up to challenge imperial authority across Aurora Prime.

The Behemoth Stirs

With Imperial attention concentrated on maintaining control over the urban centres of Aurora Prime little has been done to combat the growing greenskin threat in the System. The Gothic class cruiser ’Light of Faith’ has sighted at least a half dozen Ork, Ravager attack ships around the giant asteroid 45/67XXBehemoth The Gothic cruiser moved to engage but was met by a hail of fire from the asteroid itself. Shortly afterwards two Ork Terror class cruisers and an Ork Kill cruiser emerged from the shadow of the asteroid to attack the ’Light of Faith’.

The Gothic class cruiser would surely have been destroyed if not for the intervention of its sister ship the ’Emperor’s Wisdom’ and Defence Monitor squadron B/VV.

Despite the increasing belligerence of the Orks in the space lanes within the Aurora System the green skins have had little impact on the battle for Aurora Prime itself. However although the Orks lack the momentum of a full blown Waaaagh at the moment it will be only a matter of time before the pirate captains of the Aurora asteroid fields are fully united.

Imperial intelligence has noted that many of the ork raids onto Aurora Prime seem to be around the continent of Carag. In particular Ork warbands are seeking out Tyranid swarms. It is believed that at present the Orks are a beneficial factor in suppressing the Hive Mind on Aurora Prime.

Of particular note was the interception of a major Tyranid swarming across the Baltaro region of the Carag jungle by a large Ork warband. The Tyranid swarm seemed intent on destroying the sea port of Allstorn, one of the last remaining Imperial outposts on the continent. Approximately three hours before the Tyranid vanguard was expected to hit the Imperial outer defences, scout units reported Ork mobs emerging from the jungle and throwing themselves headlong at the Tyranids.

Imperial observers reported a vicious battle occurring around the ruins of an abandoned manifactorium. The orks formed a strong defensive line and as the Tyranid swarm struck the Ork war boss sent a number of squadrons of so called ‘Deff dredds’ squadrons against the Tyranid advance. With the Tyranids struggling to bring down these mechanical beasts the Orks wisely, but unusually held back and struck a the Tyranids from long range. Meanwhile more Orks ‘dreadnoughts’ struck at the left flank of the Tyranids while several mobs of ork nobles [nobs] hit the Tyranid right flank.

With the Tyranids contained the Orks proceeded over the course of nearly an hour to whittle the swarm down in a hail of fire with Ork ’dreadnoughts’ and nobles making frequent forays into the swarm.

The Ork warband then proceeded further into the jungle. Presumably to find more prey.

The report of this battle was passed onto Ordo Xenos in Drake Spire where it was reviewed by Inquisitor Lord Claudius Von Striken himself. The sophistication and comparitive restraint shown by the Orks has been a cause for grave concern. The fear is that an Ork warlord of considerable strategic competence is commanding them.

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End of Week Two Fluff

War had wreaked havoc across the Aurora System. On Aurora Prime urban areas that had once been bustling with Imperial citizens were now ruined killing grounds, or just as likely utterly desolated. The vast majority of the civilian population of Aurora Prime fled to the main urban centres, Wrexmaul, Akos Prime and Aurora City in the first days of the war.

The ones who did not put up a brave fight against the various enemies that assaulted them. But without support from either the beleaguered Imperial Guard or the Aurora Combine most swiftly perished.

However the resistance that these civilian defenders put up has allowed the Imperial forces time to regroup.

The Call of the Grantantos

When the first Chaos raiders were spotted in Northern Akos Inquisitor Lord Von Striken put out an urgent request for troops from the Departmentum Munitorium. Help has finally come. The Retribution class Battleship the ’Grantantos’ accompanied by a half a dozen cruisers and escorts made a desperate jump from Turrana across the Gannos sub sector. By some miracle of the Emperor the small fleet made it from Turrana in less than a fortnight. They have brought with them a half dozen regiments, the Morden 45th and 87th, the Elyisian 114th 117th and 346th, and the Cadian 61st. As well as the brave Imperial Guardsmen the Grantantos was also accompanied by several transports of the Adeptus Mechanicus carrying warmachines of the Flame Fist Titan Legion.

These reinforcements were put to immediate good use. Across Southern Akos Imperial Forces launched counter attacks against the rebel forces halting the Chaos Auxillia in their track. Scores of Vlaykries scoured the landscape with hell strike missiles as Reaver Titans strode across the ruins of cities the rebels had called strongholds.

Fall of the Blessed Flame

While the Imperial forces were able to suppress the uprisings on Akos, Carag has been declared all but lost. The punitive attacks by the Black Templars and Aurora Combine have been unable to retake Hythun Prime. Worse yet the Cathedral of the Blessed flame the last bastion of Imperial resistence was taken by xenos invaders.

As the 16th night of siege fell on the Cathedral the air seemed to grow cold, the temperature dropped beneath freezing, bewildering guards used to the tropical heat of Carag. Before more could be made of this phenomenon the air seemed to twist and a great rent was made in existence itself. A moment later scores of dark eldar pured out of the Sphere of Darkness. Within a few hours the defenders of the Cathedral had been butchered, many as they slept.

When dawn came Dark Eldar warriors were still picking over the remains of the Imperial defenders. A few slaves were taken but for the most part the Dark Eldar seemed more intent on plundering the libraries and treasure vaults of the Cathedral.

The ethnocrats of the Hythun Dynasty was enraged by the xenos claiming what they saw as their birthright and denying them the pleasure of killing their enemies. They immediately launched an attack against the Dark Eldat who responded in kind. Skirmishes and battles now rage across Hythun Prime as cultist and dark eldar try to wrest control of the city from the other.

Battle for the Tomb

In Northern Akos a major engagement took place involving a number of the different factions. Crimson Fist Space Marines had been preparing to evacuate the area to make way for a coalition of other Marine Chapters to take their place in holding the northern regions from the Necron threat. During this operation a large force of Chaos Marines headed by member of the Black Legion attacked. The 2nd Company Captain of the Crimson Fists was slain in the fighting but the Crimson Fists were able to pull back in an orderly fashion. Their retreat was helped by the arrival of Eldar and orks. The Chaos Marines were forced to split their forces to drive back these new enemies all the while being careful to commit enough troops to keeping the steady stream of Necron warriors at bay.

The running battles across the ruins of the Necron Tomb lasted several days and in the end the Chaos Marines proved victorious. It remains to be seen what the Eldar response will be.

Operation Mortuary

The activities of the Tau on Aurora Secondus have not gone unnoticed by Chapter Master Pedro Kantor. Determined to act quickly to stem the Tau expansion into the Zeist Sector the Crimson Fist commander has passed command of the Aurora Prime front over to Captain Adonis of the Blood Angels. The Crimson Fists would their fleet across the system and attack Aurora Secondus,

The Tau war fleet put up a spirited attempt to halt the Astartes from making planet fall but were ultimately unsuccessful. A bitter battle ensued between a three Hunter Cadres defending the surface entrances to Habzone Alpha and the Crimson Fists 1st Company. Driven undeground the Tau have made numerous attempts to halt the Space Marine advance. All have so far failed and the Astartes have been able to establish a controlled beachhead on the planet. Their presence on Aurora Secondus has been further bolstered by the 4th company. Within days it is presumed that the 2nd and 3rd companies will join the Aurora Secondus front.

Da Kaptain Strikes

Of some concern to Imperial High Command has been the increased sightings of ork pirate vessels venturing forth from their bases I nthe asteroid fields surrounding the Aurora System. This has led to a corresponding increase of ork raids on Aurora Prime.

Things came to a head when the ‘The Emperor’s Wisdom’ a Gothic Class cruiser was crippled and boarded by an ork Killkroozer.

Ork broadcasts have been intercepted and their leader, an individual known as ‘Da Kaptain’ identified. His base op operations is believed to be some kind of mammoth battleship known as ‘Gork’s Revenge’.

Its present location is unknown but the ‘Grantantos’ is presently moving towards the asteroid fields to conduct a search and destroy operation. The Retribution Class Battleship is accompanied by C/XX defence monitor squadron and the Apollo XXI Cobra class escort squadron.

Battle for Carag

Since the Battle for Aurora Prime began Ork warbands have been making planet fall all across Carag. A number of major engagements by orks of the Blood Axe clan have been fought against the Tyranids that infest the jungles of the continent. The alien swarm has been fought to a stand still. The Tyranids now seem to be using a large number of shock troops, Lictors and Genestealers in an effort to regain the initiative. In addition a large number of Tyranid ’aerial support units’, gargoyles and the mighty Harridans have also been noted to have made a number of raids against the outer defences of Hythun Prime. These egagements have generally been one sided affairs with the Hythun Dynast’s gene soldiers easily able to drive off the xenos attackers.

Ordo Xenos Musters

In Darkspire a conclave of Inquisitors has been convened. The rumour amongst the Imperial High Command is that Inquisitor Lord Von Striken is planning to authorise the opening of the Nethemel Vaults and possible unleash one of the ancient devices stored within.

Whether even the Lord of Darkspire has the authority to countenance such a dangerous plan remains to be see.

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End of Week Three Fluff

Shadows Rising

All across the Aurora System Dark Eldar raiding pirates have struck in unprecedented number. Spheres of darkness have formed in the heart of industrial centres on the Akos continent. Dark Eldar warriors have spilled out from the dark heart of Commorragh itself. The security forces of the Aurora combine have been powerless to prevent the dark eldar from overrunning vast swathes of Aurora Prime. Where the forces of the Ordo Xenos and the Imperial Guard have united the xenos invaders have been held at bay, for the time being at least but with every passing day more Auroran citizens fall beneath the jagged swords or the splinter rifles of the alien corsairs.

On Aurora Secondus, the Tau have prevented the Crimson Fists from pushing deeper into their newly claimed territory but equally have been unable to prevent the Dark Eldar from tightening their grip on the storage world. Commander Or’es Mal‘caor fears that if the Dark Eldar offensive continues then holding the world may become untenable.

The Warhost Shattered

Meanwhile in the Northern frontiers [thousand sons] has gathered a vast cabal of sorcerers and psykers and has begun to enact a ritual of immense power, drawing upon the energies that bound the Necrons to the planet.
The Eldar warhost led a massive attack against the Chaos Marines in a desperate attempt to thwart the ruinous powers. Across the polar regions Autarch led swarms of Eldar jet bikes against Khornate warbands headed by berserkers of the World Eaters. Swooping hawks and Warp Spiders raided support columns of Black Legionaries while pathfinders played a deadly game hunter and prey with the Alpha Marines.

Ultimately the forces of chaos proved to strong. At Mathal’ki the site of a pre Imperial settlement Autarch lead the eldar forces in a battle against an Iron Warrior fortress. The Eldar swept into the area in their hundreds supported by the massive form of a Phantom Titan. Over the course of a day and night the Eldar assailed the Chaos lines but as the second dawn broke it was clear that the Eldar offensive had been shattered against the impenetrable defences. Worse news came. Aurtarch Jyuna Krien had been slain by a Deamon Prince of Khorne during the final push. Across the Northern Frontier the Eldar forces have been in retreat and word has passed through their lines that Aurora Prime is altogether lost.

The Southern Crusade

There are some amongst the Eldar who still fight on . Farseers Kelmon and Yuamar have led a series of attacks against the Golvidis Heights in an effort to find a secure route into Southern Akos. So far the Adeptus Astartes under the inspired leadership of Captain Adonis have been successful at stopping such an attempt. However the marine forces are stretched thin and it is only a matter of time before a decisive hammer blow falls.

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End of Week Four Fluff

Death Throws

Aurora Prime prepares to die. In the North the sky is rent apart as storms of blood and pure warp energy spill across the barren plains. Deamonic Legions begin to merge. The cabals of the Thousand Sons draw together terrible energies focused by xenos technology and channel it into the very core of the world.

In the south Dark Eldar raiding parties pick over the ruins of once proud Imperial cities. Driven by an insatiable thirst for something the Imperials posess the savage raiders slaughter tens of thousands and enslave many more.

The great Harvester fleet of the Necrons has awoken and has begun to depart the Aurora system, ready to begin its terrible work upon the far flung worlds of the Imperium.

In the Golvidis heights the eldar prepare to launch one final assault against the Adeptus Astartes. They know their enemy is weak now and this planet must be destroyed utterly lest it falls into the final embrace of Chaos.

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