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Battle for Nictatus - Necron vs. Space Marines, 1250pts

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This is the first game of a Necron vs. Space Marines Campaign a friend and I have started. It will be a story based campaign. We will each agree on the next scenario to be played based on the outcome of each match. I've included links to extra material and photos. I recommend looking at the game photos as they will help clairify what's going on in the game. Check out the other links if you like. The other I hope you enjoy the report.

Mission: Take and Hold
- The Emperor’s Fury Chapter of the Space Marines have uncovered a growing threat in the Voltanis System, a Tomb World on one of the Moons of Skartanis. In an attempt to purge the System of the Necron presence, the Marines of the Emperor’s Fury are taking the fight to the Awakening Necron Force on the moon Nictatus. In order to do so they must establish a Foothold on the Lunar surface by securing a previously abandoned Imperial Mining Outpost. Having detected the invading army, the Necron force will attempt to prevent the Marines from establishing a base camp by taking the same objective.


The Armies:

-Emperor’s Fury (Zatt’s Custom Space Marines Chapter)
Read more about the EMPEROR'S FURY here:

Brother Captain Decimus: Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, True Grit and Counter Attack.

Command Squad: 1st (Tactical) Squad, Pythius
5 Tactical Marines w/Flamer (x1), True Grit and Counter Attack.
Veteran Sergeant Pythius: Bolt Pistol, Power Fist, True Grit and Counter Attack.
Rhino APC: 'Iron Coffin' w/Smoke Launchers

2nd (Tactical) Squad, Draxis
5 Tactical Marines w/Meltagun (x1), True Grit and Counter Attack.
Veteran Sergeant Draxis: Bolter, Power Fist, True Grit and Counter Attack.
(Would've had a Rhino, but I don't have an extra one lying about.)

3rd (Tactical) Squad, Leviticus
6 Tactical Marines w/Missile Launcher (x1), Bolters (x5) and Infiltrate

4th (Tactical) Squad, Caius
6 Tactical Marines w/Heavy Bolter (x1), Bolters (x5) and Infiltrate

5th (Tactical) Squad, Marius
6 Tactical Marines w/Missile Launcher (x1), Bolters (x5) and Infiltrate

Reclusiarch Asmodeus: Plasma Pistol, Crozius Arcanum, and Jump Pack.
7th (Assault) Assault Squad, Angelis
5 Assault Marines w/Plasma Pistols (x2), Bolt Pistols (x3) and Jump Packs.
Veteran Sergeant Angelis w/Plasma Pistol, Power Fist and Jump Pack.

1st Support Squadron, Spurius
3 Biker Marines w/Meltagun (x1), Plasma Gun (x1) and Twin-Linked Bolters (x3)
Veteran Sergeant Spurius w/Bike, Power Weapon and Twin-Linked Bolters.

Chapter Traits (Courageous):
See, But Don't Be Seen
Trust Your Battle Brothers
Eye to Eye

-The Necron Force
Read more about Lord Deimos and his Necron Force Here:

Lord Deimos: w/ Veil of Darkenss, Resurrection Orb

Warrior Squad One, x 10

Warrior Squad Two, x 12

Warrior Squad Three, x 10

Immortals, x 7

Destroyers, x 3

Scarabs, x 6

Tomb Spyder, w/ Particle Projector x 1


Turn One:
Emperor’s Fury: Having infiltrated his 5th, 4th and 3rd Tactical Squads, Zatt has these units in range to fire their heavy weapons in the first turn. These units remain stationary while his bikes, assault squad and 2nd tactical squad move forward. Both the Assault Squad and 2nd Tactical take excellent positions behind cover. The Rhino carrying the Emporer’s Fury Command Squad comes out from behind the Necron Ruins. The infiltrated Tactical Squads fire missle launchers, heavy bolter and small arms fire. Though several shots are on target, the Immortals shrug off the attack and only one destroyer is taken out. The Bike squad takes out one warrior.

Necron: After We’ll Be Back (WBB) rolls, the warrior gets back up, the Destroyer is down for the count. The Immortals move behind some rocks blocking LOS on the 4th and 5th Tactical Squads. The Destroyer Squadron move to get an angle on the approaching Rhino. Warrior Squad 1 remains stationary. Warrior Squad 2, moves into Mining Out Post courtyard and into Rapid Fire Range of the EF Assault Squad. They are accompanied by the Necron Lord and the Tomb Spyder follows behind them. Warrior squad 3 remains stationary. The Scarabs move just outside of the Mining complex, in range to charge either the bikes or assault squad. All units are in range to shoot. The Immortals fire at the 3rd Tactical Squad killing 2. Warrior Squad 3 first at the 5th Tactical Squad killing 3. Warrior Squad 1 takes out one Bike. Warrior Squad 2 and the Necron Lord open up on the Assault Squad containing the Emporer’s Fury Company Chaplin. Six of the Seven members of this squad fall, leaving only the Chaplin. The two remaining Destroyers fire on the Rhino and score two penetrating hits. The vehicle explodes but everyone gets out unharmed. The Scarabs assault the Chaplin causing no wounds, he causes one wound the Scarabs. The Tomb Spyder makes a scarab base

Turn Two:
Emperor’s Fury: Again the 3rd, 4th and 5th Tactical Squads remain stationary. The Command Squad tries to move out of the rubble but is only able to move 2”. The 2nd Tactical Squad remains behind cover, just on the edge of the objective. Unable to move into the Outpost Coutyard due to the mass of scarabs blocking the area between the buildings, the Bike Squadron moves towards Warrior Squad 1. The shooting from the 3rd, 4th and 5th results in two casualties from the Immortals, the Destroyers make all their saves. The bikes are unable to harm Warrior Squad 1 in the shooting phase but attempt to charge, they are an inch shy and remain where they are. The Chaplin, surrounded by Scarabs, causes no wounds but also takes none.


Necron: After WBB rolls, 1 Immortal gets back up. The Immortals reposition to cut off LOS from the 4th and 5th Tactical Squads. The Destroyers move near the rocks for cover. Warrior Squad 2 moves into the bunker on the edge of the Mining Complex. The Tomb Spyder moves towards the Bikes. Warrior Squad 1 and 3 remain stationary. Warrior Squad 1 fires at Rapid Fire Range, killing two Bikes. The Tomb Spyder fires it’s Particle Projector killing the remaining Bike. Destroyers kill 1 from the 5th Squad. The scarabs cause one wound the Chaplin during the assault, he returns three wounds to them taking out one base. Tomb Spyder makes second Scarab Base

Turn Three:
Emperor’s Fury: The 3rd and 5th Tactical Squad remain stationary. The 4th moves towards the objective. The 2nd Squad move back behind the objective. The command Squad moves towards the objective. The 3rd Tactical squad kills one immortal, the 5th kills 1 Destroyer. In assault, the Chaplin, still tied up with scarabs, causes 2 wounds. The Scarabs do not harm him.

Necron: After WBB 1 Immortal gets up, the Destroyer is down for the count. The immortals move slightly to block LOS from the 4th and 5th Tactical Squad. The Destroyer moves behind Warrior Squad 3 who are again remaining stationary. Warrior Squad 1 moves towards to objective. Warrior squad 2 and the Necron Lord exit the bunker and move toward the 2nd Tactical Squad. The Tomb Spyder and his scarab bases move towards the objective. With 7 Warriors in rapid fire range they fire at the 2nd Tactical Squad killing 2. The immortals kill 1 more from the 3rd, they fall back 5 inches. In assault, the Chaplin takes out one more scarab base; however, they manage to finish him off.

Turn Four:
Emperor’s Fury: Tactical squad to move out from behind the objective towards Warrior Squad 2. The Command Squad move around the other side of the objective to provide support to their comrades. The 5th Tactical Squad remains stationary, the 3rd moves towards the Immortals. The 5th Tactical Squad attempts to fire at the remaining Destroyer, but fails it’s leadership and fires at the warriors instead. Killing one with a Krak Missle (not in range of Orb, no WBB roll allowed). The 2 remaining from the 3rd Tactical Squad charge the Immortals, they kill 1, the immortals do not cause any wounds, but pass their leadership test. The 2nd Tactical Squad charges Warrior Squad 2, killing 2 warriors. The warriors kill none but pass their leadership test and then pile-in.

Necron: After WBB rolls, 2 warriors from Squad 2 get up, The Immortal is destroyed beyond repair. The Necron Lord uses his Veil of Darkness to Teleport Warrior Squad 2 to the other side of the objective, just in front of the Marines 4th Tactical Squad. Warrior Squad 1 moves into Rapid Fire Range of the Marines 2nd Tactical Squad and the Tomb Spyder moves into range to charge. Warrior Squad 3 moves to get LOS on the 4th Tactical Squad, but is not in Rapid Fire range. The scarabs move behind the 2nd Tactical Squad. Warrior Squad 2 and the Necron Lord fire on the 4th Tactical Squad wiping the unit out to the last man. The Destroyer takes out 1 from the 5th tactical Squad forcing the loan marine to fall back. Warrior Squad 1 fires on the 2nd Tactical Squad killing 2, While the Tomb Spyder fires and charges into Close Combat. The other unit of scarabs charge as well but cause no damage. The Tomb Spyder kills 1, but the Veteran Sergeant kills both Scarab bases attached to the spyder. The Immortals cause no wounds to the Marines, they are also unable to harm the Immortals.


Turn Five:
Emperor’s Fury: Though Victory is clearly out of Reach the Emperor’s Fury Command Squad refuses to go down without a fight. They move towards Warriors Squad 2 and lay down a barrage of assault weapons fire, killing 4 warriors. The lone marine from the 5th, fires a missle but misses. The Vetran Sergeant from the 2nd squares off with the Tomb Spyder, but because of his Power fist, he goes last. Unfortunately for him, the Tomb Spyder takes him apart before he has a chance to attack. The Tomb Spyder consolidates 4 inches towards the Objective.


Necron: Warrior Squad 2 moves onto the objective. Squad 3 moves closer to the Marine Command Squad, Squad 1 move into range of the objective. The lone Destroyer moves in between the Marine Command Squad and Warrior Squad 2. The Tomb Spyder moves onto the objective. The remaining Scarabs move around to the flank of the Marine Command Squad. Squad 2 and 3 are both in Rapid fire Range and unleash a devastating barrage on the Command Squad, killing 4 marines. The Destroyer fires on the lone marine from the 5th Tactical Squad, killing him. The Scarabs Charge the remnants of the Command Squad but do not cause any wounds. The Marines kill 2 scarab bases. The Immortals kill the last two members of the 3rd Tactical Squad.

Turn Six:
Emperor’s Fury: The Marines Square kill 1 more Scarab base and the Scarabs kill one marine in turn.

Necron: All of the Warrior Squads are now on the objective. The Tomb Spyder attempts to charge the Marine Commander but is not in range. In an attempt to clear the board of Marines, the destroyer charges the lone marine to help out the scarabs. The Necron forces do not wound him and he kills the last destroyer. No matter the objective is secure.
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It's good to see a non-SM win every once in a while. 8)

Good report.
Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe that a tomb Spyder can shoot its particle projector and make a scarab base in the same turn. Other than that this has given me a whole better look at my necrons. Great Job! :D
Commissar_Malevich said:
Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe that a tomb Spyder can shoot its particle projector and make a scarab base in the same turn. Other than that this has given me a whole better look at my necrons. Great Job! :D
Ya they can, the Spyder makes it in the assault phase. SO they cant be in cc and make one at the same time.

Very nice BatRep, very detailed, nice miniatures, nice table!

Oh, Btw, are you the space marine or necron player?
nice report, good to see piccis, also good to see the crons win one (dont get many cron victories in bat reps)

Really dont like the SM list, it is pretty poor
Thanks for the compliments guys. And to answer your question, I was the Necron Player. Just so you know, I won the sencond match in this campaign vs. the Space Marine player. It was a 1500 point bunker assualt (The marine was conductin the assult). It was the first match I used my monolith in and it rained hell down on the Emporer's Fury. Anyway, I didn't keep as detailed notes in that match and didn't get any pictures so there wont be a report.
Man what happened to your Destroyers? They must have missed a lot to kill so few. You have an awesome list the only thing I would change is to drop the Immortals which I think are way too overpriced and get another squad of destroyers and if you have any lefover points get more scarabs which did an awesome job of tying up that chaplain.
Tedbob: As you can see from the battle report, my destroyers were reduced to one-third strength before I had a chance to use them. However, they still played a key role in my victory. As you read in turn 1, the destroyers blew-up the Command Squad Rhino, This kept a Marine Commander and a Veteran Sergeant (both with power fists) out of Close Combat for almost the duration of the game. By turn 3 I was down to 1 destroyer.

As for swapping my immortals for another unit of Destroyers; yes, Destroyers can be very effective, but against 3+ saves this is reduced. Keep in mind, in a unit of 3, 2 casualties mean the unit is no longer scoring. A Unit of 7 Immortals can take 4 casualties.

Still, I have since picked-up another battle force and now have more destroyers at my disposal. I'm sure I will give your idea a try sooner or later. Thanks for the advice.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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