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Battle Report Pitched Battle 2000 pts Middenland vs Orcs

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Some time ago,

Jedrik Hines sat upon his warhorse and looked out over the battlefield strewn with the bodies of Empire and Chaos alike. When the Storm started, he was just a champion of the White Wolves, and one of the first to engage the Chaos Horde at Zundap. But now with the Storm ending and the Chaos forces retreating, he was a Grand Master. He had been in hundreds of battles during the Storm, from his first at Zundap to his last a Middenheim, and risen in rank quickly due to the Empire leaders falling in combat. Finally, the storm had ended. He had lost many friends, but he had made many new alliances, one of which being with a small army of Ulrician followers. While fighting against overwhelming odds and using the rear guard strategy, all the way back to Middenheim, Jedrik had lost more than half of his forces. When he arrived he was assigned a small regimen of inexperienced troops as well as small contingent of Ulrician followers, which had also been decimated. He met with their leader, an Ulric Priest by the name of Markus Gedron. The two decided to join their forces and together held the Southern wall of Middenheim. He was amazed how well their forces working in unison, repelled the Chaos Hordes several times, until the chaos forces retreated.

Now that the storm was over, he assumed all of his forces would return home. Suddenly, a messenger appeared and presented an urgent message from the council of Middenhiem. Jedrik read the message which stated: “We, the Council of Middenheim, have decided to disband many of our armies, but to pick several to pursue and destroy the routed forces of Chaos. Your army has been selected a one of the Elite armies and will henceforth be known as the Middenland Avengers. Therefore, you are to take your combined forces and chase down the chaos forces, ensuring they never return.� Jedrik knew that most of his army were inexperience in many battles, but ordered them to gather supplies, for tomorrow we are leaving to pursue the Chaos Hordes.

After 2 days of marching, a large Orc and Goblin army was spotted by Jedrik’s Scouts. Jedrik thought to himself, now it’s time to see what my army is truly made of and gave the order to prepare for battle.

Jedrik’s Forces:

Jedrik Grandmaster of White Wolf – Full Plate, Barded Warhorse, White Wolf Hammer, Laurels of Victory, Pelt of Horros – 256 pts.

Henry Felken – Captain Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate, War Banner – 180 pts.

Markus Gedron – Heavy Armour Shield, 3 Wolfs Head Emblem, Shard of Skoll – 146 pts

Allistar Smite – Battle Wizard, Level 2, Van Horstmann’s Speculum, Dispel Scroll – 145 pts

5 White Wolf Knights Inner Circle – Full Plates, Barded Warhorse, Full Command, Standard of the White Wolf – 220 points (Lead by Jedrik)

20 Teutogen Guard Inner Circle – Full Plate, Full Command, Banner of Valor – 350 pts

9 Huntsmen, with Champion – 142 pts

19 Swordsmen, Full Command – 158 pts (Lead by Henry, and Joined by Allistar)

19 Warriors of Ulric, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 142 pts (Lead by Markus)

8 Wolf Kin, Additional Hand Weapons, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 121 pts

5 Knights Panther, Full Command – 155 pts

1 Great Cannon – 100 pts.

Total: 1997 pts

Orcs and Goblins:

From Memory:

Griknock - Black Orc Warboss, Great Axes, Drog Dead’ard Armour, Warboss Umm’s Best Boss’ At – 210 pts

Black Tooth – Orc Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Gork, Talisman of Protection.

Obie Onee Kanobeee – Orc Shaman, Level 2, Ditto’s Doubble Doing Doo-Dahs, Nibbla’s Itty’ Ring – 150 pts.

40 Night Goblins, Full Command, 1 Goblin Fantic – 125 pts.
40 Goblins, Shield, Full Command – 166 pts
23 Orc Boyz – Shield, Full Command – 166 pts (lead by Griknok and Joined by Black Tooth)
20 Black Orcs, Great Axes, Full Command, Nogg’s Banner of Butchery – 298 pts.
20 Orc Big’uns, Sheild , Full Command -188 pts.
5 Goblin Wolf Riders, Spear, Shield, Full Command – 90 pts.
5 Goblin Wolf Rider, Short Bow, Shield, Full Command – 95 pts.
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot – Spears, Extra Crewmen – 64 pts
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot – Spear – 61 pts.;

1 Goblin Doom Diver Catapult, Bully – 85 pts.

1 Snotling Pump Wagon – 40 pts.

1 Goblin Spear chucka – 35 pts.

1 Goblin Spear chucka – 35 pts.

1 Rock Lobber, Bully 75 pts.

Battlefield and Deployment:

As Jedrik watched he knew the Orc’s had seen his scouts. The Orc’s hastily formed a battle line. Griknok ordered both Goblin units to stand in front of his Orcs. The Night Goblin line up in front of Griknok’s Orc Boyz and the other Goblins in front of his Orc Big’un. Behind the Big’un the Black Orc’ formed up. Next, Griknok ordered his war machines into place. The Rock Lobber and 1 ************* set up on the right corner of the battlefield, and both Chariots lined up next to them along with the Goblin Wolf Riders armed with bows. The Other ************* setup up in the left corner of the battlefield behind a small river with a bridge that was falling apart. Finally the Doom Diver and Pump Wagon set up near the river next to Griknock and his unit, both protected by the Goblin Wolf Riders armed with spears. Finally, Obie Onee Knobee deployed between the Goblins and the Orc Big’un’s.

Jedrik had seen this type of formation before, he knew the strategy would be to send the Night Goblins forward and launch the Fanatics. Normally, the strategy would be to send the Flagellants forward and to draw out the Fanatics. But his new force didn’t have any Flagellants, so he would have to try something different. First Jedrik deployed his Knight Panther, next to them the White Wolves and himself, Then the unit of Teutogen Guard, flanked by the Swordsman unit, with Henry and Allistar. Next, Markus and the Warriors of Ulric, flanked by the Wolf Kin, then the Huntsmen and Finally, the Great Cannon between the Teutogen Guard and Swordsmen. Close to the lines, Jedrik always believe it help the crew aim and gave better protection when the cannon was deployed close to the battle line.

To battle:

Griknok Howled and the Orc battle line moved forward, the Night Goblins and Goblins rushed forward with Griknok and his other two Orc units following behind. Griknok and Black Tooth moved to the opposite side of their unit fearing the cannon crew could snipe them. While Obie Onee Kanobee moved to the flank of the goblin unit and now had a perfect line of sight on the Knights of Panther. Obie summoned the forces of Waagh and directed several magic missiles toward the Knights of Panther, Allistar concentrated but could no stop them all and a single Knight Panther was killed by the assault. Both Chariots moved forward up the right flank concentrating on the Knights of Panther. Next, the Rock Lobber and Bolt Thrower opened fired on the Panther Knights, but Ulric was with them and both sailed off target. On the right side of the battlefield The Pump Wagon moved forward and toward the Ulric Warriors, flanked by the Wolf Riders. The Doom Diver launched a Goblin towards the Warriors of Ulric, but the goblins aim was terrible and missed everything almost hitting the Pump Wagon. The other ************* opened fire also, but their bolt failed to hit the Warriors of Ulric.

Jedrik watched as he contemplated a way to stop the Orc and Goblin Horde. Finally, he had a plan. He ordered his Tuetogen Guard forward towards the Night Goblins. He moved his unit of White Wolves slightly forward along there flank, and Henry moved his Swordsmen forward creating a small arrow effect leaving a gap for the cannon. Jedrik hoped to use the Tuetogen Guard to launch the crazy fanatics, while keeping his other units out of harms way. The Knights of the Panther moved forward towards the Goblins on the flank of the Night Goblins covering Jedrik’s flank. The Warriors of Ulric and Markus moved forward towards the Pump Wagon and Goblin Wolf Rider with Markus Howling a deafening Wolves Howl and soon the rest of the Ulric Warriors were howling too. The Wolf Kin moved behind the Ulric warriors attempting to flank Griknok unit and the Orc line. The Huntsmen moved forward and fired at the Spear Chukka crew and one the arrows killed a goblin crewmen. Allistar tried in vain to summon the winds of magic, but was stopped by the Orc Shaman.

Then with a thunderous roar the great cannon sounded, and the cannon ball went through the top half of the Pump wagon and into the Doom Diver machine behind it. Both were heavily damaged,
but continued to function.

Griknok Order his Night Goblins to advance, and as they did they soon came in range of the Tuetogen Guard. The Goblin pushed a single fanatic forward towards the Knight of the White Wolf and Jedrik, ignoring the Tuetogen Guard, the Fanatic spun wildly forward (Note: he rolled a 9 and need a 10 to hits the Knights), but ended up just short of the Knights of the White Wolf and Jedrik. Griknok moved the rest of his unit forward behind the Night Goblins.

Now Obie Onee Kanobeee summoned the Waaagh once more and fired a series of magic missiles toward the Knight of the Panther, Allistar dispelled almost all of his magic, but 2 more Knights fell from the onslaught.

The Orc War Machines opened fire, the Rock Lobber crew again failed to tighten a rope which sent the Rock flying way off target and landing in the marsh. The Doom Diver steered himself into the Warriors of Ulric and exploded kill 4 of them. Finally, both Bolt throwers fired at the Knights of the Panther, but failed to hit their mark.

The Tuetogen Guard charged the Night Goblins that just release the Fanatic. Jedrik knew with the crazed fanatic in front of his unit they could not charge to help them, but he himself could. So he charged out of the unit towards the Night Goblins. The Knight Goblins turned around and fled, Jedrik easily chased them down, but overran into Griknok unit standing behind. Unfortunately, the Tuetogen Guard could not keep pace with Jedrik and failed to reach Griknok’s unit. Jedrik’s hammer swung out killed 4 Orc’s, both Griknok and Black Tooth were on the other side of the unit and unable to challenge. The magic Laurel surrounding Jedrik’s hammer began to glow, even though he was out numbered he nearly broke Griknok unit. (Note: +4 *2 =8 wounds for Laurels, vs. 3 ranks, outnumber. standard. The Orc’s needed a to roll a 6+ to stay and made it on the second roll). Jedrik looked around for help and realized the Teutogen Guard had failed to follow him and he had no support.

Simultaneously, the remaining Knights Panther charged the Goblins in front of them, Even though they killed two goblins, they were simply overwhelmed and broke from combat the Goblins hot on their trail.

Across the battlefield Markus and his warriors of Ulric, seemed driven by their crazy howling and charged into the Pump Wagon which thought it was safe from the Warriors(Note: My Warrior priest, successfully cast battle Howl his previous turn which allows his unit to add D3 to it’s charge range). The Pump Wagon snotlings were amazed at how quick the Warriors covered the ground. Markus swung his hammer and in seconds the pump wagon was smashed apart and the snotlings crush by the warriors, this fueled Markus and the rest of the unit and they over ran towards the Doom Diver. The Wolf Kin moved between the Warriors of Ulric and Goblin Wolf Riders, to protect their flank.

Once again the great cannon sounded and this time the cannon ball headed towards the Night Goblin Fanatic turning him into a pile of blood and guts. The Champion from the White Wolf Knights nodded his head in silent approval.

Griknok was a veteran of many battles and had heard about this glowing laurel on Jedrik’s hammer. He knew it was a great destroyer of units, and so challenged Jedrik to battle. Jedrik had to accept and was able to wound Griknok, while Jedrik’s armour kept him from being injured by the Orc. (Note: This weakened my Laurels ability badly). Griknok’s Orc unit along with Black Tooth were strengthened by their leaders challenge, and being out numbered and pushed back, Jedrik Fled the battle (I needed to roll a 6 or less on two tries and failed). As Jedrik turned to flee his warhorse’s hooves got stuck in the mud and Jedrik and his horse were overrun by the Orc and Griknok who slammed into the Tuetogen Guard behind. While simultaneously the other Orc unit charged into the Tuetogen Guards left flank (Note: No panic due to my banner). The battle was fierce, Griknok killed two Tuetogen Guard himself while the Orc killed 4 more, in return 2 Orc from Griknok unit fell. The Tuetogen Guard has lost badly, but stubbornly held their ground. The 2 chariots also moved up and to protect the flank of their Orc lads. Obe Onee Kanobeee, moved out of his unit and set his sight on the warriors of Ulric and Markus. Magic Missile after magic missile rained down on the Ulric warriors, and 5 fell to the barrage, but the Ulric warriors were devoted to their mission and held their ground. The Rock Lobber and both Bolt Throwers, targeted the unit. In their haste the goblins on the Rock Lobber forgot to fasten the catch hook and the arm sprang forward prematurely and without being loaded and crushed one of the crew into the ground. The Bolt Throwers were deadly accurate and 4 more Ulric warriors fell, but under Markus’s leadership they held their ground. The Goblin Wolf Riders decided to charge into the Wolf Kin protecting the Ulric warrior flanks. The combat was quick, as the wolf riders failed to wound any Wolf Kin who in return killed 3 wolf riders. The Wolf Riders broke and fled, but were pursued and destroyed by the Wolf dressed warriors.

Across the battlefield the White Wolves had just seen their general trampled during an overrun, and with a massive howl they charged into the flank of the Orc’s that had flanked the Tuetogen Guard this opened their flank for one of the Orc Chariots nearby, but the White Wolf champion hoped the Cannon could destroy it. At the same time Henry and Allistar charged into the Orc front line with Griknok and Black Tooth that was locked in battle with the Tuetogen Guard. Griknok issued and challenge and it was accepted by Allistar, Griknok strode forward confidently knowing he could defeat this wizard easily, Suddenly, his arms became week and the wizard became strong. He looked and saw the Wizard glowing, then figured it out somehow the wizard and taken his strength and skill. Allistar stuck at Griknok with blinding speed, Griknok was helpless and took 3 hits, but luckily his armour stopped the blows, In return, he couldn’t even hit the Wizard. Now Henry attacked the Orc and slayed 2 of them. While the Knights of the White Wolf killed 3 more, Black Tooth fought back and killed 2 swordsmen, the Tuetogen Guard struck down two more Orcs who lost none in return. With Griknok involved in the combat with the Wizard, Black Tooth waved his Standard Proudly and commanded the Orc’s to hold their ground (Note: both of his units needed a 5 or less on 2 chances). The Orc amazingly held their ground and the battle continued.

A thunderous boom sounded as the cannon crew fired and the ball landed in front of the chariot and smashed right through it, amazingly however it seemed unharmed (I rolled a 1 to wound) and slammed into the White Wolves crushing every one of them with it’s scythed blades then overrunning behind the Tuetogen Guard a few feet from the Great Cannon. Once again Griknok and Allistar fought the challenge and again nether could wound each other, This time the Orc’s after being urged by Black Tooth were added by a charge from the Black Orc and killed 4 Tuetogen Guard. Now in desperate trouble the Tuetogen Guard stubbornly held, Henry had seen the Wolf Kin destroy the Wolf Riders and knew if they could hold out a little longer help would be on the way. Henry urged his men to hold their ground in the name of Ulric and Swordsmen held their ground. Henry wondered how much longer they could hold out.

Across the battlefield the Huntsmen charged through the river and into the Goblin Bolt Thrower, the crew bravely stood to defend it, but were slaughtered by the Huntsmen swords. The Huntsmen then spent the rest of the time dismantling the crude machine.

Markus had seen the Huntsmen’s bravery and was not about to be outdone, he began to howl along with the few remaining Ulric Warriors, and they charged into the Doom Diver slaughtering the crew easily and overrunning the machine.

With the massive combat in the middle of the battlefield, Obe Onee Kanobeee decided, to once again target the Ulric Warriors, spells rained down on the unit and could not be stopped. Soon all of the Warriors as well and Markus were wiped out.

Now Obe Onee attempted to summon the Power of the WAAAAAG and charge the Goblin unit and Wolf Riders into the Cannon, but with his last reserves of magic, Allistar was able to dispel it.

The Great Cannon crew was angry the chariot had somehow survived the impact of the cannon ball. This time they loaded it with Grape Shot and fired, the shot hit the chariot and blew it to pieces sending the surviving boars running away in panic. (I rolled a 10 for Number of hits. I love the new grape shot rules. Annual 2004).

Goblins heading towards the cannon moved directly at it, while the Wolf Riders wheeled and charged into the cannon crew. The Wolves ripping the crew to bits with their jaws.

In the middle of the battlefield, the Wolf Kin pulled their double hand weapons and charged into the flank of the Orc’s with Griknok and Black Tooth. With their axes flashing multiple times and 4 Orc fell to the onslaught. Henry slayed 2 more and amazingly Griknok was wounded in his challenge with Allistar. The Tuetogen Guard lost 2 from the Black Orcs great weapons and the swordsmen lost another, but even with Griknok leadership and Black Tooth’s Battle Standard, the Orc’s fled the combat and were pursed by the Swordsmen, with Henry and Allistar and the Wolf Kin, but both failed to catch the fleeing Orc’s. The Black Orc’s stayed locked in combat with the Tuetogen Guard which kept them from pursuing.

This left the Swordsmen vulnerable to a flank charge from the Big’un in the rear, (note: I was hoping my Stubborn Wolf Kin would run father then the Swordsmen and thus protect them, but it was not to be). The Big’uns with Obe Onee Kanobeee charged into the Swordsmen’s flank, the Big Orc’s crushed 4 swordsmen and even though Allistar challenged the Orc Champion refused it. Now against all odds Henry waved his Battle Standard, and yelled “Glory to Ulric� (Note: I needed a break test of 4 or less on 2 chances). The Swordsmen were too shaken by the charge and fled, taking Allistar and Henry with them, but were scattered by the pursuing Orc’s.

Griknok then rallied his fleeing unit and surveyed the battlefield. Night had fallen and he ordered his musician to signal a stop to the battle. With a loud horn blast the Orc’s stopped fighting and backed away. Only the Tuetogen Guard, Huntsmen and Wolf Kin remained.


Griknok gave a hardy laugh, that will teach dem hume’s to mess with us Orc’ss. Obe Onee Kanobee asked Griknok why did you let them live. Griknok said, “I need them hume’s to spread the rumor of my power and the legend of Griknok will grow, then backhanded Obe Onee across the face for questioning his choice.

The remaining Tuetogen Guard, Wolf Kin, and Huntsmen began to check on their fallen allies, they found Jedrik crushed under his war horse injured but still alive. Henry and Allistar had been scattered and taken cover near the stream, where they found Markus floating in the river, unconscious and pulled him to safety. The four men were saddened by the loss of their allies, and the loss of the battle.

Jedrik could barely stand, but vowed to his remaining forces, “We will have our revenge�.

Final Score:

Orc and Goblins: 1432 pts
Middenland: 700 pts

The Orc’s win easily.

Well this is my first report with my new army of Middenland. I got my butt handed to me, but I learned a lot and had a great time.

Let me know what you think?

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Great report

I love reading your reports eagletsi... they're so cool.

I would drop some of the fluff though and make the text a bit bigger, it's hard to read.

And I suppose Orcs are a major army and Middenland is only specialised.
Nice report, shame you lost tho. It always makes a nice change to read a narrative report. Keep them coming.
likin the fluff. real good way to incorporate the game into it.
Wojna12 said:
likin the fluff. real good way to incorporate the game into it.
They always need fluff, otherwise there seems no reason for a battle.

Another FANTASTIC report, eagletsi!

Thanks guys, I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on a Major project for Work. I have been so busy my wife an family have barely seen me and I haven't even gotten a game in for quite some time. I just want to thank everyone for their comments, and state "This project is over very soon and I will be back writing again".

eagletsi said:
Thanks guys, I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on a Major project for Work. I have been so busy my wife an family have barely seen me and I haven't even gotten a game in for quite some time. I just want to thank everyone for their comments, and state "This project is over very soon and I will be back writing again".

Good. Looking forward to your next one...

Could you write one using your phoenix guard army? They're great.:yes:
I have to check to see if I still have my notes on the battle. But if I have them that should be next.
eagletsi said:
I have to check to see if I still have my notes on the battle. But if I have them that should be next.
Thanks, looking forward 2 it!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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