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battle story

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The Damned Mountains are a quiet region to the north-east of the empire, usually a docile place where man and dwarf still stand together as strong as ever. However the mountains were not always called such. They used to be known as Karag Eyrik Lon, or eagles nest in man tongue.
The story of how this region was lost to the world, and how it got its new name is forgotten by all but the residents of the mountain itself.
For many years the disappearance of the holds of dwarves and men that lived there has remained a mystery, and they will be for many more years yet. For until they break free of that tainted region none will know they exist.
The tale of how the dwarves and men were lost is vague at best, but following is the best I can make of how the damned mountains dwarves came to be.

The story starts in the Kings chamber on his birthday, Aark blackbeard, as he is known in records, is a great king with a fittingly great birth, he has lasted around 70 years on the throne, amassing incredible wealth, the people respect and love him, and as every other year the king is celebrating another successful one on the throne. Drinking, gambling and story telling are rife among the dwarfs accompanying him in the feast.
The great and respected king Aark calls a silence in the hall so that he can make his annual birthday speech and thank Grungni for another great year of mining.
The king coughs to clear his throat, “people of the mountain, this……�, but before he could continue, Alrek Longstone bursts through the throne room door and runs (as fast as any dwarf can) too the kings side.
Wheezing and keeled over the ranger reveals the situation to the king. Amassed to the north of the castle is a great dark storm bigger than any natural one could be. A look of sheer anger, and maybe just a little fear, passed over the king’s face. If theres one thing that dwarves hate more than being interrupted during a feast, it magic.

this story was made as an entrance to a battle with a friend of mine to give it more charachter, we also added our own special rules, such as
1.the dwarfs turned up in units only if they rolled a 3 or more on D6 on the first turn, then 2+ thereafter, to show that they were rushing to form a battleline.
2.the attackers get +500 points, and +1 special choice
3. all dwarfs hate the enemy
4.the battle lasts untill all of one army i fleeing or dead. to represent the way that the dwarfs are so mad about being inturrupted.

this was designed to play a chaos army so im not sure how well it would work with others.......

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sounds really cool, i think ill try it asap
I will try it. Sounds good:yes:
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