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This is the first type up of my fleet list and rules for my BFG fleet from the Rogarian system.
I have plenty of time since I'm stuck in Worcester with no money or clothes but a library open every day till 10pm haha.
It is a High King (Emperor) Loyal system (not necessarily Imperium loyal anymore since it is a corrupt mess) who use allot of older vessels due to the systems unpopular reputation with self righteous bigwigs.
None the less it has a powerful fleet presence and has fought alongside many imperial forces and marine chapters (though its relationship with the inquisition is at best a huge car crash) and has forged a powerful bond with the space wolves and now with the return of Gulliman the ultramarines.
Its fleet and ground forces have fought with distinction at many campaigns including Armageddon and during the Black crusade where ground forces held a space port long after it was abandoned by everyone else that was transporting civilians up to orbit to be escorted out of system by the fleet.

so the rules.

Battlefleet Rogaria.

No Favour for Nova: Due to the Rogarian fleets duties within system of hunting Ork pirates (as well as chaos and free pirates) Nova cannons are considered obsolete and largely without purpose within the Rogarian fleet.
Because of this any Medium Cruiser armed with a Nova cannon may replace it with either speed:30cm str:6 front arc torpedoes or a range:30cm firepower:3 front arc Lance Battery for -20pts
Heavy Cruisers may replace it with either speed:30cm str:6 front arc torpedoes for -20pts or a range:45cm firepower:3 front arc Lance Battery for -10pts
Battleships may replace it with either speed:30cm str:9 front arc torpedoes for -10pts or a range:60cm firepower:3 front arc Lance Battery for 0pts

Command and Control: Battleships within the Rogarian fleet are rare and difficult to repair without the proper facilities. Because of this many are converted to replace their armoured prows and weapons with sensor vanes and become support vessels for fleet commanders.
A battleship may replace its Armoured prow and any prow weaponry it may have for improved sensors (+1ld) for -10pts.
Battleships without an armoured prow such as Desecretors replace only the weaponry for no points cost.

Inquisitorial mistrust: Rogaria does not trust the Ordos of the Inquisition. Too much have they seen innocents slaughtered like cattle for the preservation of people not deserving of the protection the claim to bring. Too often are their actions for the "imperium" considered to be in direct conflict with the High Kings dreams.
this usually leads to Inquisitorial agents being allocated to Rogarian forces to "keep an eye".
A Rogarian fleet of 3000pts or more MUST be joined by a Cruiser (battlecruiser, regular cruiser or Light cruier) and 0-6 escorts chosen from the Basic Battlefleet gothic rulebook list to represent the Inquisitions presence within the fleet. the cruiser will automatically be leadership 9 and the attending escorts leadership 8. these cannot join or be joined by any other vessels and do not apply towards unlocking further vessels. They also cannot benefit from any fleet re-rolls. these must be paid for by the player.
While the cruiser remains uncrippled all Rogarian vessels within 15cm will suffer a -1 to all LD tests for orders.
further. to stop players simply keeping this vessel in the corner of the table we suggest players play thematically with it, allow a third party player to control it during the movement phase or even allow their opponents to control it during movement.
but to stop your opponent simply ignoring it, it is worth twice the victory points as normal.

Bonds of Oath: A Rogarian fleet of 3000pts or more may be joined by 0-2 Space wolf or Ultramarine Strike cruisers (including successor) and 0-4 escorts per strike cruiser taken.
The cruisers and escorts are all automatically leadership 8 and may benefit from fleet re-rolls but do not count towards unlocking other vessels.
A single Rogarian vessel within 15cm of the strike cruisers may re-roll a single die for special orders once per turn. no single ship may benefit twice from this rule

Not worth the Risk: Due to the large quantity of older vessels Rogaria uses (some with allot of enmity from other battlefleets) they take few risks with them involving any anomalies.
Rogarian vessels chosen from the Chaos list may never enter a Warp Rift terrain feature and suffer -1LD while within 15cm of one for all LD based rolls.

Volunteer Crews: While Rogaria still uses conscription and press ganging they also have many experienced volunteers for the battlefleet with vast experience of space wayfaring and warfare.
because of this before the game or campaign begins and after determining the LD for every vessel in the fleet you may re-roll up to 3 Leadership results for your vessels.

Echoes of Fate: The older vessels used by Rogaria can be uncomfortable places due to there histories.
before the game begins and after determining the LD for every vessel in the fleet and after the re-rolls for Volunteer crews Up to three vessels chosen from the Chaos fleet list may be forced by your opponent to re-roll their Leadership result for that game. tis cannot effect the roll of volunteer crews and must be accepted by both players.

0-1 Fleet commander: must be chosen if fleet over 750pts and includes one fleet re-roll in cost.
Generaladmiral +3LD (max 10) 100pts
Admiral +2LD (max 10) 75pts
Vizeadmiral +1LD (max 10) 50pts
Additional fleet re-rolls:
One extra re-roll 25pts
two extra re-rolls 50pts
three extra re-rolls 75pts
Secondary commanders:
0-3 Kommodores +1LD (Max 9) 30pts
One re-roll (for ship or squadron only) 15pts

Battleships: (1 battleship per; 4 Medium cruisers +2 Heavy cruisers +2 Light cruisers)
0-1 Emperor class Battleship.
0-1 Retribution class battleship.
0-1 Oberon class Battleship.
0-1 Desecrator class battleship. (chaos).
0-2 Vanquisher class Battleships.

Grand Cruisers: (1 Grand Cruiser per; 2 medium cruisers +1 heavy cruiser +1 light cruiser)
0-2 Exorcist class Grand cruisers.
0-2 Vengeance glass Grand cruisers.
0-2 Avenger class Grand cruisers.
0-1 Retaliator class Grand cruisers. (chaos).
0-1 Executor class Grand cruisers. (chaos).

Heavy Cruisers: (1 Heavy cruiser per; 2 Medium cruisers)
0-2 Mars class battlecruisers.
0-2 Armageddon class Battlecruisers.
0-1 Styx class heavy cruiser. (chaos).
0-1 Hecate class heavy cruiser. (chaos).
0-1 Overlord class heavy cruiser. (chaos).

Medium Cruisers: (up to 12 maximum)
0-4 Dictator class cruisers.
0-4 Dominator class cruisers.
0-4 Lunar class cruisers.
0-4 Gothic class cruisers.
0-2 Devastation class cruisers. (chaos).
0-2 Inferno class cruisers. (chaos).
0-2 Murder class cruiers. (chaos).
0-2 Slaughter class cruisers. (chaos, reduces speed to 25cm, does not gain +1D6 on all ahead full orders).

Light cruisers: (1 Light cruiser per; 2 Medium cruisers)
0-4 Dauntless class light cruisers. (up to two may be given the torpedo upgrade)
0-4 Endeavour class light cruisers.
0-4 Siluria class light cruisers.
0-4 Merchantman class light reserve cruisers. (chosen from Rogue traders list, does not benefit from "special refits").
0-2 Heretic class light cruisers. (chaos)

Escorts: (squadrons of 2-6 vessels per; 2 medium cruisers
0-12 Firestorm class frigates.
0-18 Sword class frigates.
0-6 Falchion class frigates.
0-18 Cobra class destroyers (up to 6 may be upgraded to Vipers for +5pts each, up to 6 may take improved sensor array for free, up to 6 may delete torpedoes to increase weapon batteries to firepower 2 for -5pts each)
0-18 Havocs.
0-18 Iconoclast. (not classed as chaos).

Battlefleet Rogaria follows all the rules from battlefleet Gothic for Ordnance and upgrades, Nova Cannon Limit and reserves and allies.

what do you all think?

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Looks good. Whilst the Inquisition might not trust your sector it is not really the style of 'most' inquisitors to act so blatantly. They would rather have agents on board ships keeping an eye on things. If your fleet was perhaps not trusted then they may have a higher proportion of Fleet Commissars.

So, rather than having the Inquisitorial cruiser (which are rare and high tech things) maybe having a rule about fleet commissars? +1 Leadership but if they fail a LD after a re-roll then they loose -1LD after the commissar executes someone?

It's also sits strange that your sector has a 'fleet' that is not part of the Imperial Navy. The fleet and army was separated on word of the Emperor himself after the Horus Heresy. The Imperium and High Lords would not stand for that at all. However, if your sector had spent a long time cut off from the Imperium (warpstorms?) then that may explain why things are a bit strange. The Imperium coming back and claiming ownership of your worlds and splitting everything up would cause a lot of turmoil, bitterness and resentment that would require Inquisitorial action and a higher percentage of Fleet commissars.

As for the actual fleet list. It's quite cool. Am I reading it right that you have to have 8 cruisers per 1 Battleship? That's a bit nuts! The Cobras swapping their Torps for +1WB is pants. Make it +2 for 3 total as that makes them exactly the same as an Iconoclast. Then you can remove the Iconoclast option. If you want a plethora of these Destroyers then double their limit to 0-36.

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while an entire cruiser may seem OTT its why I made it an imperial cruiser instead of say a black ship. it simply represents the eyes and ears of the inquisition. so maybe a fleet vessel on orders from the inquisition. I may rethink the fluff on it. I just liked the idea of a ship going around and simply getting in the damned way all the time (as the I regularly does with no care for anyone else)

I do like the idea of commissars...I may have them instead of captains. similar job but with a twist...only issue was in my head rogarian commissars are more like Gaunt. they inspire instead of create fear...I will think on it.

while the fleet is not part of the imperium it is loyal only to the Emperor. they also have close alliances with the space wolves and now the Ultramarines. they have also distinguished themselves so much that to simply stamp them down would be unwise (especially with how the wolves feel about the I and gulliman being super peeved at how the imperium is going right now).
this is why they have older ships. Instead of top range vessels they get mothballed reserve vessels that simply are not welcomed in other navies.
they also get little aid from the Mechanicus. hence the need to keep the battleships back.

I decided to make those cobras cheaper instead. I like useless stuff hehe
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