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Hi there I haven't been on for a while but I was thinking on starting a Tau army starting from the battleforce and working from that so tell me if you think this is ok and how best to expand it to 750pts (when I can afford it of course)

HQ - XV8 Crisis Shas'el (w) CIB, MP, TA, HWMT
Elite - 3 Stealth Suits (w) Shas'vre (w) Fusion Blaster, HWTL
Troops - 12 Fire Warriors (w) Shas'ui (w) BK
(w) Devilfish (w) DP
12 Kroot Warriors

I think that comes to either 498 or 503 pts. C&C please

EDIT: Just updating this because I really could use some answers since the festive 25th is fast approaching and I want to know what would be best to get to further expand on the battleforce. I was toying with getting some pathfinders but are they viable or should I focus on something with a bit more bang?
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