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Event information here: Frontline Gaming | Bay Area Open

Come and join us for the best Bay Area Open, yet! More prizes! More People! More great times!

The grand prize for the 40K Championships: a 1,750 point PAINTED army of the winner's choice, that comes in a custom fit Table War Case!

Fantasy: 1,500 point army of their choice!

Warmahordes: Each day (3 day event) $200 in prizes to the winner, one model of which will be painted by multiple award winning painter, Tyson Koch!

The Winning Team for the 40K Team Event walks away with $400 in prizes!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Last year got rave reviews, and we hope to have more of you join us this year in building what is becoming the largest table top gaming tournament west of Texas.

Hope to see you guys there!
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