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BB Code Tutorial.

Hey guys and gals, and welcome to LO. If you never never been on a forum before, then this guide is for you. Have you noticed all those posts with bold, italic or even underlined text and wondered to yourself how they did that, then I am here to show you. Following you'll find some simple 'commands' in BB code that can be used on the forums.

To follow this guide you have to substitute the ( ) brackets I will be using for the [ ] to make it work on the the forums. And note that there should be no gaps between the bracket and the tag.

So, lets begin.

The basics

The most used BB codes are for bold, italic, underline, links and images. We'll start off with the Bold text.

(b)INSERT TEXT HERE(/b) This is a bolded text

(i)Text(/i) This is italic text

(u)Text(/u) This is underlined text

(color="colour")text(/color) This is coloured Text

(size=5)text(/size) This is different sized text

(Note that the text sizes go from 1 to 7 on LO. 1 being the smallest and 7 the largest)

(quote)text(/quote) This will put text in a special little bubble. It allows to you quote other members. Like so
This is quoted text
(nb: if you want to quote a specific member you just add a =name after the first quote So it would be like= (quote=NAME)text(/quote). And it will look like this:
Kuffy said:
This is quoted text
(strike)text(/strike) This is strike through text

There are also things like lists. There are two type of list, one is a numbered one, the other is a bullet point one. For each one, to add a new entry you have to enter a (*) at the start of a new line, followed by the text.They look like this:

Bullet Point



  • bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3




  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3

You can also centre your text like this:

This is centred text​


Those are basic. You should also note that the letter(s) are not case sensitive. So a B will work just as well as a b will.

The next two are also often used one.

(url)URL(/url) - This will post a link to the target URL. There is a more advanced version of this, and will be highlighted later.

The next one is very common and useful is you plan to be posting images on the forum.

(img)URL(/img) Will put the image straight into the post. But note that the URL has to be to the image, so many sure it ends in .jpg or .gif etc for best effects.

Now, those are the basics. These are slightly more complex codes, done by combining others together!

First of all, should you want to make a link but want to use text rather than the url as the director then, use this code:

(url=URL)TEXT(/url) And would turn out something like so: eg. ( would like like this: LO

If you want to make an image into a link, this is a little bit more complex.

(url=LINK)(img)URL(/img)(/url) And this can be seen in my sig, so for ease...



(Ok.. well for some reason it just links to the image again for me. But the code is right and its the same as my sig. But that is how it works anyway.)

These are pretty much the main pieces of code you'll be using on the forum. There are more, these can mostly be found on the 'tool bar' when you go to advance mode when posting.


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