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So there are 10 or so of us starting a Mordheim campaign with maybe more joining and I have chosen a Beastmen warband to gather wyrdstone in the City of the Damned. My starting warband;


78gc Chieftain - sword and club

51gc Shaman - 2 clubs

51gc Bestigor - 2 clubs

51gc Bestigor - 2 clubs

86gc Centigor - 2 clubs


30gc 2 chaos hounds

82gc 2 Gor - 2 clubs

56gc 2 Ungor - club and dagger

485gc with 15 gold coins spare. Rating = 110 which seems rather high for a starting warband

Whilst I could use those 15 spare gold coins to buy another warhound to start out with I think it might be better to save for more Gors so I can have several groups of 2 Gor and hope for a hero upgrade! As for battle tactics... with no ranged I will have to use terrain to get close to shooting warbands and head straight into the melee against combat ones. The Centigor and warhounds make a nice fast flanking force which I hope to use for getting behind the enemy to target weak ranged troops or vulnerable heroes.

Tomorrow is our playtest day where we are experimenting with our own rules modifications and learning the basics as most of us have not played in a long time or before at all.
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