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Necron Lord Index, a Beginners Guide to the Necron Lord - by Gauss Storm

Hello, in this guide I will go through the do's and don't of the Necron lord war gear, and define some popular terms you see around here.

*Note a veteran player will most likely find this not helpful, this is intended for newcomers to our army.*

So now you have your Necron lord and what to equip him with? at first it is very tempting to go out and give him a solar pulse, resurrection orb, chronometron, and nightmare shroud. But first think about how Necrons work, each unit in the army was designed to suit one role. Now the Necron lord was designed to be adaptable to suit one role, so really give a thought about what role your lord will be playing.

As a general rule of thumb keep your lord cheap unless you really need to max out his 100 point war gear limit.

The popular Necron lord configurations:

1. Flying Circus - veil of darkness

2.Standard Lord - resurrection orb

3. Bug Zapper - destroyer body and a lightning field

4. Wraith Lord - destroyer body, phase shifter, warscythe /staff of light, resurrection orb (resurrection Orb is optional)

The Lord's Equipment

Chronometron - This piece of war gear is not only expensive but highly useless, most people will strongly recommended against it.

Disruption Field - Its cheap but its not very logical, save your points your gauss can do the tank hunting.

Destroyer Body - This is a fairly cheap amount of points and now gives your lord T(6), and faster movement, best used with a unit of wraiths.

Gaze of Flame - Good anti charge bonuses for a foot lord or a flying circus lord, can really make or break your game.

Lightning Field - Can be extremely devastating against low armour saves, and T(3). Best used with a destroyer lord and 10 scarabs, for its cost it's almost a steal against fragile armies (Harlequins say goodbye!)

Nightmare Shroud - Forcing multiple leadership tests against armies such as Tau, Dark Eldar, or Kroot can be very effective. Useful on both a destroyer lord and foot lord although with the amount of fearless armies and high leadership it can be useless most times.

Phase Shifter - Only take this on a "Wraith lord", the invulnerable save is quite nice to go along with the wraiths and will keep him from being too obvious of a target when locked into close combat.

Phylactery - If your a really lucky guy I would only suggest this wargear to you, for the price of a gaze of flame you get much less and like I said it can potentially (and very likely) do nothing.

Warscythe - This is the only weapon option given to the lord, against terminators or when you really wants wounds to go through this is a great buy.

Staff of Light - Is given standard to the lord and provides him a nice all rounder, the ap3 assault 3 is nice to soften up marine squads before a charge from your wraiths and being a power weapon wounds will still be damaging against most things. I would say overall go for the Staff of Light, although the warscythe is still very viable.

Resurrection Orb - More commonly referred to as the "res orb" is far and above the most popular and obvious war gear choice among Necron players. Add resilience to your army and has a nice point cost, not many bad things to say about it.

*Note that Necrons can still be effective without a orb, so feel free to run without one if you feel you do not need it*

Solar Pulse - This is a expensive piece of war gear and is only a one time use in addition users that fail to see you from rolling can still choose another target, so this almost asks your opponent to just check if they can see you. It can be used with your flying circus to prevent the opponents army from just turning around and blowing your 400+ point unit up.

Veil of Darkness - This is probably the second most popular piece of war gear, used best with Immortals this is know as the "flying circus", it allows your lord and a squad to become very mobile. However there is the risk of scattering and randomness involved. Personally I only run it when I really feel the need too, but it can be very deadly.

That concludes my short writing on the beloved Necron Lord.

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Well mind that this is intended for beginners and that what I say is'nt the be all and end all of things, this was written for a general outline of what is good to take with your lord. I often run my lord without a res orb and it works wonderful, but a new player might find giving his wraith lord w/wraiths a res orb a bit more forgiving.
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