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Berserker Sword in Challenges

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This question just came up in my mind:

Does the Berserker Sword give additional attacks in a challenge? Let's say a character charges a 20 model strong unit with a charakter and he challenges him. Does he get 10 additional attacks in the challenge or none?

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So many people read that weapon incorrectly... Read the description carefully, it says for models in BTB so if he didn't challenge, he would get 2 attacks extra maximum not 10.

If he challenged, he would get the attacks based on his direct foe.
He would get the additional attacks based on the unit strength of his opponent in the fight. IE half the unit strength rounded up is the number of additional attacks.

Incidentally, that is why it is worth giving the berserker sword to a character on a daemonic mount as its base size is 50mm. This greatly increases the models in base to base contact.
Uh damn... but thanks anyway...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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