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Berzerker Glaive

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It sates in the updated chaos rules and wargear book that you cannot have any movement upgrades or steeds when using the berzerker galive. So... quick question: Does a bike count as a steed, can a lord on a bike have the glaive?
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Yup, the bike counts as a steed. Having to footslog the whole way does suck, but when he gets into CC it makes up for it.

Just make sure to also give your lord stature and feel no pain etc. basically anything that will keep him alive. Reason being that the glaive makes him lose the nice IC protection, and with a number of attacks that can reach double digits he is bound to get a huge amount of attention. Having a natural toughnes of 5 seriously cuts down the number of insta kill threats.

When I have fielded a glaive lord it has been the most expensive lords I have fielded, tooled to the max! It is fun to do. Does not always work, sometimes he goes down in a blaze of glory in round 1 or 2, but the when he gets to cc... they are gonna know they were in a fight.

Mine was once charged by a large deathcompany once. During my next assault fase my lord cut down the last of them only to be gunned down by meltagun fire from a bike squad.

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Andusciassus said:
You could however give him a terminator armour and deepstrike him.

This is perhaps the best way to use the glaive. Typically, a glaived lord can be controlled at will by your opponent, if they have any landspeeders or fast moving models. When you d.s. the glaived prince, you can usually get him close enough to your opponent's key units, that your opponent does not have time to adjust.

Upgrades for a glaived termi lord:
Daemonic strength
Feel no pain
If you have a cc monster running around with toughnes 4, and you know he is gonna stand still for one round after deep striking you should consider giving him rune. Normally I would never do that, but the odds of losing that cc monster to a lascannon right after deepstriking are very good.

I prefer giving him stature than giving him rune. I'll take natural toughness 5 and strength 5 over never being instakilled most of the time. If you don't plan to play against Eldar or Tau, you don't have much to worry about insta-killing you that doesn't scatter anyway, and that extra toughness will make you harder to wound, not to mention the WS bonus you get from having stature.
Glaive makes him a big target so keep him cheap:

Glaive, Stature, Frags and maybe strength and visage is all I could see putting on something like that.
One of the funniest, most inventive things I've ever seen run with a Berzerker's Glaive -

Lord: Glaive; Terminator Armour; Chainfist; Feel No Pain; Daemonic Strength; Collar of Khorne; Furious Charge. The player also ran a Daemonic Rune, but I would've probably left it at home.

The player Deep Struck the Lord near a Teleport Homer that was near a unit closing in on a Land Raider. The opponent asked why he showed up over there, and the reply was,

"I didn't want to risk losing him to a bad scatter, so I went with the Teleport Homer."

The opponent felt that a Strength 6 had absolutely no chance of harming that Land Raider, so ignored the Glaived Lord. Next turn, the Land Raider took nine Strength 10 + 2d6 Penetration attacks. It did not survive.
Gotta watch out for those hidden chainfists.....
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