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Well i was just sitting at my desk yesterday, painting, as usual. When all of a sudden my mind started working overtime and churned out all these neat phrases and stuff.
Well i wrote a poem (did'nt think i'd ever do that).
So here's the poem, please tell me what you think ;)

Meus Vita

Memories of my life.
The rise and fall of the axe,
the thrust of the blade,
the impact of armored fists.
All of these actions bring pain to others.
All of them end lives, crush bones, break souls.
Nothing can justify the destruction they reign.
But what would i be withouth them?
A man running, hoping not to fall.
A defenseless child cowering in the corner hoping not to be found.
I shall not allow that to happen.
I shall justify my actions.
I shall not cower, i shall not run.
I shall stand proud and meet my foes head on with righteous force.
I shall bring them pain, crush their bones, break their souls.
I shall revel in their slaughter and bathe in their blood.
And their screams for mercy shall go unheard.
This is the purpose of my life.
A life in which there is no respite.
A life if endless violence, death, slaughter and pain.
Where hundreds die by my hand each day.
It is a cycle i can not break, willing or not.
Each day i wake up after all the slaughter, caked in the blood of my enemies.
Only to have it begin all over again.

Pity me....

Written by Unknown Khornate Berzerker (see ref. file 0456.897). This poem was found etched into a World Eaters shoulder guard found at Terra.

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mmm decent poem but i doubt a World Eater would spend any time thinking about poetry.

War to us is holy
We sacrifice our blood
War to us is holy
We bleed for ancient Gods
- the war chant of Carcaroth's forces.

heres a good berserker's song called 'With out Fear' by Amon Amarth.

I see
Without fear my destiny
As the raging skies begins to fade
Pouring rain
Licks my wounds as my blood flows
From my torn flesh!

As I die
I hold my sword
My only friend
And pray that Oden
Will take me home

The battle rages
But I hear only raindrops falling
in slow motion to the ground

Death release me
Free me from my earthly pain
Oden I ask thee please
Take me home

As I look
To the sky the heaven is lit
And Valkyries in shining armour

I rest my head
On the ground
And close my eyes
And I know that Oden's
sent for me
As I die

Without fear I die
I hold my sword
And die
Without fear

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Where it was found is a hint to why a Berzerker would write a poem. This is the first bit of fluff for my Pre-heresy World Eater squad.
The World Eaters didnt just go insane overnight, it was a proccess aided by Horus. So this World Eater etched this in his shoulder guard before they slipped into Chaos. Then he was killed at the Gates of Terra and it was recovered after the battle.
On my drawing-board there is a pre-heresy World Eater squad which is hunting down their fallen brethren (dark angel style).
The Pre-heresy World Eaters were every bit the space marine as, for instance, the Ultramarines. And they had their great poets as well.
Here is another one.

My body is the puppet.
My rage the master.
My mind the helpless audience.

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Maybe a Word Bearer wrote it on a World Eater's shoulder guard when he was asleep :p !
Here's another:

Insane slaughter, brave soldiers.
Banners drenched in blood.
Swords dripping with blood.
Unlimited carnage, brave soldiers.
Blood for the war god.
Skulls for Khorne, the warriors god!

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See us rise we're few but strong, We'll crack your f*cking teeth, And feed you with your twisted tongue , Until you cannot breathe
The fury makes our eyes see red, It burns within our hearts, Soon you'll all be stone cold dead , We'll tear your souls apart!
We show no mercy to man or beast, Not even death can set you free.....

Death! Sweet death, relieve me from this world. Death! Sweet death, relieve me, relieve

actually the World Eaters were psycho bloodthirsty berserks before they worshipped khorne, all because of their wonderful use of psycho surgery and brain implants.

what do ya mean hunt us down??? you will join us, it's iny our blood and if you wont then that's another skull for Khorne.

the ultimate berserker poem:

Blood for the Blood God!
Skulls for the Skull Throne!

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Quite true they were extreme, power armored, killing machines in battle, but the implants must've had a pacify-mode, or a off switch. Otherwise they wouldnt be able to do anything other than kill. Which is all fine and dandy while in battle, but what if they have to stand guard duty over a planet? or attend a parade in praise to the Emperor? Then they'd just gone berzerk and that wouldnt have worked at the time.
Ofcourse now they can go berzerk whenever they want, but back then....

Here's an addon to the poem, a prelude if you will.

3rd Kathaan
I can see it happening, i can feel it myself. The Rage is becoming more hard to control. I wake up covered in somebody elses blood, not knowing how it got there or who it is from. I am.....i am afraid. I dont want to hurt these people, they are assigned to my care and i mustn't fail them.

6th Kathaan
I tried to lock myself in but i woke up in an alley. When i went back, the door was off its hinges, broken into pieces.

7th Kathaan
I've talked to my Brothers, they say it happens to them too. But they assure me it is Angrons will, it is his divine gift to us all.
I am not one to dispute Angron, who's divine teachings bring us victory in battle and death to our foes. But this seems wrong somehow.

9th Kathaan
Brother Okeri is dead. I woke next to his corpse, his throat torn out. Blood caked my gauntlet and my blade was awashed with gore. I can't take it anymore, i must find out what is happening. I shall pray to the Emperor for guidance.

10th Kathaan
I spoke with the Eccliesarchy priest. He told me this was all the Emperors divine will, and that if this was somthing bad Angron would surely correct it. This calmed my worries. Angron would not allow failure in his Warriors, and if he saw nothing wrong with this then this was normal. He also gave me a small aquilla amulet, i wear it close to my heart.

13th Kathaan
Angron spoke to us. He has commanded us a most sacred task. He said that the Emperor must be made too understand that without Chaos humanity will fall. and that is why we have been succoming to the rage. The local populace is ignorant, and we have been purging the weak. He commanded that we must march to Terra immediately. My Brothers all raised their voices as one and praised Angron. All except me. I saw clearly now what had happened. My Brothers, my Lord Primarch. They're armor was smeared with blood, they're weapons all unsheated and carried loosely in one hand. We boarded the transports and headed out. I pray to the Emperor that he makes Angron aware of his folly, i pray my Brothers see how wrong this is and i pray i can ward off the rage.

Unknown. Terra
I dont know how long it has been, the rage has claimed me so many times. I can see Terra, oh holy Terra. I am glad i wear my helmet, my Brothers cant see my tears. We will land within the hour, the battle has begun. I can not leave my Brothers. There are 9 of us that can see the wrongness here. We shall try to do what we can to aid the God-Emperor.
Forgive me Angron.

Well that was the basic idea.

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Ure all sick and i love it

Only in darkness will i speak
riddles are my game
to trust no one out side is to show no weakness
to hide that wich u protect is strength
to live in lonleyness is safety
to controll others is strength of will
to make others belive u are gone
That is the way of Alphareus
the way of the Alpha legion

If u cant tell i play Alpha legion deception is my game

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A little Berzerker poem from a Libras Eternal Khornate cult:

The blood, it flows like a great crimson river,
Our essences shake and our souls they all shiver.
Our rage is not small, and our blades are not dull,
We lust after carnage, slaughter and skulls.
We praise our dark god with battle and blood,
We smash down our enemies into the mud.
So pick up thy weapons, thy pistols and swords,
And worship lord Khorne with all-righteous war!

--Khornate Battle Litany, circa 985.M36

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I'm not much of a poet but I like to listen to Metal. So what about this then. It's from the song Hand Of Doom by ManOwaR.

"I see the fear you have inside
you can run but never hide
I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb
Nothing shall remain not your memory, your name
It will be as though you never, ever lived"

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Yeah I dig that poem i wrote. Thought it all up off the top of my head, and I'm surprised you all liked it. I'll see if I can write a couple more.

Cragg, nice poem. :D

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Hey Cragg I am not of a poet either or by any chance a lit person, but I like metal music, alot (more of the hardcore metal though), but I have found 2 verses that are violent and maybe would fit this forum section. Here is the verse and if it isn't good then tell me: (warning the verses has some cusing, so I will trying to cut off alot of the words so little kids won't know the word)

...Your impossible ego f*** is like a
Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue
You f***in' touch me I will rip you apart
I'll reach in and take a bite out of that
S*** you call a heart...

written by SLIPKNOT

If that isn't violent then here is another from the same band:

...Everybody hates me now, so f*** it
Blood's on my face and my hands, and I
Don't know why, I'm not afraid to cry
But that's none of your business
Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it?
Spin it around so i can spit in its face
I wanna leave without a trace
Cuz I don't wanna diein this place

Also to give you guys an heads up poems don't need to rhyme to be called poems.

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Now all these poems are just fantastic... although they might give a shock to any normal shrink out there... and maybe put us all in some forgotten locked up place out there...

very good poems...

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hehehe, i got a khornate poem for ya:

burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill, burn, maim, kill,

-kharn the betrayer

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I am the harvester of hearts
I tear heads apart
My hungry battleaxe
Is my only companion
I am enslaved to his dominion
In his name I shall drink from your
ripe skull
on the virgin soil you shall bleed
fulfill his only need
for the weak are my prizes to claim
their hollow bones are mine to maim
me and my hungry battleaxe
trough our unblinking eyes
All we see is foes to slay
to him the weak shall pay
in blood and broken bone
My hungry battleaxe and me
we are alone

Performed live accoustic by Jim Morrison, Woodstock 1971.

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What the?

I'd forgotten about this thread...
You know why?


Please, if you want to talk berzerker poetry either use PM or just make a new thread.
And rengaw, that's spam and you know it.

*levels mod bolter*

"Die devil!"

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