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Best(cheapest) Army Container?

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Just wondering what you people use or what you would say is the best or cheapest box or container(for carrying)for armies. Whether it be for a big army, small army, or units AND vehichles. The GW case's are good but the problem they cost 30-50 pounds (generally 52-87 us dollars) I'm sure this thread will help several other people looking for the same thing. If you have any good ideas for something that works well, is protective, and doesn't cost over 80 dollars please let us know..
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Plastic Stackable containers

It sounds kinda cheesy, but I use plastic stackable containers, the cheap kind of tupperware(c). Generally I find that most are deep enough to have most models standing up, and alot can be packed into one container. Larger models, like my broodlord, I have to lay down, but I make sure that there's some packing. Put all the containers and codexes into a book bag (I've got a nice canvas bag (open topped) that was made for textbooks and has a flat bottom). Then take to wherever you're going. I guess I could be a bit more safe on how they're packed, but I tend not to throw them all over the place. Anyway I've got 20 termagaunts stuck in one box, and they don't move at all ;-).

That's my $0.02. Always looking for better suggestions.
Two easy words...Egg Cartons--guys fit right inside and each have an individual space. Then you plop those in bozex and off you guy. For larger base guys I use fruit boxes with dividers built in, and my tanks I continually change the system but for mow I have a chimera box with a foam X-cutout the divides it into regions so that it holds four tanks.
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