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As we all know, at the moment there is a great deal of unbalance in the game of Warhammer - here is what I would say are the army rankings, best to worst from what I observe.

1 Daemons of Chaos
2 Dark Elves
3 Vampire Counts
4 Lizards
5 Skaven
6 High Elves
7 Warriors of Chaos
8 Empire
9 Wood Elves
10 Dwarfs
11 Tomb Kings
12 Beasts of Chaos
13 Brets
14 Orcs & Goblins
15 Ogres
16 Dogs Of War

Note all the top armies can take a great deal of magic, and have army wide special rules like demon ward saves, vampires ItP and dark elves hatred.

Who else agrees with my musing and is annoyed by the 'army beats army' metagame going on at the moment? Things were much more balanced last edition but during the credit crunch GW had to keep upping the armies to keep competetive players on their toes.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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