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Evening Lo

Having my first bfg gam in aaaaages against an IN fleet.

My fleet:
2 x Lumars, Squadrend
2 x Dicators, Squadrend (Fleet Admerail)
5 x Cobras, Squadrend
Total - 1000pts

His fleet
2 x Lunars, Squadrend (Fleet Admeral)
3 x Dominators, All seperate
Total - 980pts

Nova Cannons :(
My first and only real game was a loss to eldar so havn't come across the NC yet but doen't look nice. My big advantage is torps and bombers but with all those st 12 batteries even getting in close will be a problem.

Tips anyone?


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Well, keep in mind that NCs are a front-arc only weapon, so getting around to the sides will strip him of a lot of his firepower. You also have air superiority, so if you keep hammering home with bombers you should more than make up for the difference in batter strengths. Your Torps are going to be just about useless though - if you can come around once you're lines close you can start getting off some point-blank shots, but that's going to be hard to do without using "Come to New Heading" and lining yourself up for a very sudden crippling.

I would swing wide with the Cobras, and try to get them into his rear fire-arc. That should be all you need to start pounding torpedoes into the rear of his ships and punishing him for not having any bombers to get the easy kills on your escorts. If there's any way that you could get another Cobra in there, to get 2 squads of 3, you'd be in much better shape. Right now, you're 1 solid broadside away from him daisy-chaining your whole squadron. In fact, I'd also split your Lunars into a pair of ships, to prevent the same "overspill" damage and to let you out maneuver him.
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