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BFG painting competition: Turn Counters

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Hello one and all, time for another BattleFleet Gothic competition!

The theme this time - Turn Counters

There is nothing that sets off an army quite like a specially made turn counter. When people see you've made one to go with your army/fleet, they know you mean business!

You could use the turn counter for 40K as well as BFG - as a friendly vessel directing the battle from orbit. It will be a talking point every time you use it! BFG players could even have the counter participating in the battle! It does not have to be complex - as simple as a ship that rotates to point at an array of numbers painted on its base. Or else it could be as complex as you want; your imagination is the limit!

Post you images in this thread when you're done. Closing date is Sunday 14th December 2008. Good luck!


1. One submission per member. Entries can consist of one 'capital' size ship or equivalent, or up to six 'escort' sized ships or equivalent.

2. Any model or scratch build can be used, but it must be a BFG-esque - i.e. spaceship, planets, space stations etc.

3. Two pictures per entry. Pictures must comply with LO size rules (max 700 pixels across!). Montage images allowed.

4. The organisers have the right to refuse an entry if it doesn't fit the criteria for the competition.

5. Submissions will be placed into a separate thread in which voting will take place.

6. The competition will close on 14/12/2008 as 23:59. All entries to be submitted on or before this time.

7. Please ask me if you have any questions or need clarification! Thats what this thread is for:)

Good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing your entries!

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Interesting idea.

Howevere the most simple idea is outside the BFG universe: A Borg cube....
Great to see you getting involved guys. Any more takers?

im interested to see what these are completely lost a horrible procrastinator and already planning on failing to complete an entry to another compitition ill just wait to see what you guys churn out

good luck buddies may your assimilation be pain free =D
Im really annoyed about this, I was all revved up to go, ordered my ship and everything, and im STILL waiting for it to arrive :(
I don't really have much in terms of BFG, but I'll cook something up.
I'm going to unstick this for now. If interest picks up, we can stick it again.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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