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One of my friends is planning to start playing Eldar Biel-Tan. Is the list he has made competitive (as a starting list, he will grow it to 1500 pts in time)? Any advice is welcome!

Farseer (1)
* Guide & Mindwar
* Spirit Stones
* Singing Spear

Vyper (1)
* Bright Lance

Warp Spiders (6)
Howling Banshees (6) - - Transported in Falcon
* Incl. Exarch with Executioner
Fire Dragons (6)
Dark Reapers (3)

Support Weapon Battery (1)
* D-Cannon
Falcon (1) - - Transport for the Howling Banshees
* Starcannon
* Spirit Stone
* Holofield
Wraithlord (1)
* Starcannon

The list should be exactly 1000 points. The main opponents are Space Marines, Iron Warriors (thats me! :w00t: ) and Necrons...Many T4/3+ save units....

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Good work, IAmAngel!

I am not sure that my friend will drop those Dark Reapers though - he loves the models and all of us SM/CSM/Necron players are afraid of them (6 S5/AP3 shots/turn - "Guided" by a Farseer...) - if he gets them into cover in a bunker or similar, they can eat T4/3+ models for breakfast!

I am sure that my friend will consider all other changes that you recommend though!!
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