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Biel-tan Eldar vs. Black Templars, 1600 Points, Gamma level Cleanse



Farseer 1
Fortune, shuriken pistol, ghosthelm, rune armor, singing spear

Farseer 2
Mind war, shuriken pistol, witchblade, ghosthelm, rune armor

Guardian Defenders
14 Eldar, shuriken catapults
Starcannon weapon platform with 2 defenders armed with shuriken catapults
Warlock with embolden, shuriken pistol, rune armor, singing spear

Striking Scorpion Squad 1
5 Striking Scorpions
Mandiblaster, shuriken pistol, chainsword, haywire and plasma grenades
Exarch with scorpion claw, mandiblaster, shuriken pistol, haywire and plasma grenades

Striking Scorpion Squad 2
5 Striking Scorpions
Mandiblaster, shuriken pistol, chainsword, haywire and plasma grenades
Exarch with scorpion claw, mandiblaster, shuriken pistol, haywire and plasma grenades

Fire Dragons
5 Fire Dragons
Fusion gun and melta bombs
Exarch with fire pike and melta bombs
Mounted in a wave serpent with twin-linked bright lances and spirit stones.

Vyper 1
Starcannon, twin-linked shuriken catapults, and spirit stones

Vyper 2
Missile launcher, twin-linked shuriken catapults, and spirit stones

Falcon 1
Pulse Laser, starcannon, twin-linked shuriken catapults, holo-field, and spirit stones

Falcon 1
Pulse Laser, starcannon, twin-linked shuriken catapults, holo-field, and spirit stones

Dark Reapers
2 Dark Reapers, reaper launchers
Exarch with missile launcher and fast shot



Crusader Seals, holy orb of antioch, rosarius, bolt pistol, crozius arcanum, jump pack, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Emperor's Champion
Crusader seals, the black sword, bolt pistol, armor of faith, frag grenades, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Venerable Dreadnought
Assault cannon, dreadnought ccw, heavy flamer, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Sword Brethren Terminators
5 Terminators, storm bolter (x4), power fist (x3), chainfist (x2), assault cannon, cyclone missile launcher, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Land Speeder
Multi-melta, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Black Templar Assault Squad 9 Marines, bolt pistol & ccw (x6), bolt pistol & power fist, plasma pistol & ccw (x2), frag grenades, krak grenades, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Crusader Squad 1
6 Marines, bolt pistol & ccw (x4), plasma cannon, plasmagun, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Crusader Squad 2
8 Marines, bolt pistol & ccw (x6), bolt pistol & power fist, meltagun, abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Crusader Squad 3
6 Marines, bolt pistol & ccw (x4), missile launcher, plasmagun; abhor the witch, destroy the witch

Land Raider Crusader
Hurricane bolters (x2), multi-melta, twin-linked assault cannon, blessed hull, machine spirit, smoke launchers, abhor the witch, destroy the witch



The land raider's driver halted the vehicle abruptly. After days of pursuing the wretched Eldar, they had trapped their quarry. The aliens had stopped running and were arrayed upon the field before the Black Templar forces. He caught glimpses of their fighting vehicles, skulking behind various structures and natural features. Now, at long last, the righteous crusaders would scour the filthy warp-tainted creatures from this world.

I won the role for table quarters and picked a side that gave me some line of sight the 1st turn, but also provided cover to my vehicles. It was very tempting to take a different quarter, the one with the copse of trees. The superior lanes of fire are what convinced me to take the quarter that I did. The striking scorpion squads began the game inside the falcons. The fire dragons began inside their wave serpent, along with both farseers. I placed my big unit of guardian defenders out in the open, where they would be an inviting target. Heck, it is seventeen wounds, right?

Bill positioned himself to take advantage of cover. His land raider crusader was dead center, close as it could come. Quite a menacing thing to have right in your face. With its extra protection from the blessed hull, I had designated it as a target for one of my scorpion squads. I just needed to get them there without being mauled. My fall back plan was to use the fire dragons against the tank.

The map after deployment

Symbol legend

Picture of the board after deployment

The land raider's front ramp dropped at the same moment that its fearsome weaponry opened fire. The terminators were firing as soon as the portal opened, storm bolters spraying the hapless Eldar who had chosen to stand and fight. Then the assault cannon spun up, matching the roar of the cannon mounted on the land raider. Guardians spun through the air, killed by the hail of steel. The last survivor, a twice-damned warp fiend known as a warlock, was chewed to pieces by nearly two hundred rounds of high velocity slugs.

Bill moves forward, but is keeping Crusader Squad 3 back to provide cover fire and hold that board quarter. The land raider disgorges the terminators. The land raider, venerable dreadnought, and terminator squad wiped out the guardian defenders utterly with a mass of heavy fire. His land speeder zips around the trees, looking to take some cover until it can get close enough to fire. Crusader Squad 1 fired its plasma cannon at the dark reapers, but was barely out of range.

The farseer led the fire dragons out of the wave serpent, her mind a worrisome mass of anger at the senseless death. The brave warlock had been selected to meet with the under evolved apes and parley. Instead, the mon-keighs opened fire upon seeing the warlock and her honor guard. The fire dragon exarch focused his firepike on a nearby terminator. The hulking figure shook and a squealing sound emanated from it, along with a mass of steam. The sound reminded the farseer of cooking the lobster-analogs which populated this world's many seas, but the smell accompanying the slaughter was far from enjoyable. With a grimace the farseer focused her mind on the assault cannon-wielding terminator that was spraying fire into the few guardians that moved. She wrenched at his motor cortex, giving up finesse for sheer power and speed. He crumpled, conscious, but with no ability to control his body. Nor would he ever again.

Everybody moves up. Fire dragons are fortuned. They and the farseers disembark (Farseer 1 detaches from the squad, which was the wrong choice. I should have detached both.) and the fire dragons kill two terminators with their shooting. Farseer 2 kills the assault cannon terminator with mind war. The wave serpent stunned the dreadnought with its bright lances. Falcon 1 hits the terminators once out of 6 shots, then fails to wound. Vyper 2 failed to hit the land raider. The dark reapers fire on Crusader 1 and the two reapers miss every shot. The exarch hit both times, but only wounded one (dead Marine). Falcon 2 fires on Crusader 1 and kills one. Vyper 1 kills another in Crusader 1 with its starcannon. The terminators, responding to the shooting, charge 6" forward toward the fire dragons.

The map after turn 1

Picture of the board after turn 1

The Black Templar caught clear sight of an enemy skimmer trying to escape a hail of assault cannon rounds that chewed away the pulse laser. Though the tank was nearly 400 meters away and moving fast, the Marine locked onto it with his missile launcher and depressed the firing mechanism. The missile arced perfectly through the sky, impacting at the back of the turret. Inside the turret, the Eldar gunner was deafened by the explosion. Smoke arose from the control panel as the circuits burned out.

Bill's land raider crusader destroys Falcon 1's pulse laser, then Crusader 3 blows off the starcannon. The land speeder failed to hurt the wave serpent (thank you energy shield). Crusader 1's plasma cannon bounced off of Falcon 2. The terminators killed 1 fire dragon with shooting, then charged and killed 2 more in hand to hand. The eldar caused wounds in return, but could not get past the terminators' heavy armor.

Struggling to ward off the steady and masterful attacks by the terminators, the farseer was inwardly meditating in preparation for the death of her mortal body. Then, unexpectedly, the two remaining fire dragons jumped forward into the mon-keighs. Jamming the barrels of their fusion guns under the opponents' chins, they fired. Both terminators' helmets exploded.

Fire dragons are fortuned again. Vyper 1 kills a member of the assault squad with its starcannon. The dark reapers continue to perform under par, but barely kill off the last three Marines in Crusader 1. Vyper 2 fires on the land speeder, but fails to hit. Falcon 2 also goes after the land speeder; it misses with the pulse laser and the two starcannon hits are ineffective. The wave serpent hit the dreadnought, could not hurt it. In the melee, the farseer and fire dragon exarch could not hit the terminators, but both normal fire dragons did, both wounded, and the terminators failed the saves. Wow.

The map after turn 2

Picture of the board after turn 2

Leading the assault squad, the chaplain suddenly pointed at the harassing jetbike. The Marines stopped and peppered the vehicle with bolt pistol fire. As the vyper sped away, the Eldar gunner could be seen hanging lifeless in the straps that held him in place behind the starcannon. "Praise to the Emperor!" the chaplain roared, then jumped forward. He had seen death lurking amongst the storage buildings ahead. Death that wore Eldar bodies with skull faces. He would conquer death.

The assault squad moved up and returned fire against Vyper 1, destroying its starcannon. The land raider and dreadnought shoot at the fire dragons, leaving only the exarch and Farseer 2. The land speeder missed Vyper 2. A missile from Crusader 3 hit Falcon 2, but the spirit stones saved me from a stunned result when I rolled a 6.

Inside the falcon's troop compartment, the striking scorpion exarch removed his bare hand from the small ball of wraithbone that was near the exit hatch. While touching it, he could see all around the fighting vehicle via the limited infinity circuit. He pulled back on his armored glove, still able to feel the presence of the farseer. The old male Eldar was out there, nearly in the shadow of the land raider. He had told the exarch that it must be destroyed. The massive mon-keigh tank was only forty yards away, barely a ten second sprint for the Eldar. The exarch spoke to his disciples, "Follow me! Use your haywire grenades to destroy the treekillers' land raider!"

The falcon paused and the hatch flashed open. Immediately, the scorpions were out and dashing through the open toward the land raider. As one they armed and threw grenades. The projectiles hit the tank, bounced, but then were pulled back onto the armored surface by magnetism. Each detonated, sending focused EMP surges through the vehicle. The feed system for the assault cannon malfunctioned, causing an explosion in the ammo magazine. The land raider crusader was gutted by the huge detonation. Sadly, the striking scorpion exarch was decapitated by shrapnel thrown out from the blast. His days of teaching the ways of the warrior were over.

Farseer 2 and fire dragon exarch are fortuned. My wave serpent moves behind the dreadnought and destroys its assault cannon. The fire dragon exarch also hit it and destroys the DCCW. Farseer 1 throws his singing spear at the land raider, glanced, and shook the massive tank. Striking Scorpion 1 disembarked and assaulted the land raider with their haywire grenades, causing it to explode. The exarch and a normal scorpion died. Vyper 2 finally hits something, glancing the land speeder and destroying it. Falcon 2 unloaded its pulse laser and starcannon into Crusader Squad 2, killing three. The dark reapers killed three more of Crusader 2 as well. Crusader 2 charges after Vyper 1 in retaliation.

The map after turn 3

Picture of the board after turn 3

The chaplain landed directly in front of the dark reapers. He could almost see surprise in their skull masks as he brought up his bolt pistol and fired, sending a stream of heavy slugs into the upper torso and chest of the closest Eldar. It crumpled, discharging its reaper launcher into the ground and sending a shower of dirt into the air. As another of the unclean creatures fell to firing from the assault squad, the chaplain charged forward. He knocked aside the Eldar's futile attempt to block with the reaper launcher, then crushed its skull and spirit stone with his crozius arcanum. The blessed weapon dripped gore and small shards of skull and helmet as he raised it into the air. The chaplain turned to his Marines, shouting, "Death to the witch!" The victorious crusaders joined him, their voices sweeping away the tainted miasma with their faith.

The assault squad and chaplain kill two reapers with shooting, then assault and kill the exarch. The emperor's champion assaults Scorpion 1 and kills two. They cannot hurt him in return. The dreadnought heavy flamered the fire dragon exarch to death. It then assaulted Farseer 2 (it and the exarch had been the same unit). The farseer shook it with her witchblade and took a wound in return. Crusader Squad 3 used its plasma and missiles against the wave serpent, but could not damage the vehicle (there was a shaken result, but the spirit stones took over). Unfortunately, the plasma gun overheated and killed the Marine holding it. The remaining two members of Crusader 2 could not hurt Vyper 1 with either shooting or melee.

The farseer fought the dreadnought, testing its defenses and trying to slip her witchblade into a vital area, but the Marine's spirit was a veteran of hundreds of combats. She had seen two paths before her as the dreadnought charged. One led back to the craftworld, though her right leg would be forever lame. She saw herself teaching warlocks the secrets of the warp and later meeting a lost child she had not seen in nearly a thousand years. The other path led to death. Whatever the divergence of the paths, she knew it was quickly approaching.

Farseer 1 fortune's himself. Falcon 2 kills a member of the assault squad. They lucked out with their cover saves. Vyper 2 goes right back to missing with its missile launcher. The wave serpent nails one of the Marines in the bunker (Crusader 3) with its bright lances, but he makes his cover save. Farseer 2 and the dreadnought could not hurt each other in hand to hand. The emperor's champion kills off the last two striking scorpions and consolidates toward Farseer 2. Farseer 1 jumps aboard Falcon 1, to gain some protection and mobility.

The map after turn 4

Picture of the board after turn 4

The emperor's champion slew his final opponent, the blade finally coming to rest from a perfect execution of cutting the wheat before the last striking scorpion fell dead. He saw a foul Eldar witch only thirty yards away, darting back and forth in front of the consecrated dreadnought. Pulling his blade back and to the right, he ran forward as the rushing wind and shouted a challenge. The farseer turned to the sound, bringing her blade into a simple guard stance, but such an elementary defense was none at all to such as the Black Templar hero. The black blade swept forward and up in a graceful arc, spring rainbow turning into the guarded whirlwind. The Eldar's head was cut in two from her chin to the top of her skull, then her torso severed at the waist.

Crusader 3 destroys the wave serpent with a missile (immobilized, moving fast). Shooting from the assault squad destroyed Vyper 2 as well, also immobilized while moving fast. The emperor's champion charged in and killed the farseer who was fighting the dreadnought. The chaplain went after the remaining vyper, but could not damage it with shooting.

The falcon's pilot felt the farseer's touch; the contact brought immediate knowledge of what was needed. With a grin, the pilot turned his tank and brought it lower to the ground. The vehicle swung close to the emperor's champion, the anti-gravity field and weight of its passage sending the mon-keigh killer tumbling head over tail across the ground. During the encounter, the Marine's black armor barely came into contact with the vehicle. There was an almost electric shock and the champion could feel the raw emotions, carried by the wraithbone circuits, spilling from the Eldar pilot. To the human, it was like tasting pure wine after years of drinking only water. The sheer intensity and depth of the Eldar's soul was terrifying. With a shriek, the emperor's champion threw himself away from the hideous occult artifact.

The farseer breathed out a sigh of relief as the falcon intervened between him and the deadly mon-keigh warrior. Then he took careful aim and cast his spear at the nearby dreadnought. It struck true, plunging into the walker's thigh as if the armor was soft earth. Seconds later it disappeared, called back through the warp to reappear in the farseer's open hand.

Farseer 1 fortune's himself and disembarks. Falcon 1 (largely weaponless) tank shocks the emperor's champion. He breaks and runs. Farseer 1 hit the dreadnought with his singing spear and immobilized it. Falcon 2 kills off the last two members of Crusader 2, because they look lonely way over there. Scorpion 2 disembarked and attacked the assault squad, killing three and losing two in return.

The map after turn 5

Picture of the board after turn 5

The Emperor's Champion stopped running, suddenly ashamed at his lack of faith in the Emperor and the strength that the lord of men lent to his sword arm. With a strangled cry, he whipped his blade over his head and charged the xenos tank. Nothing could possibly withstand the righteous power behind the blessed sword. He carefully timed his swing; he would place all of his strength and body's inertia behind the blow.

The falcon pilot, seeing the seemingly insane mon-keigh warrior intent on attacking the tank with his sword, used a gentle nudge to edge the advanced fighting machine higher in the air. It smoothly rose to six meters off the ground. The Black Templar champion leapt into the air and wildly slashed with his sword, but could not reach the eldar vehicle by mere inches. With a smile, the eldar began dipping the tank, putting the front or rear low enough that the inbred human could strike it with his sword. However, each time the Emperor's champion jumped, the pilot quickly leveled off and the target was suddenly just out of reach.

The taunting only goaded the zealot into more elaborate acrobatic displays. The Marine jumped into the air, swinging his sword in an arc and pirouetting. He screamed, begged, and took his helmet off as thick froth flecked his lips and chin. Soon, the champion fell down after a spastic leap, thrashing around in a fit of rage like an infant. "Are they all so wild and stupid?" inquired the gunner, who had given up on repairing the damage done to his fire control system. "Yes, but this one can jump really well." responded the pilot. "What?" said the gunner.

Crusader 3 hits Falcon 2 with a missile and shakes it. Curses, no shooting from that highly effective tank on the last turn! The emperor's champion rallies and charges Falcon 1, but cannot hit the skimmer. The dreadnought flamers Farseer 1, but does not wound. The chaplain charges in to help the assault squad against Scorpion 2. After the bloody round only the chaplain, the powerfist-wielding Marine sergeant, and the striking scorpion exarch are left.

With a burst of energy reminiscent of his youth, the farseer sprinted toward the flame-spewing Marine dreadnought. His pulse rang in his ears as he sprang over a piece of wreckage, driving the wraithbone spear deep into the heart of the armored walker and through the entombed Marine. The dreadnought immediately slumped to the ground. The farseer stood atop the ruined war machine, savoring the moment and the river of life that coursed through him. Then, he let the torrent subside and summoned the pilot of the damaged falcon. He was ready to leave this place of death.

Farseer 1 fortune's himself. The farseer charges the dreadnought and destroys it with his singing spear. The chaplain kills the striking scorpion exarch. Some quick moves and I hold three table quarters with my 2 falcons and the vyper.

The map after turn 6

Farseer 1 (unharmed), Falcon 1 (pulse laser and starcannon destroyed), Falcon 2 (undamaged), Vyper 1 (starcannon destroyed)

Emperor's champion (unharmed), chaplain (unharmed), sergeant from the assault squad, Crusader Squad 3 (five still alive).

VICTORY POINTS: Eldar 2288 points, Black Templar 1460 points.

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nice win did it seem close to you it seemed it to me, but I wish the Bts had won a little more VPs or had wiped you out,srry I play BTs just that i would add that but what can i do you seem to be a better player then me so I take that back.

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i like seeing the bt's cop it .....maybe cus i can't seem to do it myself nice job. (especially like the tantrum of the emporer's champ it justifies my veiw of him as the emporers whiny b!tch)

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This was a pretty close game. If I had not been able to grab those table quarters with the falcon and vyper, he would have had more points than me. Granted, the small points difference would have made it a tie, but it was being able to zip 2' that allowed me to snag those last quarters.

I probably should have used the one falcon to whittle down the assault squad on turn 5, instead of finishing off the one tactical squad that was already under scoring and way off to the side. I just thought that the scorpions could handle the assault Marines all by themselves. Well, they probably could have, except the chaplain jumped into the fray.

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Nice battle report and win. I liked how you seperated the fluff and the actual game. It makes it confusing when they're combined (I think).

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I'll have to play the Templars with my Tyranids a few times before I make judgements on them as a chapter. Still something of a new player with my Eldar. However, I will say that the charging forward after taking casualties from shooting can be used against them. It makes it difficult for the Templars to have effective fire support squads, so they have to rely more on vehicles or a dreadnought for the role.

The Emperor's Champion seems pretty fearsome in CC. I had given up on killing him and was just trying to keep him for inflicting much damage on me. The firepower I had left I wanted to spend on reducing the scoring units that were around. That was why I was so disappointed in my effect on the one squad in the bunker. Of course, they were in a bunker - they were going to be hard to hurt. I was hoping to inflict one wound and cause them to charge out of the bunker at me.

Striking Scorpions with a scorpion-claw wielding exarch do very well against Marines. If it had not been for the chaplain coming to help, that assault squad would have lost the fight. I am probably going to boost my Striking Scorpion squads in size and mount them in Wave Serpents. The Fire Dragons will start utilizing the Falcons for transport.

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Badmovies, if you want you could post your list in the Eldar army list section and I'm sure we Eldar players wouldn't mind helping making if stronger if you want :yes:
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