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Big Mutant WIPs

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I really enjoy converting models I'll never use (kinda expensive, but hey)
This is a pair of Big Mutants for a Lost and the Damned army. (still WIP, got to get out the greenstuff and paint)
I got the inspiration from Andusciassus' Big Mutant that he posted WIPs of the other week, I just went in a slightly different direction with them.
First up is my version of the Heavy Stubber Mutant. He's had a Stubber grafted onto what remains of his left arm, I've also included an ammo box that will be strapped to his back, and an ammo feed running to the stubber. He's also got a bionic eye replacement, just cause he's tough.

Next up is Fireman Sam, he totes around a Flamer unit, with the barrels strapped to his back (after I get out the greenstuff). I also decided to give him a fireman's hook as a CCW, I know it's big, but it fits the look. He's wearing some fire protection gear, but I might end up scupting some more
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That stubbers nasty!
As said before, you should get out the green stuff and make them look chaosy.:yes:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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