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Bigger base=longer range.

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According to the manneger at my local GW its perfectly legal to make the bases on your models as large as you want and for shooting purposes you measure form the edge of the base. Whats there to stop people form makeing Dreadnought with gigantic bases and having a long range assault cannon?:wacko:
Or even give a vet sergeant a large base so He can powerfist anything in a CC?
This just dosent seam right...
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Yes, but you have the problem that the base counts as part of the model - meaning that it can't stretch outside of your deployment zone. Arguably, if you measure shooting from the edge of the base, your enemy can shoot at the edge of the base and hit your model too - meaning your dreadnought at the back of the board could end up lascannoned on the first turn. But true, it does say in the 40k rulebook - you can enlarge a base all you want, but you can't downsize one.

I put my bikers on 90mm round bases, which is the same size as a dreadnought base. I use them because I figured that the bas GW gives you is pretty much smaller than the model, and bikes (as well as attack bikes) fit on them perfectly.
I put my command squad on terminator bases solely for this purpose.
But now, they tend to get shot up quite easily. :wacko:

imagine an ifilrating unit with a wide base
okay so i get into combat with all of your units. so lemme just put all the attacks on the grots.......all your gun crews are now disabled!
Yeah, even though they have longer range, it's easier to hit them (they're more likely to be in LOS and range) and they'll be more accessible in CC.

I find that the bases models come with are reasonably sized.

I use Teminator bases on HQ models for th modeling aspect of it, throwing in dead bodies and such.

But with bigger bases in CC you could not fit as many guys in base to base. This is ok if only one squad is in combat but when you wrap at the end of the combat phase you will block more of the space that other friendly squads could charge into. It also means more enemy squads could get into BTB with you. The death of only one guy could stop your PF from getting a strike.
heh i've never thought about that... with bikes.... with extended bases.. sounds like a great idea... off to buy bases..
I have a tendancy to put all my characterful or 'special' models on terminator sized bases, but it's just a display thing really. Those tiny bases give no room for showing bits and scenery, and the large bases also mark out the important characters.

Extra large bases simply for rules benefit is a very lame and cheesy tactic.. Even if someone agreed to play you with your strange army of dreadnought sized marines, they'd doubtless take great pleasure in using it against you as much as you were against them.
jancz said:
grots.......all your gun crews are now disabled!
sadly with the way the rules are stated a slaver or mek can run the guns. As for the whole base thing I've always measured from the barrel of the gun to the base of the target. In chapter Approved 2004 under the VDR rule it did mention the golden rule thing, up where i play that tends to be the main focus not to power game and exploit little weaknesses in wording, that just cheapens the game.
I never knew that you could enlarge a base for a model.

One thing I always worry about playing as the imperial guard, is deep strikers. If I have like 100 models on the table, then a deep striker ends up being screwed, becuase the entire field is going to be covered by a base. It helps with shooting possibly, and I don't care about the disadvantages of it all, because its not like they are gonna win in close combat anyways
Base size seems to be just a preference, how large do you feel comforable with? Modelers love to put leaders and characters on larger bases to model extra terrain, or to just simply emphasise the importance of that model. Simply: because it looks cool.

I don't see any area of the game where it would give you a true advantage over your opponent.

Shooting: Yes, if you measure shooting from the edge of the bases, then yes, techincally your gun will have a 'longer' range. But also think that since your model takes up much more space on the board, it is very easily targeted because the enemey's guns dont have to reach as far to shoot him.

Assault: Yes, the model would be able to squeeze that extra model in base to base contact with him, and therefore be able to effect more models directly in close combat. But this also means that your enemy is able to pile more attacks on that model because more of his models will be able to get into base to base contact wth yours.

Either way, its a two-way street, advantages come with thier own disadvantages. My only advice is to use common sence when basing models. Reserve larger bases for leader characters or larger models, keep the infantryman on smaller bases appropriate to thier size. Theres no rule to stop you from putting one lone guardsman on a 6 foot diameter base...but thats just lunacy. Again, please use common sense when basing, nobody wants to see 200 guardsmen or nids each on a dreadnought base...
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I wouldn't mind seeing CC nids of dreadnougytn bases, it'd take them forever to pass throught a choke point! :D

The argument could be made that the base represents the character your model represents diving onto his stomach to fire from the prone position or something. That's me playing devil's advocate though, I dislike enlarged bases on models as it is extremely cheesy. Here's a Kasrkin with a Plasma Gun, he is on a terminator base. Yeah that's not cheesy in the least.
Most gamers i've played with rarely enlarge bases. For my orks i use larger basis for Nobs and the Warboss. My reasoning in this is these are the ork figures that will want to be in the heart of the fight and dishing it out, likewise they will be exposing themselves more often to the heat of a HtH brawl. Also with Orks the models for Nobs and Warbosses are physically larger, and they have more wounds, thus a large base is fitting. My regular Ork boys will always be on regular infantry bases.

Now guard models, as far as i'm concerned should never be on larger bases. Anything with 1 wound, minus terminators, should be on small bases. Exception to this is bikes. The reason lots of players put them on the dreadnaught size base is the fact that if you turn a bike the sphere makes it symetrical and simple, where opposed the cavalry base can get complicated. Also bikes are larger models, so should be on a bigger base.

As fair as measure range, if you really want to put a dreadnaught on a bigger base go for it, i'll have some inflitrated chaos marines with plasma weapons and tank hunter waiting:)
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