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Black Hearts Space Marine Chapter Background

Current Status of the Black Hearts

Currently the Chapter is housed in the fourth moon of the gas giant, Coryan. A majority of recruits are found in the nearby Hiveworld, Tyrant, which is located in the same system. The marine chapter finds that the claustrophobic living conditions result in near psychotic, even sociopath, personalities for most of the raw recruits. The Black Hearts consider these traits beneficial to the training and conditioning of new marines.

The chapter has several honors and fought a plethora of successful campaigns without many discrepancies to the wishes of the Adeptus Terra. However, there have been some instances of violation to the Emperor’s decrees, especially in matters of Exterminatus.

On four separate occasions the Black Hearts have intervened before the Inquisition could conduct such operations. With the help of the Officio Assassinorum in two of these instances, the responsible parties for initiating such wide spread heresy among the populous were exterminated. The planets’ populations were decreed later by the Inquisition to be of sound faith to the emperor and spared. Even though such actions resulted in the favorable outcome of keeping the worlds in production to serve the empire, the Inquisition has secretly investigated the chapter several times to explain why such rouge-like behavior is conducted by members of the Adaptus Astartes.

The mannerism of chapter members has also led to such investigations. Chapter members are known to be gregarious to the local populations of many planets when called to defend them. But the most interesting examples are situations where the marines have helped the population of a world long after the engagements have been won. An example of this behavior can be found in Commissar Bolshiv’s report on the defense of Altur VII from Ork invasion.

“I was afraid to admit when I first saw them, that the Emperor was mistaken to have sent such men to help us against the ensuing ork invasion. That evening I had lashed myself to expunge such impure thoughts from my head, as the Emperor, blessed be his name, is always true. And the Emperor’s wishes are to be done as he commands, for to question such orders are tantamount to heresy.

Still, the marines had jumped in before the ork fleet, days before the expected landing was to begin. They paraded into the Governor’s palace allowing children to ride atop Rhino transports and lumbering Dreadnoughts. After a long discussion with me on the defensive plans to halt the incoming orks, they left and inspected the local guardsmen troops. A marine squad had remained in the garrison that night, challenging my orgyn troops to a drinking contest which lasted late into the evening.

For several days the marines helped in fortifying key planetary positions. Many of the marines were quick with wit, smiles, and laughter. Hardly ever did I see a stern face among them. Although I am unaccustomed to the light manner they possessed, my men seemed at ease around these marines. Still, I had impure thoughts as to how well these Black Hearts would fair in defending Altur VII.

My blasphemous fears were set to rest when the orks landed. Within two weeks, after several bloody engagements, the orks were driven off. The marines performed superlative in battle. Suffering very few casualties while inflicting horrible losses to the tainted aliens. After the orks were driven off, and the remaining enemy ships destroyed as the Imperial Fleet rendezvoused with them at the nearest jump point, the Black Hearts remained for two days. Round the clock the marines helped in rebuilding several chapels and restoring a statute dedicated to the greatness of the Emperor. All of which were razed during the fighting.

I do not particularly like the manner of how these “marines� carry themselves. But in my utter humble opinion, they are fierce fighters and worthy members of Adaptus Astartes.�

Chapter History

This marine chapter was a second founding during the Apocrypha of Davio [M.33], from the Lunar Wolf Legion. The original chapter name is unknown, as this group of the Adaptus Astartes renamed themselves to the Black Hearts. It is claimed, by their chapter historians, for the shame of their primarch’s betrayal to the emperor [M.35].

However, it is also rumored that darker, more tragic events are responsible for the chapter’s current title. The tales have apparently been expunged from the official record of the chapter and told only through oral litanies secretly by older members. Most officials of the Inquisition view these secret tales of the chapter’s history as gossip and benign rumors. Yet, one common theme has been linked in many of the tales.

The marine chapter was sent as reinforcements when the hive world, Taggart, was laid siege by Tyranid aggressors. The marines had fought valiantly and secured many of Taggart’s cities from the alien forces. The hive, Alumnous, housed the planet’s governor and administration, and after intense fighting, was cleansed of the alien invaders. Alumnous served as the headquarters for the planet’s defense for the remainder of the campaign. For the first few weeks, the marines and local guardsmen effectively regained territory that was captured by the Tyranids during the initial mycetic assaults.

Then, the defensive advances were halted. Secret troop movements from the planets defensive forces were met with heavy resistance. Supply lines were interrupted and troop reinforcements intercepted. These were timed with enemy advances to poorly defended areas. The assured victory over the Tyranid forces had soon turned to bitter defeats.

Unbeknownst to the marines, in Alumnous the Tyranids had established a mental link to many of Taggart’s administrative psychics. The unfortunate talented humans became slaves to the Hive Mind and relayed all defensive plans and maneuvers to the enemies. Response was swift, as the marines quickly dispatched all the psychics, but their efforts were too late. The lower bowels of Alumnous were overrun with Tyranid forces.

Quietly, the aliens had established themselves in the lower levels. With the assistance of psychically controlled humans, who relayed false reports of secured areas, the aliens had hid their presence. The marines and remaining guardsmen held the alien advance at bay for as long as possible. Intense fighting within the hive catacombs went on for days. Finally, it was apparent that Alumnous would fall, and the planet Taggart with it.

The overtaking of human psychics by the Tyranids rattled certain members the Officium Exteminatus. Orders were given to the Imperial Navy in the sector to destroy any fleeing ships from Taggart. The marines in orbit were ordered to virus bomb the planet, and expunge any life remaining. These orders were relayed to the surviving marines on the surface. The remaining marines on the surface decided to sabotage Alumnous’s thermonuclear power plants. They hoped to lay waste to any enduring Tyranid forces, so that some of the cities could be evacuated.

The surviving marines set out to destroy the cooling tanks to the power plant reactors. During this process, the marines were forced to kill civilians and guardsmen that attempted to stop the marines. The population of Alumnous revolted, unwilling to accept their fate decided by bureaucrats from across the galaxy. With heavy hearts the marines laid down suppressing fire on the citizens, as the chapter’s techmarines assured the damaged power plants would create a thermonuclear meltdown.

The resulting explosions caused a chain reaction with other hive cities, resulting in one third of Taggart being bathed in a nuclear blast.
The marines in orbit pleaded with the Officium Exterminaus to belay the virus bomb order. The nuclear explosions appeared to have crippled the Tyranid forces. With the supervision of the remaining marines, evacuation could be attempted on the remaining cities. Even as the marines implored reconsideration, Imperial Frigates destroyed freighters carrying citizens that attempted to escape. The marines were again given the imperial order; Taggart was to be cleansed. Following their duty to the Emperor, the marines dropped their payloads of biological death onto the hive world below.

Shortly after the fall of Taggart, the chapter was renamed to the Black Hearts. In addition, the use of adrenal inducers became standard practice to initiates and non-veteran troops. Rumors that the intense close combat fighting with the Tyranids in the Taggart campaign, especially within the hive of Alumonus, lead to such an implementation of the technology.

Chapter Markings

The marine power armor and vehicles employ a seasonal arboreal pattern. This pattern serves as a reminder of their chapter home, Coryon IV. Each squad is marked with a solid color on its shoulder pads and a simple black heart. Their motto, “For absolution, we serve mankind�.

That is my fluff... for discussion or criticism.

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It's very good! Very detailed and I'm glad to see someone else who goes into details with their Chapter fluff!

Keep it up! :wink:
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