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Daemon prince

Dark blade
Lighning claw
Frag and Krak Grenades
Spiky bits


1 Obliterator

5 Terminators ( Aspirering champ, With Resilience, And Stregth, Dark blade, And a combi-bolter, The others had combi-bolters and powerfists)

12 Khorne Berserkers (All wit Chain axes, And bolt pistols... Aspiring champ with D-Stregth, D-Resilience, power-weapon, And plasma pistol)


Chaos space marine squad.. ( x7 with bolt pistols and close combat weapons, ASpiring with power fist, plasma pistol. D-Stregth, D Resilience) Rhino

Daemon pack

5 Bloodletters



Term armor
Frag and Krak Grenades
power weapon
Storm bolter


Term sqaud...

x3 with storm bolters and power fists
x1 with Heavy flamer, Power fist
x1 serg with power weapon and storm bolter..


Scout sqaud.

x5 with vlose combat weapons and bolt pistols.... (Serg)

x2 Tactical sqauds

x7 with bolters
x1 with missle-luancher
x1 with flamer
x1 serg with close combat weapon and bolt-pistol


Assault sqaud

x4 with bolt pistols and close combat weapons
x1 serg with power fist and bolt pistol...
All with Frag grenades



I'll post the battle ASAP..... (After I've played it... :p ) {Who do you think is gonna win?}

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Well.. The person that's playing them is a HUGE n00b... Sooooo his tactics are messed up.... Woops sorry 'bout the sniper rifle thingey.. O-K Here goes!!!!

Set up....
Ultra marines:
Force commander is in the center of to ruins...Tactical sqaud 1 is in one of the ruines.. Tactical 2 is in the other.. The whirlwind is behind the Force commander.. And the scouts are next to the Force commander.. Leaving the Terminators and Assualt marines in researve....

Chaos: I set up my Rhino squad behind some bushes.... About 12" away from the center ruins.... I put my Daemon prince with them.. My Khorne B's I set up on next to some ruins... Leaving the Obliterator, The Bloodletters, And termies in researve...

Infiltrate: The scouts move 6" Towards the center ruins
Ultra marines get turn 1!!!! (Darn it!!!!)

The scouts move another 6" and get into the ruins.. The force commander moves 5" towards the ruins... Tactical squad 1 shoots at the Rhino squad.. None dead.. Tactical2 shoots at the Khorne B's And kills 2... Whirlwind fires.. And misses.

Chaos turn 1: Khorne B's, Daemon prince, Rhino sqaud move toward the center ruins where the scouts are gathered... Rhino shoots... Missed...
Assault phase... Daemon prince kills two scouts, Rhino swaud kills another two, Khorne B's Kill the last one!!!! ( Muhahahaha!)

Ultra marines Turn 2: He gets the terminators and the land right behind my Khorne b's... (Ouch time!)
The force Commander moves another 4" Towards the Daemon Prince.. No other movement. The whirl wind fires and misses...
Tactical squad 1 shoots and wounds Daemon prince..
Tactical sqaud 2 shoots and kills another two khorne berserkers
Terminators shoot... Khorne b's And don't kill any..

Chaos Turn 2: I get my terminators and they land infront of Tactical sqaud 1
( Muhahaha!) Terminators shoot... But kill nothing.... Khorne B's Assault Terminators.. AND KILL ALL OF THEM!!!!! (I love chain axes!!!)
Daemon prince assaults Force commander and wounds him..

Ultra-marines Turn 3: He gets assualt marines and they land next to my Terminators...
Tactical 1 Shoots Termies---- nothing!!!
Tactical 2 shoots termies---- Nothing!!!
Force commander kills Deamon prince!!! ( NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Tactical 1 assaults termies kills nothing...
Chaos termies kill 6 in return! ( REVENGE!!!!!)

Chaos turn 3: Get obliterator infront of tactical sqaud 2...
Obliterator shoots Tactical 2... Nothing :(
Chaos rhino sqaud shoots Force commander.. Nothin..
Rhino sqaud assualts force Commander.. Wounds him!!
Terminators attack T1 again and kill 4 more!!! (Die stupid SM's!)
Khrone Berserkers assault T2.... 3 dead!!!
Tactical swaud attacks back and kills nothin..
Force commaner attacks back and kills 2 rhino sqaud men...

Total loses For Ultra-marines
5 Terminators
13 Space marines
Force commander has 2 wounds...
5 Scouts

Total loses for Chaos..
4 Khorne B's
Daemon prince
2 Rhino sqaud men..

On a roll of a 2 we go for a turn 4... Rolled a 2! lol
Turn 4: Movment Assault marines move 9" towars rhino squad..
Shooting: Whilrwind shoots and kills two terminators
Tactical 2 shoots and!!! kills nothing...
Force commander shoots at rhino squad and kills nothing...
Assault: Assault marines kill 3 rhino squad members... And forcecommander kills another...
Tactical sqaud 2 kills 3 Khorne berserkers...
Khorne berserkers kill 2 SM's

A glimmer of hope!!!!

Chaos turn 4:
Get's Bloodletters they land next to the Assault marines
Chaos terminators move 4" towards assault marines...
Assault Obliterator rols double ones when attacking Tactical2 :(
Khorne B's kill another 3 SM's!!!! ( YAY!!! 1 too go!!!)
Tactical squad two rols for Moral.... And fails!!!! He is outa here!
Chaos terminators 2 Assault marines....
Rhino sqaud kills another 1

Assault marines attack back and kill two Rhino sqaud members.. :(

Ultra turn 5: Tactical 2 runs off the board..
Whirlwind misses..
Force commander attacks letters and kills two..
Letters attack back and kill him!!! (YAY!!! :w :w )
The glimmer is out..
Assaults kill 3 terms...

Chaos turn 5: I sense victory!
Obliterator shoots lascannon and blows up whirl
Letters kill two more Assault marines...
assault sqaud fails morale check and runs away....

We decided because he had one guy and he was running away.. To just end it there..... Anywayz!!!!! :lol: Go me!!!! :lol:

I hope you enjoyed ze battle...
And I hope your looking foward to the next battle!!!
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