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Black Sons of Terra

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Iv been thinking alot about renegade chapters and i was trying to come up with some fluff for
one and so this is what i came up with:

The Black Sons of Terra were originally a break-off of the pre-heresy World Eaters but when the World Eaters went traitor the Black Sons were worried that they would be accused of taint themselves so they set out to destroy all history of their creation, this worked for a time, but eventually there past caught up with them and they were to be destroyed by order of the inquisition and their home-world of Kronos (located near Arx) was to be exterminatus, but the Black Sons fled before they could be destroyed into the Eye of Terra through Arx. Once there the Black Sons led many raids upon Imperial worlds exacting their bitter revenge against those who betrayed them.

thats it for now im thinking up some more all the time.
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Certainly is a good start, now its all about adding the personal touch, you know, Evil lord X raids imperial settlements for slaves which he trades with other chaos legions for food and supplies.
Not a bad concept, but the problem is the world eaters didn't break down before the heresy.. Chapters and foundings didn't exist. Instead, you just had massive space marine legions who could be as large and powerful as they wanted.
Unless perhaps they were an isolated company or two of World Eaters that didn't turn to chaos during the heresy. When they found out about the heresy they were horrified went into hiding only to re-emerge millenia later as the Black Sons of Terra.

For a time they pretended to be a lost Chapter loyal to the Imperium, but the Inquisition eventual found out their past.

Basically its a case of working out the details of the time scale. (what did they do during the heresy for example?)
But the legions were supposed to be unfailingly loyal to their primarchs - they wouldn't stay in hiding while angron bayed for loyalist blood. Also, if they were just another part of the World Eaters, they wouldn't have a different homeworld, so you're kinda up against a brick wall there - i say change it to a post-heresy loyalist chapter that was caught up in something and declared traitor, or just do a world eaters army.

LOL No mere brick wall ever stopped Berny mac.

Ok how about this

The 6 companies of World Eater marines that made up the original Black Sons of Terra were assigned as a foward expeditionary force during the Great Crusade.

During the Kronos Campaign the force, under the command of Captain Gethmaul, engaged in a bitter a war of attrition against the Heretical and deamon possessed Kings of Kronos. Knowing that they could never defeat these warriors from the heavens in open warfare the Kings of Kronos ordered their peoples to enter the deep caverns that honeycombed the planets belly.
Even after a month of Orbital bombardment the world eaters were unable to dislodge the defenders. In any case Captain Gethmaul felt that such a prolonged bombardment was beggining to stain the honour of his couragous warriors. He ordered a full planetry assault
The entire campaign was fought underground in the most grueling savage conditions the World Eaters had encountered. Entire squads could be caught in caveins, marines even with their superior senses became disorientated and lost in the never ending darkness and the Kronos defenders were quick to close the entrances to the outside world.

The Marines ships lost contact with the underground forces and were unable to leave the system because of violent warp storms. They believed these warp storms would disperse after a short time
The warp storms did not break for 15 full years.

In the second year of fighting over a hundred marines had died including Captain Gethmaul, Master Chaplin Vendak taking command . However the World Eaters had endured and learned to adapt to their pitch black surroundings, their tenacity and savagry had earned them the fear of their enemies who called them the Black Sons of Terra. The World Eaters were driven by their faith in their cause inspired by the Chaplin Vendak that they would be victorious and one day be reunited with their Primarch and Legion.
After five years of bloody conflict trapped beneath the planets surface a force of World Eater terminators finally were able to launch and win a decisive victory that won the war. They cut a path through to the main power core that was the corner stone of the Kronos defense. Destroying it they flooded numerous levels with molten magma. The World Eaters had at long last vanquished their foes, but at a terrible cost. Over 600 World eater marines had entered the sub-terranain war zone but only 246 left.

Making contact with their fleet and realising that they would be stuck on the blasted wasteland that was left of the surface of Kronos the World Eaters began to construct mighty fortresses and call in new supplies from their Orbiting Ships. For ten years they called Kronos their home. After this time the warp storms subsided and they sent out an escort class vessel to make contact with the Imperium. What they learnt horrified them however. The Horus Heresy had begun and ended in their absence and their own Chapter had rebelled. They could scarce believe that their beloved Primarch could sink to such levels of foul treachary. Learning what they could without making actual contact the World Eaters fled back to Kronos to tell their comrades the fateful news. Only the inspirational leadership of Chaplin Vendak held the loyal World Eater Marines together. They had he explained enough genetic material to begin re-placing their lossess with the now purged inhabitants of Kronos, they would have to hide aid the Imperium from the Shadows. They took on a new name a name that had been given to them during the darkest years of the Kronos Campaign- The Black Sons of Terra.

Centuries later with the Second foundings well under way the Black Sons re-emerged as a legitimate chapter, always carful to hide their background or even to fully make contact with the other Imperial forces they conducted their own crusades against the enemies of humanity for many years on the edges of the galaxy.

I think that pretty much ties in everything, Homeworld, why they didn't turn to chaos, where they got their name etc.
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Sounds good except id like to point out a few things

1. Kronos is a volcanic world while this wouldnt prohibit vast underground catacombs i thought id just point this out

2. The Black Sons are supposed to be a renegade chapter.

other than that it sounds good
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6 companies.... :O That's 6 marine chapters in pre-heresy company numbers. A bit extreme, I think.

If you want my advice.. Realign the concept. The other problem is that the WE all went through masses of brain surgery to make them more effective and ferocious in combat. Even before the heresy, they were blood crazy insane slaughter maniacs, khorne only enhanced this natural tendancy. A world eater marine is going to be obvious in battle.. loyalist or chaos.

My advice would be to make a post heresy chapter (since that's the only type) which repeated the folly of Angaron, and began experimenting with psycho-surgery themselves. If you envision them as renegades, they could be expelled for this. Heck, if you want to have some dark rumours about the origin of their geneseed, then do so. Just.. don't directly link them to the world eaters, because it's very overdone, and it never has worked in my mind.
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Well I was just pointing out that it is possible to come up with reasons why certain marines during the heresy didn't turn to chaos.

As for the World eaters they were naturally aggressive warriors but not ALL of them had surgery (by the end most did) for one thing it was banned so for a time at least the process probably would have slowed though it did begin again in secret.
Anyway the expeditionary force was probably picked from the more stable of the World Eater ranks.

As for the other points.
6 companies- I took that to mean six hundred marines. Though the Pre-Heresy legions had thousands of marines I think they were still organised into companies save ofr specific Legions like the Iron Warriors who had 12? Grand Companies of 1200 men each (I think).

Renegade Chapter- Yeah I was just explaining their early years.

Anyway Brigand Its your chapter, I was trying to show that with a little imagination anything is possible in the Warhammer 40K universehope I gave you few ideas you can run with (The World Eaters are a more extreme Legion though the Death guard or Alpha marines would be easier to fit into the background)
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