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Black templar: 500 pts (help the newbie)

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Well i just started, got now 5 assault initiate and chaplain all with jumppack. I play fantasy so iam not new to warhammer just new to 40k :ninja:

oh and why i choose BT? cause i like fantasy and they look very cool with their crusade scheme and items.

I ve been looking around in this forum, soi did my homework and made this army list:

Black Templar list: 500 pts


-terminator honours


Assault squad x5
3x melta bomb


Initiate x6 cc + Neophyte x2
Crusader seal

Initiate x6 cc + Neophyte x2
Crusader seal

total 499

My opponents will mainly be Tau, imperial guard and Necrons.

tactic will be hiding behind terrain with the assault squad and then start the killing with them when they can make their charge, they will be fitted with meltabombs to take out any tank. The 2 troop units will just run foward to the enemy disigned to take some casualties with the neophyte and they will run even harder with the crusader seal. They will also act as distraction from my assault squad.

Perhaps i should change my tactic, iam used to take casualties while marching forward (due fantasy)

Hope you like it, any comment is fine.


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Okay, you can't really expect to use your Neophytes as meat shields. Mixed armor rules will force you to take casualties from your Initiates for awhile... so, they won't help you like that.

Crusader Seals are, frankly, pretty craptastic for infantry. It's great on an HQ that joins a squad, however paying 2 points per model... is just too much. For 3 points per model, you could buy a veteran skill. I'd much rather have infiltrate than crusader seals.

Flamers on foot sloggers are mediocre at best. Think about a meltagun instead. This gives you some tank busting as well, which you are sorely lacking otherwise.

All models in a unit must be equipped the same, so you can't just buy 3 meltabombs for your Assault Squad (unless I've been horribly mistaken about the game.)

Drop the seals and the meltabombs. That gives you 39 points to play with. If you buy a meltagun for each foot slogging slog and a powerfist for the assault squad, you'll have 4 left. If you exchanged two more Initiates for Neophytes and dropped the bionics on the chaplain, you'd have 15 points. You could use this to buy a powerfist for one of your two crusader squads.

The assault squad is kindof small... but there's really not much you can do about it at 500 points short of getting rid of it altogether and spending the points on your crusader squads.

Personally, I don't think the game works terribly well at under 1000 (maybe 750) points. Below that, combat patrol rules work better. Still, the advice on the crusader squads is fairly sound. I'm not so sure if you want to keep the assault squad, it could really go either way as far as I know.
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thx for the great tips, i just read the flamer artical and figured out that it's indeed far better to use melta.

and about the meltabombs, the codex isnt really clear; the entire squad may be equipped with meltabombs at 2+ per model, i interpreted as there is no limit to the melta bombs and you can equip every single model :) but thx for the update, although i think they could explain it better in the codex :wacko:

oh and why cant i use neophyte as meat shield? again nothing is mentioned in the codex :wacko:

so sorry if i dont know some rules i guess gamesworkshop has to pay more attention to there codex's
As for why you can't use the Initiates as a shield, read the rules regarding mixed armor in the main rule book. The main thrust of the rules is: "wounds" have to go to the majority armor save first, in this case it would be your Initiates.

Just to clarify, since I think I may have mislead you, either the entire squad buys meltabombs or none do. You wouldn't buy just one. You could equip zero assault marines that way, or you could equip all five of them that way. Nothing in between, however.
ok thx for clearing that one up,
I will update the list so it will follow the rules you just mentioned above

thx for your advise it has been really helpfull
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