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I have devised my own army of black templar which is called Black Crusaders.
I spoke with the guys in games workshop and they said i could do this with my army has it was a valid reason for their existence.

The Black Crusaders are really just the Black Templars from the future. They were on a mission to destroy some tyranids and got caught in a black hole/worm hole which brought them back to the present time in 40k.

The Emperors champion has the body of fabious bile but the rest of him is still there (Model)

I also have a High Marshall

2x 10 man squads of terminators (1 squad is assailt termies)
2x 10 Assault squads
4x BT Squads (10 initiates and 5 neos)
bike squadron (5 man with multimelta and plasma gun)
x2 landraider crusaders
x2 rhinos
land speeder squadron

Any comments?
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