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my first list here​

high marshal helbrecht
command squad retunie
10 initiate 5 neophyts
master of senctity
3 cenobyte servitors
holy relic
standard bearer
combany champion
sergant whit power weapon and plasma pistol
all whit furious charge

empires champion
suffer not the unclean to live
inqusitor lord
artificer armor
master-crafted power weapon
1 familar
2 acolyte
2 close combat warrior
1 sage


vindicare assassin-110

sword brethren
10 brethren
pair of lightning claws
power weapon

5 terminators
2 assault cannon


inquisitor storm trooper
10 storm troopers
1 veteran
2 plasma gun

crusade squad
10 initate
5 neopyhts
power fist and bolter

crusade squad
10 initate
5 neopyths
power weapon and bolter

inquisitor storm trooper
10 storm trooper


assault marine
10 assault marine
power fist

land speeder squad
3 land speeder
2 tornado


land radier crusade

thast was my first list here hop you like it ^^


LO Ninja
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Dont put individual points costs up, just the squads total cost.
Um im not best at black templars but uve got 4 H.Q.s . . .

Father of the Failed
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Hey mate, thats quite a list there.

Before I pass any comment, it would be great if you could edit your post so that it doesn't show individual points cost for team upgrades and wargear. Each unit entry should instead look like this:

Tactical squad - XX points (can't be bothered to calculate right now sorry:))
9 marines - melta gun, frags
1 sergeant - powerfist, bolt pistol, frags
Rhino - smokes

That way you avoid breaking the rules of the forum whilst still allowing people to see the distribution of points within your force.

You'll also likely get more people responding to your post as well:)

Thanks buddy,

The Fallen
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Hi, welcome to the boards, hope they give you all the help you need.

Quick point though, as pointed out above, posting idividual points is illegal (not just against baord rules but breaches copyright) therefore please dont do it, I have removed them for you this time

If you have further question about rules, please take the time to read them, if you still have questions, ask a moderator, or even another board user. For the sake of clarity, the minimum level at which points can be expressed, eg using fake values:

10 marines (100 points)
Flamer (10 points)
missile launcher (20 points)
Vet sgt (20 points)
Power weapon (10 points)
is not acceptable, the correct way to do this is:

10 marines
Missile Launcher
Vet sgt
Power weapon
160 points
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